The Curse of Daniel Andrews


By R.H.G.

Coming into the 2014 Victorian State Election, many perceived the election as a choice between 13754531_984744031623533_6654544516248904246_na Liberal State Government which had done little good and little harm in its 4 year term, or the Labor Opposition led by Daniel Andrews which had promised the removal of 50 level crossings and the cancellation of the East-West Link. But little did we know that we would elect a hunchback socialist who would seek to transform the great state of Victoria into a satellite state of the USSR.

The last two years of Daniel Andrews’ government have been nothing short of a major f— up. I will outline five policies/actions/inactions of Daniel Andrew’s which have made Victoria a less enjoyable place to live in.

1. Cancellation of the East-West Link.

If you have ever tried to drive into the far eastern Melbourne suburbs of Ringwood or Croydon, you will know that getting there is a living nightmare. Those suburbs are highly in need of a new highway to get them to the city and to reduce congestion in the area.  (Editor’s note: also, to get from the West of Melbourne to those Eastern suburbs, or vice versa, is extremely difficult, having to navigate a major thoroughfare which goes from 3+ lanes to 2, then to 1, across the inner north!)  However, Daniel Andrews and his cronies are at the behest of the Thomas the Tank Engine Lobby (yes, that’s my nickname for the public transport lobbies that control Labor and the Greens) and decided to pay a billion dollars to cancel the road project; a terrible waste of tax payer money.

2. The growth in crime.

While the increase in crime cannot be directly linked to Daniel Andrews, his inaction has let the problem grow. Melbourne is slowly becoming the Australian capital of car-jackings, home invasions and the APEX gang, with most of these attacks perpetuated by the youth of the Somalian and Sudanese community. At last week’s crime summit, Daniel Andrews said “incarceration is not an option,” with regards to dealing with the recent crime epidemic. So I guess I’d better pack my bags and move to Queensland; at least that state isn’t on its way to becoming a new Johannesburg.

3. The new Firefighters’ EBA.

Recently, Daniel Andrews decided to attack a great Australian institution, a glowing example of Australia’s culture of volunteering, and really the hallmark of country Victoria: The Country Fire Authority. The recent EBA between the Andrews government and the United Firefighter Union is a direct curtailment of the powers of the CFA, an organization largely made up of country volunteers, who have been a great help throughout their history in combating some of Victoria’s brutal bush fires. One aspect of this deal states that seven union-backed firefighters must be in attendance of a fire, for every one CFA volunteer, thereby limiting the power and the independence of the CFA. So far, Andrews’ own Emergency Services Minister has quit over the deal, and the CFA board has been fired. Andrews has clearly only signed this deal to help his mates in the UFU who helped him get elected, and since only 10% of firefighters in Victoria are paid and under control of the union, this is a deal that only benefits a small minority.

4. Skyrail.

Daniel Andrews has devised an ingenious way of removing level crossings: Instead of moving the rail line underground, as it has been done at Gardiner Station and along the Frankston line (both planned by the previous Liberal Government), Daniel Andrews has decided that he will build the rail over ground, on top of a 20m tall concrete bridge that will run for 8kms along the Pakenham Line, and even the Sandringham Line. Even though there is no business case, and not a single sound and/or environmental test has been carried out on the planned project, Daniel Andrews has given it the green light. There has also been a large public outcry in the areas affected and many are complaining about the lack of public consultation. Not good Dan.

5. Support of Safe Schools program and $15 million for gay pride center.

Last year, Daniel Andrews said he would keep the Safe Schools Program unchanged in Victorian state schools, even if the federal government decided to alter the controversial program. In this year’s budget, Daniel Andrews also decided to splash $15 million on a gay pride center, another waste of tax-payer dollars. Clearly, Daniel Andrews is only trying to increase the size of the Marxist indoctrination program in Victoria. I bet you it won’t be long until Victorian schools have mandatory trips to the gay pride center as part of the Safe Schools Program.

At the end of the day, we have a chance in two years’ time to vote Andrews out. Unfortunately, during that time Andrews can seek to further damage our great state. My advice to those living in other states, is never vote in a Labor state government or you will have to deal with the c— Victoria is dealing with.

  • Your title should have been ‘The Curse IS Daniel Andrews’.
    That is all.

  • Bob

    I’m depressed. Whats happening to us.

    A great article in waking us up. Well done.

  • Colours

    You reap what you sow.
    The peoples of the People’s Republic of Victoriastan made their choice. From the outside it looked like Bailleu did very little, and actively supported the left (even though they would never vote for him – what is it about Liberal leaders and their appeal to the left???), but Napthine seemed to be a steady hand.
    Victoria is a funny place. It seems it’s a state that should embrace the market and support the right, but they don’t. After all, you can understand the embrace of the left in mendicant states like SA or Tas – more for me , gimme gimme. But in Victoria there seems to be a collective guilt over pretty much everything.

    • Victoria is politically schizophrenic. Birthplace of the 8-hour working day, trade union nerve centre – and yet, there was a time not too long ago when it was considered the jewel in the Liberal crown.
      I grew up in Melbourne, and lived above a shop in Glenferrie Road for a few years. On the wall on the opposite side of the street, during the late 70s, a graffitist scrawled JAIL JONA. Referring to Walter Jona, Lib Minister for Community Services.
      When power changed hands in 1982 Walter was replaced by Pauline Toner. And, you guessed it, that original message, long painted over, was replaced with JAIL TONER.

  • Popular Front

    You Victorians voted for this clown and you did it for the same reasons Queensland elbowed Newman after only one term: His conservative administration had only just started to put a repair in following years of entrenched ALP incompetence, yet you wouldn’t give him the time and support to really tackle the job, instead believing in some ‘magic wand’ solution that works instantly. Well it doesn’t so now you’ve got what you selfishly voted for.

  • Greg Williams

    Once the leaners exist in greater numbers than the lifters, then politicians who know what to do have one problem, i.e. how to get re-elected doing it!

  • David Anderson

    Melbourne is slowly becoming the Australian capital of car-jackings, home invasions and ……
    SLOWLY, SLOWLY?…… It has become the capital of this type of crime long ago and it reached that status in break neck speed.

  • john

    Don’t move to QLD cause it’s going down the same path. Wouldn’t know if we even have a premier never here from her. Most likely asleep at the wheel.

    • Rod W

      I’m from Qld and I agree. I can’t believe we recently voted to go with 4 year fixed terms because now there’s no way to kick out incompetent governments.

  • Bob

    This post really depressed me.

    Many thanks to the author for lining up his arguments so cogently and compellingly in the fashion he has. Truly unimaginable to those of us who are sentient and mentally competent.

    Trying to find the positives in the article from a beleaguered conservatives standpoint, I would examine the bit where Andrews is saying re crime that, “incarceration is not an option”.

    Is there a hidden message here for we, the perennially preyed upon?

    Is this kite flying?

    Could he remotely, smallest possibility of, in my wildest imaginings, chance in a billion, be hinting at reinstating the death penalty?

    Huuh, huuh, huuh!

    Wasn’t it official Marxist Policy and Daniel knows a lot about that stuff.

    Sorry but this is the only remotely positive thing i could find.

  • Yuri.A

    Ex Melburnian here.
    Victoria has gone down the crapper, there is no redemption.
    Used to be a great place, Victoria……….
    Victoria seems to have developed its own quirky style of politics and politicians and is in many ways a mirror of renowned Queensland quirkiness.
    I hope the Sudanese gangs in Melbourne are enrolled in the Safe Schools program.
    Be interesting to see what feedback they have for Andrews….

  • It’s because the Liberal Party is so bloody useless that we have to suffer Daniel Andrews’ destructive policies.

  • Simon Morgan

    Victorians do seem to vote leftards in more than other States. It must be the weather down there or something in the water.

    But, the good news is that Andrews will almost certainly bring about the destruction of his party at the next election (if he hasn’t already done so). In the same way that he contributed to Federal Labors loss this year.

    Lefties can’t help it. They get in power and just go mad (see all the above). And it’s a trend that helps save the country and Victoria, time and again.

    The only question is whether anyone will be able to fix the mess left behind by Andrews.

  • Terry

    It is true that Victorians voted for this twerp, and they’re getting what they said they wanted.

    That said, the Liberals in Vic have a lot to answer for. I’m not sure if they are more incompetent during their short periods in office, or if they like opposition because it’s easier to be dysfunctional. Since Kennett they’ve given up, and their last period in office was like watching grass grow in winter.

    If the right could get its house in order, it would be elected. At best it projects itself as Labor lite, and then it can’t govern any better than labor does.