The crucifixion of Blair Cottrell


Richard B Riddick

Blair Cottrell is a carpenter from Melbourne and the leader of the United Patriot Front. UPF’s policies include a blanket ban on all Muslims immigrating to Australia and a ban on any new mosques. UPF’s rationale I’d imagine is that Islam is incompatible with the values of the historic Australian nation and that therefore, it should be the policy of the government to prevent the accumulation of an Islamic population via immigration. Holding and advocating for this view is an unlegislated “crime” in our society and for this crime Blair Cottrell has been sentenced to be “un-personed”.

I don’t just mean unsubtle wowser articles about how Blair is literally Adolf Hitler, and that anyone right of the ALP is fascist. I mean literally that the 4th estate in our nation is doing their best to prevent Blair from holding and advocating for his views. So much so that the media is now engaging in hit pieces on each other, after Seven news aired an interview with Blair.

To be honest, this level of uproar over Blair is not even the most clown world-esque thing to have occurred recently. Stan’s recent Romper Stomper series is an unsubtle hit piece on Blair, portraying a caricature of him called Blake Farron. In the series Blake is the stereotypical fat loser who gets cucked by the lead character.

Does that guy look like this guy?

So why all this effort for one “thought criminal”?

It’s simple. People like Blair are an anathema to the media/academic/government alliance.

Blair holds views that are not presently allowed and importantly are dangerous to the status quo, because he is able to remind the wider population that we didn’t always have to step between “diversity bollards” whilst shopping, and we as a people didn’t always have to advocate for non-citizens at the expense of ourselves. Therefore the media/academic/government alliance must make him comply.

Normally a few hit pieces and the fear of loss of employment is enough to shut people up. But Blair is a carpenter, he doesn’t rely on corporate types stamping approval on his views. The blue collar trades environment is still a place where the Aussie Anglo-celtic culture and socially conservative worker (average punter) centered political attitudes live on, and there Blair’s political views are unremarkable and common. These people know that mass immigration to Australia has only occurred due to an alliance between cultural Marxists and crony capitalist Big Australia advocates, they know it doesn’t benefit their families, or the society they once had.

So not only is Blair immune from these economic sanctions, but he is also dangerous because he isn’t an incompetent loser. The system doesn’t mind when its rebels are unkempt and dull freaks – it gets nervous when its enemies are articulate and charismatic. I’ve never met Blair, but I have seen his videos and his media appearances. Blair is a measured speaker and rarely falls into the traps. Go to youtube and witness him in his early 20’s talk rings around paid propagandists.

Finally, and perhaps most worryingly of all for the system, Blair is an Australian Chad.

On some level it is hilarious to me to use such a term in serious analysis, but a Chad is a Chad and Blair is a tall, strong, well-spoken, confident larrikin/rebel. That is to say, Blair is dangerous to the system, because he and his movement could make it cool to be a thought rebel.

This is why any coverage of him is literally unacceptable. If given a platform, Blair’s views could spread like wildfire through the currently apathetic disengaged Australian millennials, and the system can’t risk that.

I urge you to analyse their coverage of him, see how they lie. The following article has a particularly interesting example:

Far right leader Blair Cottrell clashes with Muslim and indigenous community members on fiery ABC debate

“In a taped piece before the debate Mr Cottrell admitted he was a racist.

“I don’t view myself as far right or neo Nazi but by standard of the current political system, yes I am a racist.”

Blair didn’t say he was a racist, he said that in the current political system he is a racist. For anyone who isn’t paying attention, nowdays our cultural zeitgeist say that simply being of European heritage makes you a racist. This is why they go on and on about institutional and unconscious racism.

I honestly implore you to go and watch the videos of him speak and contrast them with the coverage. Take the “Australian media is even worse than you thought” red pill.

The media/academic/government alliance will do anything to prevent the return of the real Right wing. Since the 50’s they have been able to achieve victory after victory by gaslighting Right movements into corporatist controlled reactions.

Now things are changing, we are reaching peak ponzi in terms of economics, social dysfunction and demographics, and the liars can’t paper over the cracks anymore. The real Right is returning, they have their own diagnosis for the civilisational sickness and their own remedy. The media/academic/government alliance knows that remedy will be the end of their stranglehold and as such are treating them as an existential threat.

The crucification of Blair is but an opening salvo in the Culture War to come that will literally decide the fate of our nation.