The Continuing White Genocide Across South Africa


Simon Roche, Head of the Office of the HQ of the world’s largest non-state civil defence organization Suidlanders, recently was interviewed by Alex Jones.

Simon Rouche provides an overview of the systemic genocide of White people in South Africa currently being overseen by the African National Congress (the communist party of Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo) and the emerging Economic Freedom Fighters (a radical Leninist-Stalinist party).

“The chances of a White farmer being murdered on his farm are more than double the chances of a policemen in this violent society being killed. Now, when a man who tills the soil stands more than twice the chance of a crime fighter in a violent society dying, then you know something is wrong.

“The statistical likelihood of a White person being murdered by a Black person in South Africa is more than 1200% higher than any Black person in the USA ever stood at being lynched. We are not condoning lynching, we are saying get a sense of perspective.

“It is like a cancer! At the moment it is expressing itself something terrible in South Africa. The rate of rape and murder and what have you is just phenomenal…

“For example, the elderly couple that had boiling water poured over them, or the elderly gentlemen who recently got locked up in his Ford truck and then the truck set on fire and burned to death. The little 4-year-old girl who was raped by three men, survived it, and because she survived (this was proven in the post-mortem autopsy) she was then bundled up in newspaper with gasoline poured over it and then set on fire.

“Or the girl who was crucified on her parents’ kitchen table, and then raped (a 3-year-old girl in this instance) by four men whilst crucified to her parents’ kitchen table, after her father had his throat slit and her mother had been killed as well.

“It is beyond people’s imagination what we are in at the moment.”

  • entropy

    We’ve seen blacks and Asians ruin perfectly good European colonies.

    We’ve seen socialists and communists ruin perfectly good capitalist democracies.

    All we need now is a country where we can send all the feminists.

    • New Zealand ?

      • entropy

        I was thinking more along the lines of Sudan. Or Atlantis.

        • I know !
          Dump all feminists in the Grand Canyon.
          They’ll get swept away in the Colorado River, be ingested by the turbines of the Hoover dam, and end up as minced fish food in the Gulf of California.
          Win for the fishies, and a win for Humankind.

    • Peter Harris

      “We’ve seen blacks and Asians ruin perfectly good European colonies.
      We’ve seen socialists and communists ruin perfectly good capitalist democracies.”

      Of course, any rational person would view those comments as extremely bigoted and ignorant, but being this is XYZzzz, I’ll play along and ask, do you have any examples you can point to?

      Actually, on second thoughts, that’s not really playing along is it, because my question is a little too rational.

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        Venezuela, North Korea sit on billions of dollars of natural reserves yet they’re in poverty. Why? Cause communism
        Russia and the Soviet Union had such bad communism that they had to abandon it and go democratic.

        black – heard of the Apex crime wave?
        Asians – Housing unaffordability in Aus/UK/us/NZ/Canada?
        Blacks – white genocide in a formerly dutch/European colony known as South Africa
        Blacks and Asians (including middle eastern) – wonder what happened in Manchester, Paris, Spain, belgium, Germany, Sweden
        Socialism/communism – 150million dead since the early 1900s worldwide
        Nazi is the German abreviation of national socialist.

        So there you have it. Diversity nutters are ignorant.

        • Peter Harris

          That’s funny, I asked the question of entropy. Maybe he’s too busy weighing up the difference between dark matter and dark energy.

          Of course, all your examples are completely based on emotional confirmation bias.

          For example, Venezuela is in trouble because of political and economic undermining by the CIA/United States of America.

          And of course, all you fumblers on the far right, love to hold up Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany has a socialist state, which it was not.

          But let’s say for arguments sake, that list is completely accurate, so now for the sake of “Diversity,”
          Can you come up with a long list of all the countries that the British Empire, and the United States of America, have raped and pillaged in the last, say 100 years?

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            If he is “too busy weighing up the difference between dark matter and dark energy” at least he is doing something actually scientific and for the progress of the human race.

            Emotional confirmation bias? Says the leftie that takes offence to mean words. My points were not feelings mate. They were events that have actually happened. But hey feelings right? I guess it feels nice if we can pretend 22 girls weren’t murdered because their government wanted more diversity.

            What evidence have you of the CIA’s interference with Venezuela? I notice you didn’t answer about Russia or North Korea.

            If Nazi Germany wasn’t a socialist state what was it then? Last time I checked authoritarian, collectivist welfare states were a phenomena of socialism. This will blow your mind – white people defeated the Nazis 75 years ago!!!

            For the sake of diversity, I can NOT come up with a list of countries raped and pillaged by the US/Britain in the last 100 years because there were none. I can however list a plethora of countries whose citizens raped and pillaged the US/Britain in the last 100 years.

            So how about this, rebut my claims with an actual argument or go have a sook in your safe space.

          • Peter Harris

            “…at least he is doing something actually scientific and for the progress of the human race.”

            Oh, and how does Cosmology further the human race?
            How does it eliminate poverty, or cancer as an example?

            “I can NOT come up with a list of countries raped and pillaged by the US/Britain in the last 100 years because there were none.”

            Now I know you knuckle draggers are completely moronic and have no prefrontal cortex on which to judge history or your environment.

            Take the country that I spend a lot of time in myself, which is Indonesia.
            Back in the 1960s, with the backing of the CIA, Suharto removed the democratically-elected Soekarno, and then invited corporate America in to rape and pillage Indonesia’s natural resources, and at the same time the US allowed Suharto to to live like a king, and in return, Suharto maintained control over the country and allowed the continuation of American theft.
            It was a textbook coup, organised by the States, in order to increase global hegemony

            “I can however list a plethora of countries whose citizens raped and pillaged the US/Britain in the last 100 years.”

            Would you care to name them?

            And speaking of sooking, you bedwetters and dribblers on the far right, are so easily triggered yourself, the hypocrisy is hilarious.

            In another hundred years time, social historians will look back on the alt right movement, as a bunch of peevish piss ants that have no good to offer the world, rather, the alt right movement will be seen as regressive to the human race.

          • paul_taylor

            Sukarno? You mean the man who dumped political liberties in 1958 in the name of “guided democracy”? Which of course him telling the people what’s good for them! No democratic election after that! Hey, the Libs won a good one in 1951, so why bother with any elections now? Just let the Libs rule for evermore! That’s the equivalent of the Sukarno comment! Napoleon III was elected, and so was Adolf. Unlike Paul Keating, I don’t like Suharto. But why is he worse than the communists who were threatening to seize power when the man acted?

          • Peter Harris

            That’s funny, I have a discussion with one knuckle dragger, and another one pops up, and so on and so on.
            Collectively, no intellectual endurance most likely the reason.

          • steiner

            Paul has a good point. In that light, it seems that Sukamo was not as nice and innocent as you make him out to be.

          • Peter Harris

            I mention one idiot after the other, and they just prove you right every time…
            Clearly you and your gormless friend Paul know nothing about politics, let alone regional politics, and history.
            You can’t even spell the man’s name correctly… it’s Sukarno.

          • paul_taylor

            Peter, a few leftie screeds isn’t “proof”! Especially when some are more than a decade old and even then deal with the failed 2002 attempt to get rid of Chavez!

            Washington didn’t like Chavez. Who’s disputing that? The truth is that his “achievements” in health etc were all based on the explosion in oil prices from 2000 onwards! And gutting the industry to pay for it. He didn’t broaden the Venezuelan economy (they have a lot of minerals such as iron ore too). He didn’t make the people more self reliant. Nor did he celebrate the anniversary of his election; instead the anniversary of his failed coup against an elected government. Also please explain why he supplied diesel to “Red Ken” at cost for London’s bus fleet?

            Whatever success he had was down to the extra money from high oil prices. It was the collapse of these, not CIA meddling in 2002, that brought them down. That and the failure of any serious economic development whilst Chavez tried to strut the world stage.

          • Peter Harris

            “…whilst Chavez tried to strut the world stage.”

            What the hell are you talking about?
            Obviously you’re thinking about somebody else.
            Chavez as strutting the world stage, what emotional nonsense.

            Anyway, I’ll get back to your first irrelevant point, which is more hilarious confirmation bias from the far right boneheads.
            It’s funny, when you post articles to backup your argument, it’s always garbage from Breitbart, or The Hill or such websites, or quoting that sociopath Stefan Molyneux.

            It’s a fact, that American hegemony has been at work throughout Central America, including Venezuela, decades before Chavez took over the presidency.
            Do some historical reading, and start with Noam Chomsky’s, Deterring Democracy.


            And as for your other gormless jottings, why is it that the very same socioeconomic platform undertaken by Chavez, was successful in other countries, such as Norway?
            Those two countries are almost identical, in the way they derive their principal income, which is oil, and how they distribute the wealth to the populace.
            If you’re going to come back with some meaningless rebuttal, at least try and add some references to backup your argument.

          • paul_taylor

            One, Norway is more than oil. Two, you’re stretching it say Chavez’s policies are “the same” as Norway’s! Three, oil isn’t all the same. Venezuela’s oil is very heavy. This adds to extraction cost and low sale prices. They actually need to blend it with light petroleum to process it. Norway also takes care of the industry.

            I didn’t argue that the Yanks didn’t oppose Chavez. But whatever the CIA did failed. It was the fall in the oil price that did them. Unlike Norway, they don’t have a soverign wealth fund.

          • Peter Harris

            “One, Norway is more than oil”

            Would you care to elaborate?

            And taking my words out of context?
            The base argument that people like you rely on.

            Moreover, you haven’t actually read those links I sent you, huh?
            Because clearly, you’re making a gormless argument, and you are completely clueless about details around Venezuela, and her history of social/economic policies, and the similarities with other more successful socialist countries over the last 100 years.

            Yes you’re right, Venezuela does have a peculiar type of heavy oil, but guess which country has the Proprietary knowledge on how to refine that heavy oil it, and in doing so, has a Monopoly on the refinement of that heavy oil??
            Any guesses?

            And I see, you have knowledged that Norway has a very successful Sovereign wealth fund.
            That’s a feather in the cap for socialism, wouldn’t you say?
            Please continue, because you seem to now be making my arguments for me.

          • paul_taylor

            There is so much presumption in your post. Why not take the Norway model, and stop lauding Chavez? Ever heard of Kvaerner? Ever heard of Aker (now merged) and Norwegen shipping and shipbuilding? They don’t just live off of oil income! BTW Venezuela’s national oil company (the only real comparison) predated Chavez’s take over.

            I note you’ve not mentioned Chavez providing discount diesel to London.

          • Peter Harris

            “There is so much presumption in your post.”

            Haha, pot-kettle.

            It seems like you are just expressing opinions, if you can’t backup with facts, links and references.

            Norway, oil and shipping… did you miss anything else?

          • Peter Harris

            “It was the fall in the oil price that did them.”

            Oh yes, and can you substantiate that claim?

          • Peter Harris

            The mindless ramblings of an imbecile, who knows nothing about history and politics.

          • paul_taylor

            Oh the CIA is responsible for the disaster that is Venezuela? Please explain what the CIA did? Do they control the oil price? Did they make Chavez and his mates subsidise Cuba and Red Ken in London? Come on, as with the dismissal, the CIA is just s convenient out (BTW the point about the Dismissal was that an election was held to resolve a political crisis – yes, terribly undemocratic – and Whitlam lost – which is why he didn’t call it in the first place. Strange that Fraser is now let off the hook for this, isn’t it. It was his fault, not the GG’s).

          • Peter Harris

            I know it’s a bit wordy for a dropkick like you, but try and get past the first couple of paragraphs.


          • Peter Harris
          • Peter Harris
          • Peter Harris
    • Bikinis not Burkas
    • Shabbos Shekels

      Stop talking about the symptoms and focus on the (((disease))) goys!

  • Ryan Fletcher
  • Ryan Fletcher
  • belt fed 7.62mm

    This is exactly what we are in for in Australia if the left is allowed to continue pushing the ” white privilege/everything is racist ” agenda. First we’ll be taxed for being white and 61% of the country would be happy to pay because it will be packaged up nicely as an “equality levy”. Then the killings will start

    • Wealth for toil

      We are being taxed for being white. Diversity quotas are an indirect tax on those who do not fall into the relevant victim categories.

      • Diversity is a code word for: less white people.

  • Karen Dwyer

    “It is beyond people’s imagination what we are in at the moment.”

    This is a specific community (or sets of communities) with specific practical needs. There was mention in the clip about Western countries not being keen to help evacuate white Christians.

    Let’s face it, Western countries are loathe to assist Christians of any colour. Mr Abbott was howled down with “discrimination” rants when he attempted to assist Syrian Christians.

    However, let us not grow weary in doing good. What practical assistance (including prayer) can we give in this situation? And that is not a rhetorical question!