Dear Milo Protesters: Pardon Me, But Your Groupthink Is Showing


Jael the wife of Heber

Last night I went down to the barricades to brave the crowds of antifascists and see Milo speak. I had bought a ticket to the 10:15 show, and arrived around 9 with a friend. From inside the car, I could hear the drone of a helicopter circling the area, and on getting out, the dull roar of a crowd chanting several blocks away. The protest was underway, and it was spectacular.

We made our way down, blended into the crowd and observed the demonstrators. By that time the protest had been going for a good three hours. It was still large and energetic. In the middle of the road there were large bands of people with banners, chanting “Nazis are not welcome here, not here! Not here!” Many people from the nearby government housing had turned out to observe or take part, including several kids. From scraps of overheard conversation, nobody was talking about anything but Milo.

The police presence was heavy. They had sealed off sections of the street with lines of riot police in full gear. We realised we had come up on the wrong side of the street, and couldn’t get through. The crowd was growing restless, gathering around us on the other side of the road from the police. I saw a thrown object shatter on the pavement at the feet of the police line.

We moved on. As we retraced our steps up the street, I heard a megaphone warning that the police were about to move their line up, and not to stand in their way. “They’re armed, and they’re looking for a fight!”

I heard an explosion. It sounded like a small firework. I heard two or three of them five minutes after we moved off. Looking back, I saw the line of riot police with their clear plastic shields running towards the area we had just left.

We decided to take the long way around, and found our way up from the other end of a side street to the entrance, where a long queue was gathering, protected by a police line on both ends of the street. On the other side of one police line, not far from the entrance, a handful of people had set up a projector, with a generator. I realised that I was looking at the Wolfenstein protest. A very small group of gamers was protesting Milo by killing Nazis on screen, to “show Milo that he may have got his grounding during Gamergate and the gaming audience, but gamers are NOT with them”.

Lonely communists playing Wolfenstein in the dark.

[This video shows the epic 6-person Wolfenstein protest at 11:35.]

We waited in the queue, while the protesters went ballistic on the other side of the heavy-duty police line, and the pitiful handful of gamers shot digital Nazis. All the while, Melbourne voted with its feet. A second, and then a third show, had been added to meet demand. Quietly, and undemonstratively, thousands of people came to see Milo speak.

And it was a great talk. Milo, ever the show-pony, walked on stage in a leather jacket while the Terminator theme played. (Terminator 2: Judgement Gay.) But as the bulk of his talk has been covered already by other XYZ writers, I’ll go straight to my point tonight: Socialists!

So, let’s talk. Seriously, guys, did you think we would be upset by all of that? Did you think we would feel uncomfortable by you chanting “Nazis are not welcome”, or by playing Wolfenstein? Did you think we’d be triggered by your assertion that you did not stand with Milo?

We don’t care about you disagreeing, because, unlike you, we don’t insist that everybody agrees with us. We don’t care about Wolfenstein, because, unlike you, we’re not scolds who want to micromanage other people’s behaviour. And as far as “gamers NOT being with Milo”, that would only be a problem if, like you, we had to have total, unquestioning, monolithic backing from the groups who we think “owe” us support. It would only be a problem if we demanded intellectual allegiance based on group identity, and got upset if any of “our” people crossed the floor, as it were, and refused to cast their vote with us. In other words, your protest would only have hurt us if we were just like you.

But we’re not.

We’re not the ones who categorise people by skin colour, gender and ethnicity, and expect them to be no more than the sum total of their oppressions. We’re not the ones who call “gender traitors” at people who disappoint us in our righteous expectations, like this woman filming last night, [Matty’s Modern Life can be seen briefly at 00:14, blowing kisses to the communists…]

Matty’s Modern Life (at right) blowing kisses at communists.

..who can’t get her head around the fact that not all women share her low opinion of Milo. Can you believe it? Unfortunately, being a woman is not a worldview in and of itself, let alone one that conveniently lines up with all the talking points of cultural Marxism:

Old communist points her fat finger at normal Aussie girls and calls them “gender traitors”.

You place a great emphasis on thinking the same as you, on standing together (with you), and on solidarity. You say “our solidarity is our strength”, and withhold that solidarity from us, declaring that we are “not welcome” in your corner of the playground. What makes you think we care?

Your exclusion, your subversive video gaming, and your declaration that #notallgamers – these would have been very effective if we were hyper-control-freaks, allergic to disagreement, who couldn’t survive outside a big left-wing thought collective. And I think the fact that you fought us as if that’s what we were says more about you than about us. Pardon me, but your groupthink is showing.

No need to thank me. It’s your XYZ.

  • Deplorable!!!


  • Earl Conner

    Sharing my low-down critique of a Milo event:

    – The protesters were pathetic. Props to the cops though for earning their pay for a change. No fash-bashing meant no commie curb-stomping was required.

    – A mini Milo kid sitting next to me said he openly debates his teachers about politics. Apparently he unmasks 9/10 of them as loony Marxist ideologues. Brave dude.

    – The Penthouse sponsorship didn’t sit right with me. Whatever bastion for free-speech they were doesn’t negate the immense havoc PRON has wreaked on society. I’d have questioned Milo on this one. Weren’t Nestle interested?

    – Andrew ‘Based’ Bolt was a good host (at my event), providing a more sensible/conservative perspective on stage. However, his need to virtue signal at the end robbed half of the Q&A time from the paying audience. P’ed me off.

    – Milo’s talk really needed more structure, rather than random points and pot shots at public figures. On his US tour, each stop had a particular topic or theme. Had hoped for more EDUtainment here.

    – He didn’t discuss the SSM debacle directly. I extrapolate his view from several disparate points, that he supports this ‘right’, but not at the expense of religious freedom or sexualising youth, i.e: priorities people.

    – I’m 75% sure Cory Bernadi was in attendance. Hard to confirm from where I was seated, but a cheer went up when an italian stallion type tried to quietly take his seat at the front. Ballsy if true.

    – A Maserati was parked next to me when I left – the owner most likely staying for the $5K ‘be fellated by Milo’ ticket option. Argh; cream in a Milo. Attracts all types I guess.

  • SamSammy

    Who the fuck are Leftists to call ANYONE racist? Let us count the ways in which they are the biggest racists going:

    1) Advocate for white people calling themselves aborigines so they can get govt goodies that are supposed to help aborigines;
    2) Oppose voter ID in the US because they think blacks and Latinos are too stupid to obtain it/ carry it with them.
    3) Call blacks “house negros” whenever they don’t tow the Marxist-progressive line.
    4) Blamr all coloured peoples problems on The White Man, thereby denying coloured peoples the power to shape their own lives while also effectively admitting to a belief in White supremacism.
    5) Hating on an ancient Hindu holy symbol because a bunch of psychotic Germans appropriated it for 12 years.
    6) Calling Muslims a race, thereby discrediting the whole concept of race and insulting anyone who actually is afflicted by racism;
    7) Equating “brown people” with Muslims;
    8) Advocating for illegal immigration of Latinos in particular because “who else is going to clean the toilets for $2 an hour?”
    9) Advocating for racist neo-colonial immigration policies which cripple developing countries by systematically encouraging their best and brightest to emigrate to first-world White countries.

    And last but certainly not least;
    10) openly spouting anti-White hatred and campaigning for White genocide.

  • Caitlin1488

    It would have been great to attend, just to see the nerdy loser gamers larping as Terror Billy from Wolfenstein, digitally slaughtering those evil Nazi baby eaters on their big screen.

    The protesters seemed to consist mainly of Soyboys.
    I wonder if their mummy had hot bedtime soy cocoa ready for them when they got home ?

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Lefties are absolutely retarded beyond belief. The protesters are all millenial arts degree students protesting for the sake of protesting. What’s despicable is the spinless media (both the age and herald sun) calling Milo’s talk hate speech, advocating street violence and blaming that violence on “far right” protesters. I’m guessing most (if not all) of Milo’s attendees were somewhere to the right of center. Only the left is dumb enough to risk breaking their Xbox by bringing it along to an event where they are known to riot and bash people with bike locks. Not to mention shouting at a Jew for being a Nazi

  • Jael

    Actually, I realised after writing that I missed something. There is one way their protest can hurt us, whether we’re groupthinkers like them or not, and that’s if we have to foot the bill for the security made necessary by their presence. If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter what nonsense came out of their mouths – they could be protesting us for the deaths of puppies in custody in China, and as long as they posed a credible risk of violence, it’d hurt us

    • Karen Dwyer

      If that particular penalty is imposed (I.e. fines given to people who are protested against) it would be politic to make widespread the parallels with Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, as the tactic is the same.

      • Jael

        Political blasphemy! I’ll bookmark that thought for later reference.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Here’s another one for you (because you’re a better writer than I am; and have a good eye for images): LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX!

          it was the image of the pointy (“gender traitor!’) finger that made me think of that.

          Let’s not even have gender discussions. Why keep using that enslaving terminology?

          Socialists like to discuss (hedonistic) sex and gender interminably.

          Let’s be anti-socialist and prefer (biological) sex and PERSONALITY.

          [Sorry for shouting: emphasis is difficult from a phone keypad.]

          Final tangent: thanks for the image of Matty. “Blowing kisses to the crowd” was more theatrical than I’d imagined :-))))))))

          • Jael

            It’s actually our editor that you have to thank for those well-placed screen grabs! 🙂 He put the images in after I’d written my piece.
            Regarding ‘let’s talk about sex’ – yes, I understand what you mean. The craziness of feminists who feel entitled to speak for all women, and scold them when they don’t like being spoken for is something that makes me very angry. Female politicians who play the gender card and then lie, connive and engage in corruption, that makes me spitting mad. To think that they feel entitled to my support just because I, too, am a woman, makes me blow my top. This regressive gender politics adds nothing of value to society. And yes … now that you’ve irritated the old grievance, it’s more than likely that you’ll see an article come out on it 🙂

          • Karen Dwyer

            You go pin down Sisera 😉

    • Earl Conner

      Great article by the way. I’m very interested in the mindset of, not only of people with ‘progressive’ views in general, but in particular those who feel motivated to protest these sort of people and events. If I attend something like a Milo gathering again, I may try to have a discussion with a protester or two to help understand how they view ‘us’ and what may be going on in their heads.

      • You should watch Stefan Molyneux’s video on Alinsky Tactics.

        They aren’t there to talk or reason.

        • Earl Conner

          Cheers AB, I got a lot out of listening to that. I’m interested in understanding the enemy more than anything else. This video by BITBOTB was also very insightful: