Count Cooper’s Time is Numbered


As multi-millionaire CIA hacks like Anderson Cooper desperately try to leech off the lingering support base of the corporate controlled globalist fake-news, it is clear that independent Alt Right media are effectively driving the stake of truth through the heart of their misinformation…

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
  • Trog

    According to sources I accept about 3% of our population are gay as is Mr Cooper. Why is it then that they largely control the media, news and entertainment industries, or at least, set the agenda and storylines. I for one am absolutely sick of the endless, media driven chatter about gay issues, lavatories, nasty bullies and whitefella straightfella blamemongering and never want to hear another word from them if I live to Methusalah’s ripe old age of damned near 1000!

    I DON’T CARE AND NEVER HAVE! Do whatever you like in your private and safe places (but not public lavatories please) and flamingly well realise the vast majority of us couldn’t give the proverbial rat’s arse!

    • Addelad

      The rat might care to differ!

  • Craig

    Perhaps you should be careful not to promote a homosexual pedophile protector such as MILO who admits such degenerate filth in this youtube. Alt-cuck seems to be full of poofters wanting to bring the alt-right back to the cuckservative fold…

    • Karen Dwyer

      Mr Yiannopolous appears to be extremely uncomfortable in that interview. The speech is so fast from both interviewer and interviewee that it’s difficult to understand the references that each is making.

      I would say that Mr Yiannopolous has not come to terms with the depth and severity of his experiences. Too confronting for him. This is common in rape and abuse cases. It is why, for example, women can support FGM, because to do otherwise would be to acknowledge great and tragic acts of perversity, cruelty, and callousness committed on them.

      I don’t think it detracts from what he has to say on other matters. It’s quite revealing that the interviewer would use the reality of his interviewee’s sexual abuse to score a point.

      Mr Yiannopolous is unlikely to have an epiphany in the midst of such an interview. However, I would hope that it does lead to him facing some searingly hurtful truths. For his own sake.

      And at that point he will also be able to expose the identities of the abusers at various events he has witnessed.

      • Craig

        You sure he set up a fag party at the RNC even had Wilders give a speech in front of a pedo pictures… Pretty suss if you ask me.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Hi Craig. Yes, I’m sure he was sexually abused. But no, I can’t be sure that he will ever admit that to himself or anyone else.

          Re the photos: not to my taste. I gather that the people in the photos are not minors. I don’t particularly like fashion or political images that suggest that people are disposable, “usable”, existing solely for their surface attributes.

          The photographer’s own political viewpoints, as expressed in his own words, are interesting, particularly in the context of “treachery” accusations by leftist gay people.

          There is a certain cynicism in making political alliances of convenience. Trump has been fairly consistent about policies that are supportive of gay people, I think. Just not as “blank cheque” as some would like.

          Re political cynicism, I’m sure that there are some who use Mr Yiannopolous as a “pet” gay man in the same way as some use Mr Aly as a “pet” Muslim man.

          I don’t like such a “you are disposable” mentality.

          However, I think maybe you were more concerned that Mr Yiannopolous and others will use conservative political ideology to further their own agenda?

          The conservative “population” isn’t homogeneous. There are Atheists, Gnostics, Christians, and Jewish people who post on this site. Some ideas will intersect, and some will not.

          Mr Yiannopolous reminds me of a friend-of-friend I knew as a teenager. He had moved away from the tiny country town where he had been raped by his stepfather. Not so much to get away from the stepfather, who was jailed, but to get away from taunts of “you’re gay!” from rednecks after the court case. He was very beautiful (physically), intelligent, and charismatic. Very energetic and talkative.

          I didn’t trust him one iota. I didn’t dislike him, and I was appalled by how he had been treated. But he wasn’t trustworthy.

          He had been very damaged: his stepfather’s abuse; townspeople’s ritual humiliation; and being given too much too freely by people who were attracted to him.

          He was dishonest, fickle, cruel-tongued, vain, predatory, and a sponger.

          I saw him take a sweet, affectionate, angel-faced teenaged “country bumpkin”, and turn him into a thieving, unwashed, stinking, drug-addicted, recipient of homosexual lust. It was like seeing the acting out of “The Picture of Dorian Grey” in human form.

          I’m not suggesting that all gay men have been abused and then become vain and predatory. Whether homosexual or heterosexual, living a life centred around pornographic liaisons isn’t going to end well, though.

          • Craig

            Milo seems interested in one thing only $$$. 2 years ago this homo was advocating against free speech in a SJW manner. Hell he’s even ripped off $100 grand in donations, for a scholarship program, apparently advocating for white men going to college/Uni.

            In other words I think he’s setting you up for a fall. You peoples fall for it due to the obsessive virtue signalling. “Look we’re not homophobic, we’re not racist, look, look the Muslims and leftists are the real racists, we conservatives are colour blind.”. Baloney. Milo’s greatest supporters only want to sell books, that is not a grass roots movement, that is parasitism. Or more precisely a bait and switch.

            I would never trust someone like Milo around my children that’s for sure.

            Conservatism in it’s current form is a failed ideology, it’s main purpose is to conserve, it has conserved nothing, only ever moved further to the left.

            Australia will be better off in the future for one reason only, our demographics have not been as seriously compromised like North America. Australians have an inherent Nationalism.

            Historically Multi Ethnic empires have always dissolved and fractured into smaller homogeneous nations. This will happen to the USA if the demographic swamp is not reversed.

            2030-35 is leading up to a resource restriction. The current fiat system that is in place has already spent the futures profits. Prosperity is the only magic that holds multiculturalism/multi-racialism together, once that ingredient is gone, poof there goes the neo-libearl world order of the political left and right.

            That is why the writers here are more so alt-lite, rather then alt-right. In the end truth and realism will win out.

            Though I still like to read you all. It’s also why I laughed at you when you couldn’t work out why white Aussies won’t vote for the ALA. Rather we vote for Pauline Hanson, she and her mate Roberts know the game, and won’t lose this time around. No dividers like Oldfield will be let in. haha

          • Karen Dwyer

            Ah. You, Craig, are using the word “you” to mean “some contributors to XYZ”, rather than “you, Karen Dwyer”.

            I have neither supported Mr Yiannopolous, nor been concerned about being labelled as homophobic or any other phobic. I have not questioned why anybody of any appearance doesn’t vote for ALA. Not privately, and not publicly.

            I have been unequivocal on this site as to Whom I give my allegiance.

            I responded to your question in good faith, just as I ask and answer all questions on this site.

            You are now blocked.

          • Craig


            I hit a vulnerable spot.

            Good luck with your good faith conservatism, honorable loser.

          • Deplorable Steve B

            Craig, no need to be attacking Mrs Dwyer who is trying to live up to her Christian faith, an easy target to ridicule and criticise. I completely understand where most of her argument is coming from, having a rudimentary understanding of the Gospels and teachings therein. I personally do not like homosexuals or Marxists and will never make peace with them in the way that Mrs Dwyer’s faith compells her to. Note, there is no Biblical directive that states you must like your enemy! Therein lies the difference…

          • Craig

            Fine by me if Mrs Dwyer doesn’t like me. I don’t have to like her either, I still like her though, she has that nice old lady vibe, who would probably smile and give a nice comment if she ever saw my family.

            I just think it’s a shame that Christians have been fooled into Judeo Christianity from the top down. It’s shameful that such good people are being used in such a disgusting manner. The thing is these Christians don’t even realise it.

          • Deplorable Steve B

            I wasn’t targeting you Craig, (sorry if you misunderstood) I was trying to explain how Christ’s teaching directs his followers to not hate one another. I think that’s where the tolerance you perceive may be? But as Mrs Dwyer makes clear, she would not support such people even though she cannot wish any ill on them. I hope that makes sense?

            Whereas people who are totally sick off the Marxist push to legitmise perversion are getting an ever increasing push back from people like us who see the need to fight fire with fire…

          • Craig

            Not Marxism, Cultural Marxism is the more poisonous ideology of the two.

            Tolerance leads to PC, PC leads to, Christians being depressed.

  • justmeanu

    If you allow a person to make decisions for you that can’t decide wether they are male or female you are asking for trouble.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Ryan, would you pop a link in your article? I don’t know who this guy is ….