It costs $68,000 to speak openly against the left in Melbourne


There is no such thing as free speech. For starters, free speech requires a government committed to protecting it, and that government to own a monopoly on the use of force. That’s not free.

In Melbourne, if you want to speak out openly against the fact that anyone who speaks out openly against the Cultural Marxist orthodoxy will likely get bashed by Marxist and Anarchist terrorists, the police will charge you tens of thousands of dollars to “protect” you from said terrorists:

“FAR-RIGHT commentator Lauren Southern has been slapped with a bill of almost $68,000 by Victoria Police ahead of her controversial show in Melbourne on Friday night.”

Lauren Southern is not “far-right”. Her views reflect run-of-the-mill conservative thought which opposes insane SJW rhetoric on “gender” and “diversity”, and wants to secure the existence of our people by opposing open borders and white genocide in South Africa. That is not controversial.

Also, it costs $68,000 to speak openly against the left in Melbourne. Speech is, in fact, very expensive.

“Organisers of the Canadian’s speaking tour are being charged for a uniformed police presence at the event which is expected to draw potentially violent protesters.

“In an email from Victoria Police and seen by the Herald Sun, the total cost for the event is quoted as $230,000 but says police will only charge Ms Southern $67,842.50.”

How awfully generous of them. Also, does Stef have to chip in 50 cents?

“A police spokesman said Victoria Police “has the right to charge any event organiser for the use of police resources”.

Ms Southern’s tour management told the Herald Sun they did not request the police presence and will be fighting the bill.

“The decision to force Ms Southern to pay the cost of the extra police presence came after violent left wing activists turned Melbourne streets into a war zone during a talk by right wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos six months ago.”

Obviously, this is unjust and should be fought tooth and nail. The line in bold holds is key:

“Ms Southern’s tour management told the Herald Sun they did not request the police presence.”

They did not request the police presence.

Does anybody remember the Milo event in Melbourne? Those of us on the right fortunate enough to get a crack at the far-left terrorists kicked their butts:

Patriot bashes turd in shit hole.

The MSM shilled for the losers who thought that playing the latest Wolfenstein on a big screen would trigger the civic nationalists who wanted to listen to a gay Jew:


Most importantly, we out outnumbered the left 10 to 1 that day. My initial thought was to use the Mel Gibson speech from Braveheart as an inspirational segue, to suggest that we would win in a face off with the violent terrorists of the left:

But really, if there was no police presence in Melbourne, it would look more like this:

The police at today’s Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern speaking event in Melbourne aren’t there to protect patrons from violent far-left terrorists. They are protecting the violent far-left terrorists from us.

  • Noachideous

    The numbers are symbolically important as is usually the case.

    68 K …. 68 + 11 … for 79, centennial complement to 21 … for 21 79 …. 3 16 ….. By +x 3 16 … 1948.

    Regard it as an occultic invocation of sorts.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Here’s a suggestion for Dick Ears Dan and the corrupt Victorian government, don’t turn up. Don’t “protect” anyone, let us take Antifa out on our own.

    It will be much more fun and if the Leftists in government are going to charge for “protection,” over and above the billions they get in taxes, then they can stay at home.

    We don’t need them, let’s just have a riot instead and show those Antifa muppets what happens when they don’t have the police protecting them.

    Alternatively they can STFU and do their job.

    • Noachideous

      Those ears represent the love handlez of a Knob Goblin.

      • Daniel Watts

        Great grips for his union masters.

    • entropy

      This is the point. We all know the police would only start doing their jobs if people started bashing the hippies.

      They want to charge you to stop you from defending yourself.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        Calling Antifa “hippies” is fairly insulting to hippies. Hippies were just stupid and misguided, Antfia are terrorists.

    • Jonathan

      So then where were all those flag waving patriot groups the other night? Patrolling empty beaches? I thought TBC and SoO would protect the buses at Broadmeadow, then proceed to the venue to enure entry of the buses and cars

    • Jai_Normosone

      This is all part of the encroaching tyranny that is being forced on taxpayers.
      We have the Cult of the Paedophile on one side demanding more and more “rights” so that they can be far more equal than the rest of us – and we have our self-designated “betters” on the other forcing more stupidity upon the people-who-pay-their-way and are getting away with it.
      The Queensland Branch of Union-Bludgers (ALP government) have now stated that all water that falls from the sky belongs to them.

      Seriously, it is getting to the point where Southern NSW & Victoria needs to be loaded up with those who think that all their income comes from the government and that their foolish ideas will fix the world; get some big machines in and cut a huge trench and then send the whole shitfight adrift so that the rest of us can live in peace.

  • Ron Mortimer

    And if the organisers refuse to pay…what then?

    The police have already been paid from the taxes of all those attending.

    • Harry Stottle

      I think they’ll force any future right wing speaker to deposit $100k before entering the country. They’ll leave with all that’s left over.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Here is the contact form for Matthew Guy:

    Here is Daniel Andrews email:

    Let them know exactly what you think of this move.

  • Ron Mortimer

    The Victorian Police have just put themselves on a par with the Mafia by running a protection racket. The Mafia are a better bet though because if you do pay them you will be safe whereas the incompetent Vic Police can’t even guarantee that.

  • Ralphy

    Here’s a tip. Just arrest everone wearing masks and it will all be over lickety split. Moiety of fine to police if that satisfies their venality. Once again I’m thinking the troops would love to get involved if only their masters had the cojones. Perhaps too the “masked ones” could have their finances examined and docked if they are tax payer supported!

    Dreamin’ I know.

  • RobynTodhunter

    This is nothing more than extortion.. Lauren should tell Vic Pol to shove their bill where the sun don’t shine. It would be cheaper to hire half a dozen bikies! I’l love to see the bedwetting victimhood lefties play up with bikies on patrol.

    • Maryanne

      Agree. Lauren Southern shouldn’t pay. She should hold the meeting and let’s see what happens. If the gutless masked antifa thugs are violent and subsequently get their just desserts all good. If the beaters of the masked thugs get arrested let’s all support them because the mindless thugs started the violence.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Are the bikies in Melbourne still of Anglo Saxon origin, not in Sydney, they have been taken over by Muslims!

    • Jonathan

      Bikies? Worked out well for the Rolling Stones. I would have thought TBC and SoO would have turned up to protect the patriots? Isn’t what they were formed for?

  • 9x19parabellum

    Yet when the most degenerate left wing celebrity hires out the Hisense to sing for an hour and flash some tits, wanker andrews is all to happy for the state to foot the police bill.

  • 9x19parabellum

    How about Lauren doesnt pay the cops and justs beg antifa rioters to behave because maybe their parents never told them rioting is wrong. After all it’s the only solution we have to stop random park murders.

    • Jai_Normosone

      How about a mess of sporting shooters get issued with a shitload of rubber bullets and on the first sign of a stupid comment, the entire front row of their “peaceful” protest gets dropped – and their mummy & daddy are not allowed near them to kiss their bruises.

      • 9x19parabellum

        I’ll volunteer as a sport shooter. Can I use lead instead of rubber?

        • Jai_Normosone

          Yeah but you’ll have to buy that yourself… If I need to buy lead, it’ll be for me 🙂

  • RobynTodhunter
  • Mattys Modern Life
  • Daniel Watts

    You notice the difference between new steel caps and those who know how to use them in that first photo. Classic!

    • Jai_Normosone

      Steel caps also work great on car mirrors and doors of the inner urban tosser who cannot drive anywhere without playing with their mobile phone.

  • Tassie Tiger

    My understanding is that Lauren Southern (Simonsen) like Milo Yinnapolus and Stephan Molyneux is actually Jewish.
    My take is that she another Rothschild Zionist agentur fomenting discord amongst two opposing forces just as Albert Pike and his ilk planned (3 World Wars).
    I have no pity or sympathy for her whatsoever. Look what happened to Canadian Ernest Zundel when he questioned the holocaust myth…

    Here is a link to video that sheds a very different light on Lauren Simonsen,

    • chucky

      Eat shit and die.

    • OMG that cartoon at the end. LoloL. If I’d watched television in the last 20 years I might know where that came from.

      I think we’ve all realised that we can’t trust someone who can’t keep their hair colour consistent for more than a week. Or we should have, particularly after Loligate.

      Lauren is cute (at the moment, particularly after slimming down) but isn’t fine featured and has a mannish voice. Add the dark hair and dark eyes and she isn’t looking particularly “Scandinavian” and is pretty much something that-is-not-like-the-others in our midst. Put her side by side with her galpal Brittany Pettibone and they look like pretty different creatures and you can sense this even if you can’t put your finger on it.

      Checking the reality of this important, as the urge to white knight for someone who reliably get their breasts in camera frame is so automatic it’s a wonder we haven’t died out already.

      It’s good that she turned on Ezra, but again that might be part of the process to imbed her deeper within the AltRight. The validating source for her honesty in the scenario is her gay cameraman, so we should all be cautious.

      “Farmlands” is a good work as it is sympathetic to a cause that hits the nerve of every Anglo. I expect others milking the AltRight for money and attention will try to replicate it.

      But if our civilisation is actually on the line, we shouldn’t be risking skin or knuckles on someone whose family changes surnames.

  • Noachideous

    Part of any 68K funded by the Oorstraelien taxpayer should be adequate to secure the attendance of the VicPol Pipe Band in full Scots regalia……. where HellBound Train will serve eminently as a reminder that Australia is largely of AngloCeltic origin, and that a multiculturally adulterated, noahidiotic Hell ….. to the great shame of YT Ancestors who paid in Blood ….. is where the Elitist Prigs and snivellers of the present servile regime appears to be leading YT people. So that YT is no longer a people.

    This tune played in a circular fashion would ultimatley drive the the foaming at the mouth AntiFa and hairy backed heebesses against FaescJism beyond Nutz …. to the point these tormented Zombies of ZOG 48 would commence with an attempt to assail the Band itself….. out of impotent frustration, that their lies are not longer …. believed….

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Have the aggressors (Antifa) been arrested and charged?

    • Jai_Normosone

      You’re a funny fucker for even putting this out there 🙂

  • chucky

    Surely they didn’t actually PAY them?!

  • Jonathan

    No she should not pay, but they are going to insist she does, and as for Milo, use it as leverage for her not to get a working Visa next time.

    With the Victorian election coming up, its time to get busy writing to sitting and shadow justice and police ministers and any other prospective members vying for their positions and tell them this is not acceptable, not for speaking forums. OK, it is fair enough for the NRL and ARL to have to pay for police, as it is a given that there will be a certain element from WITHIN the attendees that will cause trouble.

    Difference is, people attending ARL of AFL do not expect to be physically attacked and molested by, say, the Anti-Football League who will also try and shut down their matches. Groups like Socialist Alternative and their front groups CARF and other groups plan for weeks and months to deploy riotous assembly against peaceful conservative speakers and their attendees. They also have a clearly identifiable leadership that CAN be billed and brought to law if they don’t. THEY are the ones causing the violence, blocking public roads, preventing the movement of vehicles, etc. If the police do not know these leaders, they are not trying hard enough or just don’t want to. In the case of more diffusely led flash mobs like Antifa, they are still on Facebook, on the web and their IPs cab easily be traced and the owners of the sites inciting these violent blockades found. That’s what metadata laws are for right?

    So point all this out to whomever you are writing to, but GET WRITING ASAP! Law and order is going to be THE issue in the coming Victorian election.

  • Jonathan

    BTW, the usual suspects are already organising to attack the Nigel Farage events in September.

  • Jonathan

    According to Socialist Alternative Perth, the event page for tonight’s planned assault on the Lauren Southern even, plus the entire page for “United against racism and racism” page has been taken down!!

    Everyone on of you on Facebook, its important you report ALL of these far-left event pages for ‘credible threat of violence’, which they are. Keep up the good work!

  • Jonathan

    They have a new page running. Keep reporting it for credible threat of violence..

  • C’mon, goyim. Someone has to pay for the gender correction surgery Victoria’s Finest require in order to adequately represent the community they are policing.

  • Jonathan

    Page for anti-fa terror attack on Lauren in Brisbane this Sunday evening.

    Report for credible threat of violence and get all your Facebook friends to do
    it as well. The Perth one was taken down, plus their primary page.

    We can do this.

  • Noachideous

    You can read more extrapolations of the Keltic Kabbalah over at expeltheparasite dot com. It is not a place that Dr Ebola or BuBBles Dvir appreciates.

    Man of Thongs has posted every single one of them.

    If there are 26 then 42 letters in the EA lphabet in decimal and senary summing to 68, then the symbolism is potent.

    If ‘hideous’ drivers licence is 1448EA , and it is….. and we here was 51 for every single day of ’17 for 68 for by +x … 14 48, then it represents a license to interpret and make public comment on the QB Allah.

    There are 42 negative affirmations of Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth. It is that way for a reason.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Anything Arthur Dunger-related is gold 😀

  • Noachideous

    We have another irrefutable proof here. The number 42 is one of the numbers of the Divine. By +x of 4 and 2 is derived ……. 68.

    The initial gematria of Dirt Bikes amounts to 42. Thus, Heaven must have Dirt Bikes.

  • Jai_Normosone

    I luuuurve the pic of the leftard cowering as someone explains manners to them 🙂