Dear Immigrants: You were brought here under false pretences


Welcome to Australia, the most successful multicultural democracy in the world.

Diversity is our strength.

From the Daily Mail:

A brave group of shopkeepers have defended their stores from a brazen daylight robbery attempt by a group of youths in a brawl which started over cigarettes.

The dramatic footage shows the shop owners gathering outside their shop-fronts on Monday afternoon and defending themselves with chairs against a handful of young men of African appearance.

They’re called Africans.

The youths, who had come to blows with a group of middle-aged Vietnamese men in the area just days before, returned to the Song Huong restaurant in St Albans in Melbourne’s south west to ‘start trouble’, a witness told Daily Mail Australia.

The alleged assault began when the youths asked the Vietnamese men for cigarettes but were denied, according to a message thread obtained by Daily Mail Australia.

‘They wanted smokes and the locals refused and they started attacking … my mate’s dad is in hospital with fractures, mild amnesia and internal bleeding,’ one message reads. 

‘They went into the shop … and stole people’s handbags and phones that are table,’ another messages reads.

‘And now today they’re sitting outside [the] door … Not letting customers in.’

An onlooker who filmed the incident capturing the Vietnamese men picking up plastic chairs from the outdoor seating area to haul them across the pavement in an attempt to get the youths to leave.

The Roof Koreans of Melbourne. Luckily the Vietnamese men’s Asian privilege prevents the possibility of their character assassination by the ABC. If this had been a bunch of white guys throwing chairs, we’d be hearing about this for the next 20 years.

But I have bad news for these Vietnamese immigrants:

We are never going to solve the problem of African Gang violence.

We live in a country where our leaders refuse to name the African Gang Crisis for the African Gang Crisis that it is. This is a primary example of how political correctness and the Cultural Marxism which spawned it rules public life.  The Australia of old would have given these thugs the boot.  Now we hold a dialogue.

Australian culture is no longer the dominant culture in Australia. Australian culture still lives, but it has for all intents and purposes been superseded in the public sphere by the foreign ideology of Cultural Marxism.

This is especially ironic because many immigrants come from nations which have at some period implemented economic Marxism. A nation can withstand economic Marxism. Either a lot of people starve or the government realises that it has to utilise the free market to keep people from starving, but either way, things will eventually reset with the nation intact, if somewhat poorer and fewer.

But Cultural Marxism guts a nation. It destroys the belief of the people in themselves, the connections they have with one another, their knowledge of and connection to their past, their ability to transmit culture and values to the next generation, and ultimately it threatens our ability to even produce the next generation.  Australia is currently committing national suicide due to the usurping of Cultural Marxism as our dominant culture.

Immigrants to Australia are mistaken if they think they are coming to a country with a free market. In Australia, big business uses its power and its money to influence the political process, stifle competition and protect their own patch. That is not capitalism, it is crony capitalism. Successive governments have taxed and regulated our manufacturing industry into the ground, and Australian unions finished it off. That doesn’t sound like a free market.

With the mining boom over, the construction industry has become the main driver of the economy. Given that the birthrate of real Australians has declined so sharply due to cost of living pressures which are the result of over taxation and over regulation, the only way to keep the construction industry pumping is to bring in hundreds of thousands of new customers every year. Successive Australian governments have effectively intervened in the housing market and construction industry by keeping demand, and thus prices, artificially high by force-feeding it new customers.

Dear immigrants, this is why you are here.

You have not been allowed to come here in order to actually grow our economy, to enrich our nation with your spicy food, or even for you to have a better life.

You are human cattle.

The sole reason for your being here is to prop up Australia’s ponzi economy. When Australia’s housing bubble bursts, you will suffer like the rest of us.

But it gets worse. Remember that Cultural Marxism I mentioned earlier?

A common mistake I see migrants or people from migrant families in Australia make is to assume that the current resilience of their people to the ravages of Cultural Marxism in the West is thanks to their own culture, or something in their DNA. The only reason Australians and the Anglosphere in general are currently so pozzed is because we have been subject to Cultural Marxist propaganda the hardest and the longest.

We are the descendants greatest people to ever walk the planet. Our forebears pretty much invented everything, conquered the world, walked on the moon, and only gave your home countries their own independence because Cultural Marxism was already weakening our resolve to keep your countries for ourselves.

Once the globalists are done with us, they will turn their attention to you.  In the West, Asian chicks are already getting fat:


..Becoming THOTs:

..Learning that playing identity politics works in their favour:

..And your boys want to cut their penises off, wherever they are:

You were brought here under false pretences, and you will sooner or later catch the Cultural Marxist virus.

Pray it never spreads to your homelands.

  • Jamie Blank

    Be careful with declarations of the mining boom being over. The industry is very healthy at the moment. While you won’t walk into a $120k truck driving job if you arrive direct from Melbourne, there is plenty of work if you’re willing to work. When, not if, Adani kicks off the mining industry is likely to move into overdrive for the next decade.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Best of luck to the miners but we still need economic diversity – a variety of viable professions and a self-sustaining economic climate not so dependent on import/export with hostile non-western cultures. The news-story at the top of David’s article signals again that now is a bad time for retail, and hospitality is also overexposed to danger. Too much trouble, too little benefit. Especially with e-commerce so strong. It’s time to rebuild manufacturing to fill the hole.

      • Bucky Redux

        Do what Trump is doing. Bring back jobs from overseas.
        Our manufacturing is almost dead, you can’t even by a toaster that’s made in Australia.
        We’ve lost generations of awesome manufacturing skills and knowledge, down the swirling drains of the Globalist shitter.
        All Australians do now is export prawns and wine and rocks and some live sheep for the Muzzies.
        The rest of us are Baristas serving coffee to tourists.

        • trump is another israel firster, fake nationalist, controlled opposition.
          trumpstein loves marrying his children off to jews and seeing JEW.S.A. turn into a third world sewer…. as long as everyone is a tax slave to contribute to the greater israel project.

          • Bucky Redux

            Israel is a pox on humanity.

      • we need to stop raping the environment to support a jewish controlled system that is designed to replace white people via never ending “diversity” importation, foreign aid, and perpetual growth which is unsustainable in a world of limited resources.
        why do you want to pay taxes to help your enemies breed and prosper?
        why do you want to add pretend value to worthless paper printed by fucking jews?

        the only true value exists in tangible resources, and we are giving them all to other countries in exchange for worthless fucking paper… which becomes even more worthless due to constant inflation. money / paper = fucking worthless.

    • the international jew is selling all of Australia’s iron ore, coal, gas, etc to Asia, particularly China. What are they doing with it? Building the biggest military and navy in the world so they can come down and take the rest of our country, women and resources with their newly acquired wealth and power… and all those dollars received will be fucking worthless, because we have no gold to back it up… China took all of that too… and our defence force will be full of faggots and majority females.. because you know, “muh diversity and equality”.
      Australia is fucked, the whole west is fucked… people will wake up one day in near future and realise the nightmare gravity of this situation. Allies backed the actual (((enemy))) in WW2, a total fuck up of magnitudes never seen before.

      • Jamie Blank

        Are you a closet communist ☭ David? Really?

        • the fuck? was that comment for me?

          • Jamie Blank

            Nahhh… That’s my brain farting from years of alcohol abuse.

      • Bucky Redux

        Based comment !

    • Jai_Normosone

      The other problem with the mining industry is that it is largely populated by the immature and useless that have moved from the cities for a quick buck. The level of ICE usage is beyond frightening.

  • thegentlemantroll

    It’s encouraging to see the rise of transgenderism and gender confusion in a place like India. Those people breed like rabbits and will overpopulate the planet like they did their own country if something isn’t done to stop them. The oceans are choking on pollution that largely originated in India. They have no sense of self-control or resource management.

    • Bucky Redux

      Years ago, the Indian government would give men a free tranny (the radio type) if they agreed to a vasectomy.
      Government also tried forced/paid sterilisations and many women died. Corruption/incompetence,etc.
      India is a shithole: civilisation gone wrong.
      Third worst polluter after China and the US.

      • thegentlemantroll

        And at least China and the US produce valuable goods to compensate. They both also take steps to mitigate the crap they spew out into nature, conscious of the fact that they will one day be eating or breathing it. The US are way ahead of the Chinese in this, the Chinese are still pretty dirty, but they are coming around. The Indians have no environmental consciousness whatsoever, the world is their toilet.

      • napalm works best on those shitskins

  • Bucky Redux

    Who will inherit Australia ?
    Indians or Chinese or Muslims ? Sudanese ?
    The prolific breeders will win eventually.
    Chinese and Indians have a head start on the Muslims.
    Politicians don’t care a whit.
    They are growing obscenely fat on the immigration/property ponzi scheme. More immigrants/housing demand/all gravy for politicians.
    Almost all Federal politicians own a couple,or several investment properties, except for Bull Shitten and a few others.
    One has 17 properties as investments.
    Hate to link to the ABC but I will in this case. 2017 article.

    • Jamie Blank

      The Sudanese have difficulty increasing the population to extreme levels. There comes a point at which the size of their population causes the mob to turn on their own violently and this naturally keep their population size down. This isn’t something we need in our society.

      • thegentlemantroll

        Blame whitey first, then when they are all dead, blame the other blacks. Great culture, the Sudanese

        • Jamie Blank

          Sudan, Somalia, they’re all cut from the same cloth. One only needs to watch “black hawk down” to see what importing to many of them will do.

          • The g Factor

            Actually the yanks did some pretty stupid things in Somalia – like shooting up a hospital – a case of ‘black hawk dumb’.

          • Jamie Blank

            Why did the yanks go there to begin with. What was happening before they arrived?

          • Jai_Normosone

            The atrocities that occurred in Somalia were beyond what most people can handle. If you find someone who served there, most come back with a heightened form of PTSD and, like most others, will not discuss it with people who’ve never been in the forces.
            The average person will *never* know.

          • Bucky Redux

            Civil war and famine relief…another buttfucked UN operation gone bad.

      • Bucky Redux

        This movie predicts future Melbourne….set in the Sudanese controlled suburbs in 2060.

        • Jamie Blank

          Disappointing. I was hoping for some bayonet action to finish them off.

          To see how societies of Sudanese/Somali end up developing when left alone, the best film to watch is Black Hawk Down.

          • Bucky Redux

            Africans are worse than animals.

          • Jai_Normosone

            No comparison.
            Animals are animals and they do what they do to live and survive.
            A human has a brain and an ability to think through things before taking a course of action.

            An animal that eats another is survival.
            An African that eats someone from another tribe because they believe that they gain their strength equates them to being nothing more than excessively stupid and a waste of the minimal intellect they possess.

          • Bucky Redux

            I stand corrected, thank you.
            Africans are a species of low IQ sub-human /ape hybrid.
            They have a statistically low Intelligence and poor Impulse control and a tendency to use violence.
            Not compatible with a White civilisation in any way.
            Round up and deport.

        • Jai_Normosone

          Unfortunately, it’s is going to be US/The People that will be the Zulus.

    • thegentlemantroll

      The property registry is a fascinating read:
      – two Nationals have over 40 properties between them (I lost count)
      -a lot of pollies have bought a second residence in the ACT
      -Nick Xenophon has five investments but no residential. That guy’s a flipper if ever I saw one.

      • Bucky Redux

        What’s worse, the pollies who own apartments in Canberra charge the taxpayer about $300 per night to stay in their own apartment during Parliament sittings.
        That’s pretty rich, the bastards.
        Talk about rorts.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Diversity is our strength.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Where there are blacks will be crime, violence, vices, misery and degradation in an endemic form.
    It is called parasitic opportunistic immigration. They are the biological weapon of the Zionist globalists.

  • Taipan
    • thank (((gough whitlam))) for disbanding the white Australia policy.
      it’s always a Jew…. every fucking time.

      • Bucky Redux

        Just wait till Bull Shitten gets in.

        • it won’t be any worse… he might actually scare true blue Aussies into taking action… at the moment Liberals are “gently” flooding us with Asians .. and Africans.

  • fimbulwinter

    Times are getting desperate. There is no political or democratic solution. We need mass strikes, sabotage the power grid, destroy all speed cameras then round up every pedo corporate executive, politician, celebrity, journo, academic, homo and guillotine every last one of them. As long as these sick bastards continue to breathe, Australia and us as a people are gonners.

    • Jamie Blank

      Need to dox them first.

      • fimbulwinter

        I like your thinking, humiliate them! But the priority is for their tyranny to end.

        • Jamie Blank

          If you don’t know who they are, you can’t put them on a guillotine… French style. Need to dox first.

    • Australia is brainwashed to think homosexuals are normal and decent people capable of raising undamaged children, that islam is a religion of peace, that importing millions of chinese will help the (((economy))) thinking that will benefit white people somehow, and think giving billions of dollars in foreign aid to africa and asia who are overpopulating the planet is a virtue… all while bending over and taking it for israel and the UN.
      And if you mention anything political in a social setting, you’ll get your head bitten off by some dyke, feminist or leftie faggot that only wants to take drugs and talk about some hollywood celebrity’s tattoos or a footballer. Yes, end times are here.

      • fimbulwinter

        In short. We are fucked.

        • yep. it will take a miracle to get out of this one. just get ready.

  • Frank Delta

    By 2040 Au will not be a western anglo/european nation major demographic anymore

    • you could say that’s the case now with the amount of fucking faggots, pussies and chinese population in sydney and melbourne.

  • Taipan

    This is worth a read: Beyond The Alt Right:
    Toward A New Nationalism.

  • Bikinis not Burkas
    • Bucky Redux

      That was another Diversity incident, nothing to see here.

  • Yol Mak

    Non-Europeans DON’T DESERVE our civilization, period!

  • Bucky Redux
  • Vicente de la Fuente

    Lo siento, pero es que, tenéis un conflicto mental retrograda. Pienso que, tenéis montones de problemas, porque vuestro politicos, también tienen otro problema peor que, el vuestro. deberíais comenzar, a detestar a vuestros politicos y, para ello, tenéis que, leer prensa Occidental, no la vuestra. Tenéis también que, aislaros de los yanquis, nada tenéis que ver con ellos, pero vuestro gobiernos, no quieren. Y otro problema, es defender a los vuestros, en el extranjero, cuando lo hagáis, posiblemente, entenderéis el resto, “Carcas de Mierda” Luchar contra vuestro gobierno, y defended a “JILIAN ASSANG” que, es un ciudadano Australiano como vosotros, y hace mas de 8 años, que, esta prisionero en la embajada de ECUADOR en Londres… Cuando convencías a vuestro gobierno, empezareis a comprender algo de la politica de estado y sobre el Marxismo, además, a comenzar a oler la libertad de mente, y evolucionareis… Vfg

    • Jai_Normosone

      (using Mr Google translator….)

      I’m sorry, but you have a retrograde mental conflict. I think that you have lots of problems, because your politicians also have another problem worse than yours. you should start, to detest your politicians and, for that, you have to read Western press, not yours. You also have to isolate yourself from the Yankees, you have nothing to do with them, but your governments do not want to. And another problem, is to defend yours, abroad, when you do, possibly, you will understand the rest, “Crashes of Shit” Fight against your government, and defend “JILIAN ASSANG” who, is an Australian citizen like you, and more than 8 years ago, that, this prisoner in the embassy of ECUADOR in London … When you convinced your government, you will begin to understand something about state politics and about Marxism, in addition, to begin to smell the freedom of mind, and you will evolve … Vfg

      Excellent comment and very true.

  • Jai_Normosone

    “We are never going to solve the problem of African Gang violence.”


    The problem that we have in this country is that the indoctrination that the last 2-3 generations have undergone since Vietnam has been that being proud of who you are and being willing to defend your patch has become a negative trait. Especially if you’re white.

    This is in degrees though…
    You have those that would be regarded as ‘Deplorables’ who would fight for the country but they are regarded by the city dwellers as ‘morons’ and similar such titles mainly due to their upbringing with values and principles and an ability to get a job done – with the real hatred from city types resulting from the realisation that they themselves are largely useless human beings when put on the comparison scale but, because many have a higher level of education, CDs can fool themselves into thinking they are better.

    Then you have what I call the faux-patriots. The ones who claim to want to go to Gallipoli for Remembrance Day because their grandfather fought in the great war but they hide their patriotism depending on which crowd they happen to be around that day. These people are also the loudest at BBQs at saying how they would solve the problems of the country and what they would do to defend it when they are in a crowd of their peers – but separate them from the mob and they are like the third group.

    The third group are those who’ve never done anything useful in their goddamn lives for society other than hibernate themselves into their own little clique. Often highly educated with almost zero common-dogfuck-sense. They believe that the media would not ever have an agenda and that the ABC & SBS are the pinnacle of ‘news’ reporting. These are the types that slag off the first group the most while being the most useless elements of society themselves but are too stupid to realise that, in a crisis, they would be better use as mulch than anything else.
    This third group also breed and their offspring have formed into Antifa.

    This country has been subjected to a Do-Gooder attitude starting at a young age with teachers, who have been rejected at a study level by every other profession, indoctrinating children with these pathetic, immature and ridiculous attitudes which, thanks to the way people are here, carry over into adulthood thanks to the inability of a great many to rethink their own dogma and work out if what they “know” is actually a load of bullshit.

    The indoctrination continues through young adult life to adult life where many believe that life is to find a partner and produce many children and to go to work to pay taxes. The belief is that if you do this and keep your head down, the government will do the right thing by the people and they can just continue looking after the country “…as long as I can live my life and they leave me alone….”

    This just leads to the BBQ discussion that every single one of us have heard when talking about the problems of the country: “Yeah but what can ya do?”

    What we are faced with now is an indoctrination by teachers & government & media that you cannot fight back against any of them. There are many who have seen the shadow of doom looming over us and have prepped with various methods including firearms. The problem here now is that the government and bureaucrats are well-aware of the divide-and-conquer principle where they will go door-to-door and confiscate weapons using brute force over an individual – and the individuals largely know this and will not fight back. Why? Because those who do fight back are regarded as criminals and are either thrown in prison under dubious circumstances or have everything they’ve worked for taken away from them.

    The problem then becomes, if the like-minded people who are prepared to fight back combine and do prepare to fight, that very same government will not think twice about sending in Defence Forces to handle the situation. This then escalates into a situation where the Defence Forces either do the bidding of a government that they know doesn’t give a shit about them or stand with those who stand proud for their country.

    We are looking on the future history of one hell of a battle if it comes to the point where the people have had enough and decide to fight back.

    Like I heard someone say many years ago… maybe all it will take is the summary execution of a few politicians before they remember it’s the people they work for and not a case of the people they rule over.