Communist China bans Communist Comedian


Oh bother.

The Chinese are lifting the bamboo curtain even higher:

“China recently blocked HBO’s online streaming content in China in response to comedian John Oliver’s segment where he made fun of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his likeliness to Winnie the Pooh.

Oliver, who hosts “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” criticized China’s human rights record and tied it to President Jinping’s leadership.

Oliver specifically made fun of Jinping for banning Winnie the Pooh after Chinese internet trolls compared the character to their president.”


From Kontraband.

In the same breath I find it both funny and scary. For the total 21 or so hours I was in China, I can safely say I hated it and the people in it. Rude, dirty and obnoxious.

Anyway, my own distaste for the great unwashed aside, I had a first hand experience of the censorship there. And the great impact of it never really dawned on me until recently.

1/5 of the world’s population has no freedom to access information or opinions that aren’t approved by the government. 1/5 of the world has moments in history blocked. 1/5 of the world can’t view entertainment (I use the term entertainment very loosely here) that the government doesn’t like.

“Censorship in China has been on the rise since Jinping took power.

China employs a massive censorship team to ensure that the internet is free of anything that the government doesn’t support.

When the Chinese Communist Party announced in early 2018 that presidential term limits would be removed, online censorship efforts were pushed into overdrive.

Phrases such as “I don’t agree” and “re-election” were closely monitored on China’s various social media sites.

Chinese social media users have noticed content that is posted that is critical of the country’s president is usually deleted within minutes.

Next point of concern, the Great and Wise Insecurity Issues on top of the Golden Throne of Ching Chong China has removed the US-inspired two term maximum for a sitting President:

“I’ve posted this before but it was censored within 13 minutes so I will post it again. I oppose to the amendment of the ‘no more than two consecutive terms of office’ as addressed in the third section of Article 79 of the Constitution,” one micro-blogger said.

We thought the fat boy was bad, but this is a return to a Maoist or Stalinist style dictatorship. Not that the Chinese Communist Party wasn’t a dictatorship already, but now it is focused in a single figurehead.

So… leftist retards… still think communism is the way? Morons.

  • Ariane

    Q: What do you call a Chinese Billionaire? A: Cha Ching !

    Q: How does every Chinese joke start? A: By looking over your shoulder.

    Q: Did you hear about the party at the Chinese zoo? A: It was Panda-monium.

    Q: What has 2 wings and a halo? A: A Chinese telephone, Wing-wing, halo?

    • Jai_Normosone

      I’ve got a ripper to add to this but it’s too long to rewrite 🙂

  • 9x19parabellum

    Says an absolute lot. We really must defend our freedom of speech.

  • Jai_Normosone

    You will NEVER get those on the left who admire socialism and Marxism to admit that the ideals are wrong. It will ALWAYS come back to it being, “Well, {insert name of leader here} isn’t doing it right! They should be doing {insert perfect-world scenario}…”
    From there, the discussion will swing to fantasy-land and how things would be if the communists did it all “correctly”. Realism and the nature of humans is not allowed in those discussions.

  • So what exactly are the Chinese populace missing out on, Grumpy?

    The chance to be fooled by the spectacle of political commentary and debate as their country is sold out from under them?

    They have almost everything else we have, excluding legalised pornography. Their television is just as rubbish as ours and the State’s.

    They’re just missing the illusion that their view matters because they have a vote and the bullshit commentary and discussion that goes with that.

    How is that going to add value to their lives?

    In the last 50 years, billions of words have been written, spoken and shouted over Australian politics and we are just_as_fucked as we would be if they had never been typed or uttered.

    The poor Chinese. Denied the illusions so beloved by the dying madmen of the West.