David Icke proves Australia is a ONE-PARTY STATE


The Australian government cancelled David Icke’s visa just four hours before he was due to fly here.

They acted at the behest of a very small group of people who seem to have a lot of unearned influence.

It was a clearly calculated moved designed to hurt him financially and make maximum impact.

What is clear is that there is no freedom of speech in Australia. Are the major parties any different from each other?

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  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Minging

    You’ve got rocks in your head if you think a term under the Socialist Labor will be anywhere near the last under the Liberals! In the meantime get minor conservatives elected into the senate to keep the Libs honest but put the Socialist Labor/Greens alliance last every single time or suffer the impending consequences.

  • fimbulwinter
  • Taipan
  • James

    It would be very confronting to alert foreigners having their previously held perceptions about this place shattered with the reality that’s now.
    It’s pleasing to hear more realizing there’s something very wrong going on in this country.
    Some of us have known for quite a while because we’ve been directly affected and it’s so frustrating being dismissed as rambling fruitcakes when we’ve tried to alert others.

    It’s not just speech, control of private property has been taken by the state. Vegetation and habitat preservation has been applied over all tenures preventing private development of land assets. No compensation. The federal constitution expressly forbids taking on other than just terms but the howard gov’ knowing this entered into agreements, including funding agreements, with the states to have the states enact laws to achieve the takeover. And the federal and high courts continue to shield the commonwealth and states over the matter.
    Murder is crime, we all agree. Getting someone else to commit murder on your behalf with or without payment is also crime. This is essentially what the howard gov’ did throughout it’s entire time. When ordered to provide documentary evidence of the offending state/fed agreements the parties have refused claiming it’d cause embarrassment to those involved in the decision making process and the courts accepted that.

    That’s where it’s at. The courts have endorsed state taking of private property which is theft.
    Look up the recent Spencer vs the commonwealth case. It’s right there.
    Australia is in a state of criminal fascism, or socialism. They’re both the same thing really.
    Good vid Matty. You’re quite right.

    The tough part is really getting people to properly grasp the situation.

    Worst part in my opinion is today much of it’s happening due to pure ineptitude in the political class. They don’t see it as crime. They genuinely think they’re doing good. Which is much more dangerous.

  • Doc79

    Have any Turks been denied entry into Australia for not recognizing the Armenian genocide? Jews or Russians for the Bolshevik driven Holomodor?

    One group’s historical suffering taking precedence over all others is a surefire way to cultivate derision for them. Real smart.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Your question: “Are the major parties any different from each other?”
    Answer: “No.”
    (I assumed it to be rhetorical in nature anyway but still worthy of an answer).

    The thing that people need to realise is that the government (all sides) know what the people want – they know what is wrong – they know how they should vote…. Yet, they choose to ignore those feelings and do what they want to do anyway.

    I can’t say that I’m convinced that it is the Jew that is behind the state of play of politics in Australia and overseas – but there has to be some form of control coming from somewhere for the politicians to be so readily contemptuous of what the majority of the people want.

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    I’m guess the Milo/Robinson/McInnes show does not have a chance, then?

  • Justin

    I have always said that Australia is becoming a communist country, and people would laugh, who’s laughing now bitches!
    And it doesn’t surprise me that a white person is being denied entry into this country, considering the government will allow 3rd world musrat terrorists and sudanese, rampage through our country with impunity.