The crucifixion of Blair Cottrell


Richard B Riddick

Blair Cottrell is a carpenter from Melbourne and the leader of the United Patriot Front. UPF’s policies include a blanket ban on all Muslims immigrating to Australia and a ban on any new mosques. UPF’s rationale I’d imagine is that Islam is incompatible with the values of the historic Australian nation and that therefore, it should be the policy of the government to prevent the accumulation of an Islamic population via immigration. Holding and advocating for this view is an unlegislated “crime” in our society and for this crime Blair Cottrell has been sentenced to be “un-personed”.

I don’t just mean unsubtle wowser articles about how Blair is literally Adolf Hitler, and that anyone right of the ALP is fascist. I mean literally that the 4th estate in our nation is doing their best to prevent Blair from holding and advocating for his views. So much so that the media is now engaging in hit pieces on each other, after Seven news aired an interview with Blair.

To be honest, this level of uproar over Blair is not even the most clown world-esque thing to have occurred recently. Stan’s recent Romper Stomper series is an unsubtle hit piece on Blair, portraying a caricature of him called Blake Farron. In the series Blake is the stereotypical fat loser who gets cucked by the lead character.

Does that guy look like this guy?

So why all this effort for one “thought criminal”?

It’s simple. People like Blair are an anathema to the media/academic/government alliance.

Blair holds views that are not presently allowed and importantly are dangerous to the status quo, because he is able to remind the wider population that we didn’t always have to step between “diversity bollards” whilst shopping, and we as a people didn’t always have to advocate for non-citizens at the expense of ourselves. Therefore the media/academic/government alliance must make him comply.

Normally a few hit pieces and the fear of loss of employment is enough to shut people up. But Blair is a carpenter, he doesn’t rely on corporate types stamping approval on his views. The blue collar trades environment is still a place where the Aussie Anglo-celtic culture and socially conservative worker (average punter) centered political attitudes live on, and there Blair’s political views are unremarkable and common. These people know that mass immigration to Australia has only occurred due to an alliance between cultural Marxists and crony capitalist Big Australia advocates, they know it doesn’t benefit their families, or the society they once had.

So not only is Blair immune from these economic sanctions, but he is also dangerous because he isn’t an incompetent loser. The system doesn’t mind when its rebels are unkempt and dull freaks – it gets nervous when its enemies are articulate and charismatic. I’ve never met Blair, but I have seen his videos and his media appearances. Blair is a measured speaker and rarely falls into the traps. Go to youtube and witness him in his early 20’s talk rings around paid propagandists.

Finally, and perhaps most worryingly of all for the system, Blair is an Australian Chad.

On some level it is hilarious to me to use such a term in serious analysis, but a Chad is a Chad and Blair is a tall, strong, well-spoken, confident larrikin/rebel. That is to say, Blair is dangerous to the system, because he and his movement could make it cool to be a thought rebel.

This is why any coverage of him is literally unacceptable. If given a platform, Blair’s views could spread like wildfire through the currently apathetic disengaged Australian millennials, and the system can’t risk that.

I urge you to analyse their coverage of him, see how they lie. The following article has a particularly interesting example:

Far right leader Blair Cottrell clashes with Muslim and indigenous community members on fiery ABC debate

“In a taped piece before the debate Mr Cottrell admitted he was a racist.

“I don’t view myself as far right or neo Nazi but by standard of the current political system, yes I am a racist.”

Blair didn’t say he was a racist, he said that in the current political system he is a racist. For anyone who isn’t paying attention, nowdays our cultural zeitgeist say that simply being of European heritage makes you a racist. This is why they go on and on about institutional and unconscious racism.

I honestly implore you to go and watch the videos of him speak and contrast them with the coverage. Take the “Australian media is even worse than you thought” red pill.

The media/academic/government alliance will do anything to prevent the return of the real Right wing. Since the 50’s they have been able to achieve victory after victory by gaslighting Right movements into corporatist controlled reactions.

Now things are changing, we are reaching peak ponzi in terms of economics, social dysfunction and demographics, and the liars can’t paper over the cracks anymore. The real Right is returning, they have their own diagnosis for the civilisational sickness and their own remedy. The media/academic/government alliance knows that remedy will be the end of their stranglehold and as such are treating them as an existential threat.

The crucification of Blair is but an opening salvo in the Culture War to come that will literally decide the fate of our nation.

  • Blair Cottrell is currently conducting an effective action against left wing cultural and political subversion, and sure, he’s being targeted for that, but he needs to make a statement clarifying his earlier positions on Hitler and the Jews.

    His enemies are propagating statements from his past that are fairly devastating in their content.

    For example there is this article from 2015. Sure its Fairfax, but it still makes some telling points-

    • Noachideous

      Mr Cottrell did not respond to requests for comment.

      Jewish group the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission said it was “shocked and alarmed by the Holocaust denial, the adoration for Hitler, the scapegoating, and the notorious blood libels and conspiratorial age-old myths against Jews that are on full display and which suffuse Blair Cottrell’s postings”.

      People of all faiths should “stand as one against movements that are driven in their loathing for the Jewish people and for other minorities”, the commission said.

      That would most likely B B Bubbles Dvir of the B BnaiBrith… What he won’t let on is the fact that the words of his cHozEn let it go …… religion of ritual self abuse requires that those not jew who refuse the noachide imperative are required to be killed. Clearly Cottrell as been assessed as not noahide compliant, cannot be murdered openly for the fact of the resulting Anti-Semitijism, so the character assassination is the best that can be had so far.

      • Cate.

        Was ‘Anti-Semitijism’ a typo? Pretty funny.. 🙂
        Might keep it.

    • Hitler did nothing wrong, the Holocaust didn’t happen but it should have.

      • Neville


      • Deplorable!!!

        And the Fruit Cake award goes to…

    • Eden_2018

      I look forward to him clarifying his promotion of Hitler. How is he going to spin that. Cannot wait!

    • If you aren’t looking at this from a racial perspective, you’re allowing yourself to be a dupe and a tool.

      Jews look at everything from a racial perspective.

      Start with their own words if you are too squeamish to read the woke white writers.

  • Sam Vimes

    Like any discussion around issues like this, there are those that understand the actual message and the bloody rest of society, for whom the idea of diversity bollards, heavily armed police on the streets or simply worrying about terrorism in general just doesnt gel with their thought processes, because “the government wouldn’t allow this issue to happen if Islam was ACTUALLY a problem like these racists are saying” – it’s really as simple as that. Seen it with Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters in the UK – citizenry clueless about the problem, and cling to the propagation of lies and slander. surprised this site hasn’t been shut down yet for “hate speech” already.

  • Lyn Gray

    I like Blair and he is probably right on most points. We have to stop mass immigration and refugees flooding this country. There are hardly any jobs for those already here and as we know the majority coming here are not known for wanting to work but getting on to our welfare system and draining the country dry, which is already pretty dry as it is. We cannot sustain anymore people and why our stupid govt doesn’t understand that I’ll never know. We also have to go back to being a true democracy and allowing people the right to freedom of speech, not just allowing those with a twisted agenda that suits the govt, to speak. It’s wrong and it’s undemocratic.

    It’s time the millennials woke up too and smelled the roses. They are so brainwashed by universities and groups they join that they have lost the art of thinking for themselves. My father taught me to always investigate every avenue and to make sure who I voted for was who I really wanted to run the country and he always told me to respect the other person’s point of view even if I didn’t agree with it.

    I hope I have followed Dad’s teachings.

    • Anomie Antidote

      Our government isn’t just stupid. What they’re doing to our country via immigration is by design. There’s clearly a system in place that effectively filters out anyone critical of immigration, considering how many politically-conscious Australians actually are against immigration, and yet this is unacknowledged by both major parties. Anyone unwilling to parrot the nonsense phrase ‘diversity is our strength’ is character-assassinated by the media complex.

      When I took Australian Studies in Year 11, I had to study a whole module on how Australia cannot sustain a larger population due to limited resources like water. That was followed by a module on how immigration makes our country great and we should love it and accept more and more of it. There are pressures forcing this kind of cognitive dissonance on us; it can’t happen by accident.

      When you can observe the same things happening in the same way in all other western nations, there’s no denying that it’s an international project. Look how any kind of nationalists are called ‘Nazis’. Best example right now is Poland, who continue to assert their national identity (which rejects Nazism as unambiguously as it rejects Communism) by saying no to immigration, even though they happily give foreign aid to refugees (proven to be more economically efficient and therefore more effective) and have no apparent ill intent towards other peoples, but desire their autonomy. In Australia, nationalists like Blair are routinely given the same label and treated like genocide advocates.

      This is no accident. This can’t arise from mere stupidity. There are actual international forces at play and it’s naive to imagine that somehow there aren’t.

    • Neville

      Right with you there. And with Blair.

      What isn’t discussed in these and similar forums is the damage this immigration causes to our young people. The pressure on the cost of housing is sending our young people broke and they can’t afford to have children. Of course, Muslims are provided with housing at our expense and don’t mind living 10-15 to a house with three or so wives and kids on welfare provided by the long suffering taxpayer.

  • Xero

    A major component of the Grand Zio agenda is to flood developed, civilized countries with third world parasites. These are invading Zio-soldiers, infiltrators with the ultimate intent to eventually to take over the natives by sheer numbers, and eliminate them.
    The ultimate Zio goal is the destruction of western civilization and white race, no matter how long it takes – but it’s all planned, we’re just witnessing a progression of this plan. Just look back 100 odd years and join the dots. Now days this very plan is evolving one step further.
    I’m not surprised one bit that FB is a massive supporter of this concept, same as the leftarded google and the MSM. Blair is their natural enemy.

    • How do Jews profit by flooding countries with Muslims? Take the UK for example. London now has (because of demographics) a Muslim mayor. If this event is emulated nationally, Muslims will dominate the UK parliament. Jews profit from this in what way?

      • Craig

        You need to understand the machinations of Zionism, its not as simple and clear cut as you think.

        Certain groups of Jews do profit form flooding our nations with Muslims at present in a number of ways, for one simple example the largest lawyer organizations fighting for Muslim or refugee immigration counter intuitively are Jewish. The B’nai B’rith faith organisation or lodges grow via this immigration as well, being they have a dual system of lodges, one set that accepts all races and all faiths, then another set of lodges that are Jewish only. Which maintains the inner circle, and extends their power of outreach into the other minority faiths

        Having Jews flee France and London who would be little Jews, just like prole ethnic Europeans who have to put up with the mass immigration, instead the Jews can make flight to Israel. This benefits Zionism, by having a positive inflow of Jewish people, with connections to outside world. The elite Jews are not affected by the mass immigration just like our white elite in there Ivory towers.

        Historically you should research who would open the castle gates during the Moorish and Ottoman invasions, it may be illuminating who done it. You would also be surprised which minority group had special privileges among these Muslim invaders. Hint it wasn’t Christians.

        What would also surprise you is which financial banksters, industrial weapon and munitions organisations supported the communists of the USSR and the German National Socialists in WW2. Plus Jews fought for Hitler in the 10’s of thousands something like 40000 Jews were Nazi’s. Soro’s was a Hungarian Jew who fought for the Nazi’s… Doesn’t make sense does it?

        Until you understand the counter intuitive machinations of Zionism.

        • OK. So in the future the Zionists want, all the little Jews are in Israel, and Muslims control and or dominate the rest of the world. What happens then?

          • Craig

            Well that’s the crust of it’s it. The freemasonry movement along with the B’nai B’rith faith, have the idea that western civilisation will secularize and modernise Islam, with in our borders. Then export the modernised secular Islam to the middle east.

            The neo conservative and Israeli middle east geo political agenda at the moment is to establish a new Kurdish state out of parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran. This is to establish a more moderate progressive Islamic country in the middle East, one that will be more reliable then Turkey.

            I don’t think it’s going to work to be honest, on the home front of post western civilasation we’re now a peoples with no assertive confidence or united culture. We just like to be nice, so everyone can get along. So conservative religious and radical Islam will grow to dominate, as the sprigs of moderate Islam die off along with our white liberal fools. Yet conservative whites are growing, and their children are throwing off the cultural Marxism they were or are attempting to indoctrinate us with.

            Nor will the neo conservative or Israeli plan in the middle east work, as the more conservative Islamic countries will win by a war of attrition.

            This is a double edged sword for Jews as history shows Jews over confidence always bites them in the butt. Where in future whites on mass may convert to a more conservative radical Islam, if the mass immigration into the West continues.

            Makes sense to reduce or even better cease immigration, pay for repatriation, and take back our national and foreign policy from the nutters that have been running our people into the ground for at least 100 years, which process accelerated after WW2.

            Read up the history of the Persians who practiced Aryan religion before being converted to Islam. A group of people who had to pretend to be Islamic and created the Shia Shiite religion of Islam to survive against the Sunni’s. Whites could take that exact same path, taking 4 white wives…

            Pray for a mini Ice age, rather then a 2050 or 2080 shithole post western civilisation.

          • Cate.

            Well said. If I may be so bold as to add my two shekels.
            “The elite Jews are not affected by the mass immigration just like our white elite in there (sic) Ivory towers.”
            I’m of the firm belief that jews are white. It’s a group that relentlessly hounds power. A group that asserts themselves every few hundred years after we (The Volk) have forgotten (((who))) they are.
            They change their names every so often, say every hundred to 300 years. The people we know as jews casually are generally okay people, the same way christians are. They just do what their ‘elders’ (rabbi means ‘commander’) tells them to do- like christians and muslims with their leaders. Unfortunately they believe the whole lot. None of this makes what they are doing >>Right<< in the sight of nature or the Good in the universe, so ya know- to hell with them… They're adults. Just like Blair Chad Cottrell.
            There's a fair bit of evidence to suggest the jews wrote the bible, koran and talmud. But this is serious, hardcore alternative history which is not exactly the point right now. It can be looked in to by Volks when the worst of all this is over.
            As for what Craig said, I fully agree for the most part. The agenda can be summed up in a few of their plans;
            -The Kalergi Plan.
            -The Oded Yinon Plan.
            -And as mentioned further up, The Protocols of Zion.
            We are most definitely in the last stages of the Protocols and it's essential someone like Cottrell -if not the very man himself- asserts his authoritah and starts drumming up hope in the hearts and most importantly – Our Collective Mind.

            For the record, he has pages now on, under Blair Cottrell and his other… Fortitude party … one other thing.. oh yeah, United Patriots Front.

          • Craig

            They were some good shekels… 🙂

          • Craig

            Though I’d probably give up on the Jews are really white bit though.


          • Craig
          • Craig

            Hypocrites. Australia sends boats back. Why can’t America build a wall to protect it’s people from infiltrators?

            Secular Judaism, or B’nai B’rith is as sick as white progressives.

            The difference with Trump is he is supported by Chabad Jews, who currently hold power in Israel.

            So why are western countries beholden to minority groups?


          • Where’s a can of bugspray when you need it?

          • Cate.

            I can’t give up the idea ‘they’re white’ because a) I know a few ‘genetic’ jews and they are not in any way different from me, visually. (Perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing :))
            If you look at someone like … Scarlett Johanssen or even Hedy Lamarr (who I recently read with great disappointment in wiki, was born to jewish parents, but then wiki is BS of the highest order), there is literally no indicator of different race to that of a member of the white race.
            Not one single indicator.
            The eye shape, the jaw shape, nose shape, skin/hair colour, all common visual signs indicating a different race or genetic origin.

            If one wanted to become biblical about it, Cain (of the Canaanites) and Abel (our boy) were brothers from same mother (born of Eve) with a different father.
            While I’m a firm believer of the bible stories being allegorical, it does state we were of the same genetic code and only ‘By their fruits shall you know them.’
            To quote;

            Matthew 7:15-20 (NKJV)

            You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

            15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
            16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
            17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
            18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
            20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

            B). Every noble institution of Thought that has existed, from the Pythagoreans, the Mithras, the Eleusinians, the Freemasons etc., have been infiltrated and sold out from the inside. Even Christianity.
            Even Slavs have a slightly different facial structure to Frenchmen. How would it be physically possible to enter and undermine the foundations of a secret or private house without looking like the members? These people change their names without a second glance at their ancestors.
            C) I have reason to believe the Pilgrim Society is a collection of fellows who use magic/tricks/deception/illusion to hide behind different fronts to achieve various goals throughout time. All the men in this organisation are white-looking, with white men names.
            Something fishy is afoot.

      • Noachideous

        The Greater Israel project, the purpose of WW1 and 2 is not yet complete. If Nations are paid for with Blood, then who will pay for Israel if not YT ?
        Hence they’re here to teach YT who to Hate.

        • Craig

          Yep that’s why hating on Muslims is AOK.

    • Cate.

      Official name (for it to be googled and read in one or two comfortable sittings) is ‘The Protocols of Zion.’

  • Steve Wickenden

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    We have to take government, dominate Parliament. All we need to do is get every member here to sign up two friends, to start our bloodless revolution. [“Share”] FREE MEMBERSHIP

    • Eden_2018

      Yeah….nah…fuck off

  • Razorback

    Jesus was a carpenter as well and they sure were not happy with what he was saying at the time

  • Ryan Fletcher

    Sorry (not sorry) but if your blinders of ignorance or Shabbos Goy submission are so ingrained that you can’t name and shame the existential threat that is the (((ruthless cosmopolitan elite))) then you might as well as hand your White sons and daughters a seppuku sword already…

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Based Mr Cotrell, If you are reading this, your service to our country is greatly appreciated. Show the politically correct elites what real aussies are made of.

    • Eden_2018

      Heil Hitler!

  • Noachideous
    • Noachideous

      Things have gone quiet in the comments section…. and it can only be for the fact that the entire readership is waiting breathlessly for an interpretation of the 3×4 jewelled chest piece worn by the Pharisees…

      It is again fairly formulaic, and it is pointing to something. It points to the number 34. That number is the senary interpretation of the number 22, the number of letters in the Heebejew alphabet.

      Counting in 6 six based senary is important for goyims to get used to.

      12 Jewels…. 120 …. represents the senary equivalent of the decimal 48…. Note again, Pharisee sub-central in Oz here is the OHPI and those numbers amount to 48, and not by accident. That’s why Dr Ebola’s Online Hankee Phapping Institute… sounds so absurd, for the fact of matching the words to create the symbol as a design imperative. Same with FightDemBack… FDB….

      So taking the number 34 again, and its centenary balance 66 , and applying the standardised scientific method ….. +x of 34 66 7 12 then 12 36 … then 19 48 ….

      Given the close relationship of these Kosher Klowns to Governance, there’s SFA chance that any goyim’s likely to get a trial or appeal that is not religiously biased.

      MSM commentary please ? or even an ABC Compass documentary on the matter ?

      • Blair’s home state is now ruled over by a former (((family court judge))), retired from the hard work of ordering children to be castrated and white men to be financially and spiritually destroyed.

        Everything is rotten.

      • Noachideous

        Readers should also note that the gematria of the word HATE … amounts to 8 1 20 5 … or 34. 34 is the 6 based representation of the 22 letters in the Heebe alphabet.

        The word HATE is a favourite word used by the OHPI, ADC against White people who are targeted by these organisations for nebulous reasons. It should be viewed as a form of Black Magic or Sorcery, and is designed to have white people open up their own wrists as a form of collective suicide. Sorcery is real folks… Spells are cast with words. Broad Casting ? by (((Media)))….

        Thus can the 34 lettered alphabet of these people be called … the alphabet of HATE ?
        Unfortunately Makow won’t mention the 1948 , so called, prophecy of Rav Yehuda Ashlag or the fact that AngloSaxons are likewise “prophesied” to be the next “Nasties”….
        How to circumvent this ? becoming “Nazi” when most desire nothing more innocuous than a return in Australia to racial demographics similar to the 60’s……

  • Pat Mchale

    They can try to shut him down all they like it won’t work all over Australia people are wide awake to the in actions of government it’s too late we have had enough of waiting for corrupt officals

  • Cate.

    All hail Chad. What an effing ledge.

  • Karen Dwyer

    For actual examples of that you would have to look elsewhere. And not in the MSM.

    • Deplorable!!!

      Hi Mrs Dwyer, haven’t you just described human behaviour since Cain and Abel?

      • Karen Dwyer

        It is the ATTITUDE of Cain in addition to the ACTIONS, together with an exponential INCREASE in ACCEPTANCE of wrongdoing that is a major indicator.

        [Btw, I’m not shouting at you. I’d use bold/italic/underline if possible 🙂 ]

        Massive and widespread moral decline – among those who have a rich inheritance but instead choose to reject it – is evident.

        Various translations refer to INCREASE:

        “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold”

        “Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.”

        “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.”

        “Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.”

        “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

        If exegesis of Scripture is not your thing: Compare with Edmund and the White Witch – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – an allegory for choosing tinsel over gold. The Last Battle is an allegory for end times and Chrislam, and those puppet masters who deceive in the name of Deity receiving rather a nasty shock when the prophecies they don’t believe in come to fruition.

        One warning from Scripture that is worth heeding (among the many) is about people who “deliberately forget” Creation and “scoff at” Judgment (i.e., do not believe that Genesis and Revelation are literal. For example, that they are an allegory or fable or that believers are gullible fools, or whatever explanation deems those and other parts of Scripture to be untrue).

        And you know I am no fool. 🙂

  • Veroniqua

    My father has been dead for almost 50 years, but he insisted on this advice.
    1.”The only way to defeat Australia is from within. If you let Islam into the country, they will start a civil war and open the floodgates to Indonesia and other Muslim countries.”
    2. “Communism may look good in theory, but it cannot work in practice, the elite are controlling and greedy, it can only finish up in disaster, death and slavery”
    Thanks to the United Nation and the NEW World Order this plan is well under way to WWIII.

  • Veroniqua

    P.s Turnbull did not get to be P.M. on his own, he has destroyed the Liberal Party from within, he is well aware of Islams violent history, he was a member of the Fabian club and a Banker with Goldman Sachs. He is part of the NWO elite who are Luciferians. One world Leader, One World Govt.’ One World controlled financial system through chip inserted in wrist, and one world religion promised to Islam to start WWIII to depopulate the planet and destroy Christianity and the White Race. However Islam is so intent on their world caliphhate that they do not realise they are being used to set up Luciferianism. So the bible prophesies are really happening.

    • Gilbert Lando

      The French President E. Macron,work for Goldman Sachs. He is part of the NWO elite who are Luciferians. One world Leader,
      One World Govt.’ One World controlled financial system through chip
      inserted in wrist, and one world religion,promised to Islam to start WWIII to depopulate the planet and destroy Christianity and the White race.

      • Eden_2018

        your tin foil hat is slipping

        • Your kippah has already fallen.

        • Fractured State

          ***Verify on -Eden_2018- 1366958

  • Veroniqua

    Whatever they say and do Blair, we know you have honourable intentions and sharing the truth makes you dangerous to the evil plan to destroy innocent people on this planet. Part of the agenda is to punish the victims and and praise the perpetrators which makes our Judicial system two fold and unjust, and our Police Department being prepared for a Police State. Many of us have lost friends, are treated as crazies and feel isolated and disempowered by ours sense of justice. Which is why we must stick together and continue to get the word out there because more and more people are beginning to realise that something is very wrong.

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    UFP is an anti-Jewish organisation. It is a known verifiable fact they spew some of the worst most disgusting anti-Jewish hatred reminiscent of propaganda from Germany in the 1930’s

    • Cate.

      “Shoshanna” hey?

    • AC

      Certainly not liked by Jews! We haven’t forgotten about what happened in WW2. Jewish groups are doing a good job with that.

  • It takes a strong man indeed to withstand the targeted attacks of the merchant’s lackies.

    For Christians, it is the galling dishonesty of their lies. “How could anyone be so blatantly dishonest and live with themselves?”, we wonder.

    The media consists of a class of people who are too unprincipled, crooked and stupid to be lawyers. Let that sink in.

  • Cate.

    Don’t wish that. You’ll go through the black-pilling, but you’ll come out on top in the end. Take the white pill now fella. St. John’s Wort tea is outstanding in this regard.

  • AC

    Interesting how they *chose* Andrew Markus (or is it Marcuse?) to be on that panel. Who was he representing? Himself, pro multiculturalism groups, the government or some Jewish group? Am I repeating myself?

  • Joakim

    Lots of anti-Semites and neo-Nazis in the comment section. Is that the crowd XYZ wishes to appeal to?

  • Discus_Disco

    This article was written by Blair Cottrell.