Inb4 a Nazi calls me a libertarian.


This is not a libertarian argument and I’m not a libertarian. And if you look hard enough, most libertarians aren’t really libertarians either.

Life of Brian

There are also problems with ‘free markets’. The financialisation of all aspects of life has alienated us from our communities. Reducing families to random collections of interchangeable worker units has destroyed heritage and weakened our culture. What the far left call ‘capitalism’ and the far right call ‘international capitalism’ (perhaps with brackets) has destroyed our sovereignty, stolen our dignity and degraded all that makes life worth living.

But that’s not capitalism.

It’s not capitalism which has enslaved the working man and now woman, stolen the fruit of our labour, estranged us from our environment and each other and turned us all into neofeudal serfs on the global debt farm.

It’s crapitalism. There’s a difference.

Capitalism is you selling the excess veggies you grow in the backyard down at the farmer’s market, growing more as people buy them and one day owning a thriving farming business.

Crapitalism is your local council cracking down on anyone who starts farming or producing in an urban area because you haven’t lined the pockets of the crony councillors like those sleazy land developers do when they want to build more overpriced, substandard housing for the plebs.

Crapitalism is the transnational corporation bribing federal politicians to bring in regulations to ensure that only massive, industrial, loss-making farms can access their supermarket distribution networks, thus keeping you away from most customers.

Crapitalism is the bankster-run global fiat money system which steals the wealth you are creating for your family when you aren’t looking, making you slowly poorer and ensuring that there will be little left to pass down to your kids once you’re gone.

This highest level of crapitalism is the most important for us to understand, because all the lower-level cronyism, corruption and oppression flows down from it. It is a pyramid, after all.

Bankster pyramid

If you want to rule the world, you don’t need armies or nukes. You only need to do one thing. Take control of the world’s money creation system and then indebt all the governments, institutions and individuals on the planet to you.

Then you can buy all the armies you want; or even better keep lending to the governments who do. Use your money to buy the politicians, the corporations, the think tanks, the media and the hard assets of the world.

Central banking is the ring of power.

LOTR poem

Beginning in the Netherlands in the early 17th century, this menace spread first to Sweden, then to England and France and now across the world. Each nation has a central bank, however they do not function as part of the government for the benefit of the people. They are coordinated through the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. They are fundamentally globalist in their organisation and orientation.

The Bank for International Settlements
The Bank for International Settlements, aka Mount Doom.

Central banking uses the power of debt to hand governments more wealth and power than they ever could have before dreamed of. The vast armies of modernity have been made possible through the alchemy of bringing wealth forward from the future into the present by borrowing against the taxes of the unborn.

Medieval alchemist
Why create gold when you can create dollars?

Whatever you want to call the system of oppression that has crept into every aspect of our lives – the state, ZOG, corporatism, whatever – it has been created and enabled by the global system of central banking.

There have been many different political systems which have emerged over the course of modernity. There have been a plethora of regimes, all based around some vision of mass society. In the liberal West, we’ve had representative republican systems which have now morphed into democratic socialism. In the East, they went full commie, learned their lesson and now grant much more economic freedom to their peasants than our rulers here in the West do.

But at least we’ve got rights, right?

Murica Fuck Yeah!

Regardless of whether they have been liberal or totalitarian, communist or capitalist, autocratic or laissez faire, the various regimes of modernity have all had one thing in common. They’ve all had a central bank.

All of them except, that is, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. For now.

Jacob Rothschild. Sith.
Jacob Rothschild thinks you need some democracy over there.

Napoleon’s France had a central bank.

As has liberal Britain.

Soviet Russia had one.

As did Hitler.

It’s the one feature of modernity which makes it stand in stark contrast to premodern societies. We’re all slaves to debt-based money, centrally regulated interest rates and the bankster elites who control both.

Debt has been used by the powerful since Babylon, but the ability of the elite to use debt-based fiat currencies to create illusory wealth from thin air and have us peasants work for taxes to pay for it was a modern innovation. In ancient societies such as Rome, money was ‘hard’. Precious metals had to be mined and coins minted for the government to meet its expenses. There was no government debt.

The only way the Roman emperors could live beyond their means was by debasing the coinage with cheaper metal alloys, which they did. Just as the purchasing power of our money has dropped over time, Roman coins by the end of the Empire were rejected by the people as unsound.

That moment is coming for us as well, and soon. Until then, the power elite can keep creating digital currency out of thin air at whim.

And they do.

US Debt Clock

President Barry Soetoro, that puppet extraordinaire of the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan cabal, inherited a public debt of 8 trillion when he took office.

Emperor Trump, only 8 years later, had to deal with 20 trillion. At 12 trillion, this makes Bathhouse Barry the biggest spender in all of history.

Of other people’s money, of course. And the bankers loved him for it. 20 trillion provides some fat, juicy interest repayments to siphon from the bloodstream of American taxpayers.

The peasants get some schools and hospitals to use before the Ponzi blows up, but that’s just a side-effect. The real reason we have government debt around the world is because the banksters know that governments have guns and taxpayers can always be squeezed.

And if politicians refuse to squeeze their people, banksters also have guns and politicians can be squeezed.

Like all elites, though, the banksters have become too greedy over time. Resistance has built. There are several challenges emerging to their power, the most promising of which are cryptocurrencies and the sovereign money movement.

Positive Money UK have even forced the Bank of England to admit that our money is created when private banks make loans. This is a huge step forward, and when the currency crisis hits over the next few years will make many people notice for the first time how the money system works against us.

The other main challenge to central banks, and the most promising in my view, is cryptocurrencies. Love them or hate them, they’ve got the top banksters concerned.

We’ve been deceived and despoiled by crapitalism for far too long. It’s time to take back our sovereignty. We are the descendants of sovereign men and women who formed sovereign families in sovereign communities within sovereign nations. That sovereignty won’t be given back to us. We’ll have to take it back.

And the key to it all is sovereign money.

We can’t expect those who have ruled us for so long to give up without a fight. Their power is far too precious.

My precious

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  • Great article dude, I finally got on the crypto-train a few weeks ago only to see it lose half it’s value almost over-night, hah!

    Not worried though, in for the long run and when the fake-money tsunami hits crypto-currencies are going to look like a saviour.

    • Equinsu

      How did you go about investing in it?

    • Earl Conner

      Was it BitConeeeeeeeeeect?

      (I strongly advise against involvement with any enterprise that has ‘con’ in it’s name)

    • Me too. I try not to look. I expect BTC to drop back below 6K and bottom somewhere so I can buy more. And maybe lose even more…

      • Karen Dwyer

        I saw this some time ago, but hesitated to post it because I haven’t checked out the source site.

        But there’s an interesting comment at the end re cryptocurrency. You might well have seen this long since?

  • Equinsu

    The curious thing is that both the Left and the Right are really against cronyism – or crapitalism, as you call it. When the Left criticises a particular instance of “capitalist” excess, chances are that the object of their criticism has resulted in some way from the collusion of business and government (especially via central banking and fiat currency). The Right at least recognises that government is the key actor when it comes to cronyism, although to be fair there may be some tendency on the Right to place too much of the responsibility for cronyism on government and/or dismiss the extent to which government itself can be viewed as a creation of market forces.

  • George Rockwell

    Excellent article!

  • Razorback

    Great summary ma man…you get 10/10
    Take a look at this: /

  • Craig

    Pleasure to read.

    Interesting to see what happens, I think with 5G and Quantum computing, perhaps the fiat system might just be migrated over, being it’s the dream of crapitalists to see all transactions ever made, this would also facilitate the erasure of hard currency. Giving extreme oversight of the economy, which makes it easier for policies to be enacted to convert the black market to the white market. The black market is a huge loss for the crapitalists, and a great market opportunity. Also enables the can kicking down the road… for a bit longer.

    It could also create a black market barter community, which would look to exploit loop holes in such a system, to convert such wealth into the cyber currency.

    I don’t know man a computer system will always have vulnerabilities in it for hacking. Then power outages, EMP’s man made and natural causes. Maybe just nostalgia, I’m a gonna miss hard currency.

    Interesting to read the AI hypothesizes of the creation of Crypto, as it’s quite plausible.

    • QTan7745

      With no physical Fiat currency and subsequently converting to all digital traceable currency means they will 100% own your arse.
      You won’t be able to pick the peanuts out of your own shit without them knowing it.
      You know who I am talking about……….

      BTW….5G will enable the quick baking of our brains/mind control frequency/MK ultra on a national scale……..

      *Before you ask: yes, I have taken my medication today, several times, just to be sure.

      • Craig

        Or it could have unintended consequences of people starting underground currency in weight of precious metals,labour and barter for items. Turning away from the empire, even if you live within it.

  • And single politician is in on it.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    The reason we have big central banks is because too many of us want nice things they can never afford. If people bought a Camry instead of getting a BMW under finance; if they didn’t buy now pay later for that 4K plasma TV; if they didn’t all of the sudden need “free” fiber optic NBN to watch YouTube and if they didn’t treat a $20000 credit card limit as a license to splurge there would be no debt and no need for credit. Materialism is the fatal flaw of the West. The Jew has realized this and is actively exploiting it.

    • George Rockwell

      “The Jews are the most remarkable nation of world history because, faced with the question of being or not being, they preferred … being at any price: the price they had to pay was the radical falsification of all nature, all naturalness, all reality, the entire inner world as well as the outer. … Considered psychologically, the Jewish nation is a nation of the toughest vital energy which … took the side of all décadence instincts—not as being dominated by them but because it divined in them a power by means of which one can prevail against ‘the world.’ The Jews are the counterparts of décadents: they have been compelled to act as décadents to the point of illusion…. [T]his kind of man has a life-interest in making mankind sick, and in inverting the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ ‘true’ and ‘false’ in a mortally dangerous and world-maligning sense.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

      • QTan7745

        Juden. Juden Juden. Everywhere !

    • QTan7745

      Another poster has been deleted and banned here…..

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        Yep. XYZ should publish all legal/takedown threats they receive.

  • QTan7745

    Muh shekels !
    Those friendly loan shark Central Bankster pranksters are working on their own version of digital shit-coin, don’t you worry about that.
    ZOG aint going down without a fight and you aint escaping your wage slave shackles that easily.

  • Paul Thompson

    Good article David. The problem with crypto-currencies, as I see it, is their user’s complete dependence on (access to) the Internet, if they want to transact business. I think local currencies are a better alternative.

  • Karen Dwyer

    “If only people thought more about home and less about gold, the world would be a merrier place.”…

    The Hobbit