Clementine Ford rescued by white male taxpayers


Last week we learned of the public meltdown of serial doughnut enveloper Clementine Ford as she quit her job in a hissy fit because she was asked to adhere to some very basic standards. Well the journalist gossip lines have been running hot on this all weekend and now it emerges as to what exactly caused her to quit her job so unexpectedly.

Four months later, in January, there was a separate dispute about a Ford column due to run in the Daily Life section of the SMH and The Age.

Diary has been told by one ­senior SMH source the column was about “calls” for laws in Australia to be relaxed to allow women to carry guns.

The SMH operative claimed Ford was given “some unremarkable editorial feedback” on the column by her section editor. “Her decision to resign was a surprise to everyone here,” the high-level SMH source said.

So there you have it. Misandrist Ford wants only women in Australia to be allowed to carry guns. I presume that if she had got her wish then her next push would have been for women to be given the legal benefit of the doubt after they shot a man in the face for stepping back in the lift and allowing her to exit first.

I was glued to Ford’s Twitter feed all week in breathless expectation of her tweeting out any messages to fans who had decided to drop a buck a month to her Patreon account. Alas, I was disappointed. But she did tweet something else, apparently:

Ford tweeted at the end of last week that she had picked up some work at Morry Schwartz’s The Saturday Paper and at ABC Life, the public broadcaster’s lifestyle site.

Of course she has. Who of us did not suspect for a second that the far-left infested ABC would not step in to rescue this damsel in distress? Now Ford can continue her very public manhating campaigns while being paid by the taxpayer. How about that? Australian white men get to pay for the privilege of Clementine Ford writing about how much she hates them and that they should all die. And I mean that literally.

What a simply inspired choice for the ABC to hire for their lifestyle program. I wonder what lifestyle aspects Ford will write about. Perhaps something along the lines of how to kill your husband, bury him in the backyard, and then spend all of his money on doughnuts.

It could be worse I suppose. I mean, she could have got herself a slot on the ABC children’s network. That sure would be a riot.

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  • The Unburdened

    If this doesn’t make it clear once and for all to everyone that the ABC has an anti-White male agenda, then I don’t know what will.

    • Harry Stottle

      If only us white men would stand together and put down our tools for a day. We still have the power, but we’re not using it.

      • Stiffbastard
      • The Unburdened

        The weird irony of it is, this is probably due to a collective underlying attitude of genuine White Supremacy buried under layers of complacency and politically correct politeness. We don’t act because We really don’t believe that things could get out of hand for Us.

        • No. It is cowardice. Pure and simple.

          • The Unburdened

            Cowardice is definitely part of it, but where does the cowardice come from?

          • Fear, presumably. Those who attempt to do the right thing are gaoled or shamed.

            If you rewrote “The Emperor’s New Clothes” to fit modern Australia the urchin who refused to go along with the crowd would be bullied to suicide.

          • The Unburdened

            I think the cowardice comes from being too soft and too comfortable. White men still think they have too much too lose if they fight back, and at the same time they think deep down that all the material comfort has made them too weak to win even if they did fight back.

          • Yes, we are the cause of our problems in a way. Or more correctly, we are the reason we aren’t getting over our own problems.

          • Bucky Redux

            But remember our passion and desperation coupled with how little most of us actually have to lose beyond creature comfort and you have the recipe for very dangerous men.
            Not necessarily strong or learned men, but the exact formula needed to make them dangerous again.
            Nothing to lose, game over.

  • Brendan Cleary

    Adam, you’ve expressed exactly the same thought I did when I first read about this travesty. Truly disgraceful. The ABC did the same thing for Tim Flannery when he got rissoled from the Climate Institute rort by Abbott. It does not warrant a cent of the proceeds of the sweat of blokes’ labour.

  • Nathan Olsen

    I used to support the concept of keeping the ABC publicly funded but now I see no reason to when it exists to serve just a minuscule section of society. I no longer give a damn whether it lives or dies.

  • Harry Stottle

    She clearly belongs in a nut house, but the ABC gives her a job instead. Says it all really.

  • Matrixixixix

    The sadest part of this is that professional manhater CleMENtine is mother to a little boy.

    • The Unburdened

      Surprised she didn’t take a trip to the Moloch Meadows Abortion Clinic when she was pregnant with him. Then again, maybe she thought she could inflict greater suffering on him if she kept him. I won’t be surprised if that poor boy ends up getting his dick chopped off at mummy’s insistence.

  • I have previously demonstrated before that this stupid bitch is not worth anyone’s attention.

    The ABC has just given money to a stupid bitch who demonstrated on Twitter that she didn’t know the difference between a civil and a criminal suit.

    Your tax payers dollars at work.

    • Ken

      The ABC will always find a way to employ the dregs of humanity, all you need to do is look at their current lineup of fine outstanding journalistic talent and you know Ford is in good company.

  • Who knew? In Piggott’s alternative reality, only men pay tax…….

    • The Expanding Man

      The Author is making the point that white men in general contribute more to tax revenue than women. If you believe in the gender wage gap, you would have to concede this point.
      You are either stupid or dishonest.

  • The Expanding Man

    Ms Ford is like the rebellious 15 year old who hates their parents for the crime of providing them with all the resources they need for survival because they are incapable of providing for themselves.

  • Ken

    Obviously Ms Ford had a not to remarkable experience with a man sometime in the past and as such now hates all men equally. She should get over it and spend more time with her battery operated device as I am sure no man in his right mind would ever consider going anywhere near this she hag!