Death and Equality


The other day I heard Saint-Säen’s Danse Macabre on the radio while driving to work.

It is the ‘dance of death’. If you watch this video, you’ll see art from the Middle Ages that depicts dancing skeletons dragging off people from all walks of life – rich and poor, popes, emperors, peasants, young and old alike. Nobody is exempt.

What struck me most about this song was the last two lines:

O la belle nuit pour le pauvre monde!
Vive la mort … et l’egalité!

Which may be translated:

Oh, the beautiful night for the poor world!
Long live death… and equality!

Remember that line. No matter the inequalities of income, age, class, religion and etc., we are all equally subject to death.

And while we are living on this earth, the only truly comprehensive equality we will find … is in death.

Has anybody told the communists?

Long live death… and equality.

It’s your XYZ.

  • S.P.Q.R.

    About as punchy as the staccato perfect cadence to end the piece. I have nothing further to add.

  • killer3000ad

    I am sure the SJWs will find some sort of inequality even in death to complain about. I am however partial to the instrumental version of Danse Macabre.

  • Razorback

    Golden lads and girls all must as chimney sweeps come to dust… ( Shakespeare)

  • EkwinsuOcha

    “Has anybody told the communists?”

    If history is anything to go by, then it looks like they already know!

  • Ralphy

    “Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    Now all we need to do is convince the frumious SJW’s to do the “right thing”!
    “Snicker-snack” the recalcitrants anyone?

  • Sam Vimes

    Great piece of music – can I hear it on a didgeridoo please?

  • Daniel Watts

    He who dies with the most toys- still dies.

    • Addelad

      Sure, but he/she still had the most toys – was going to have the most, was having the most and then had the most – for ever.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Grappling with the reality that some day we each must die is something that every teenager needs to do. Adults should have already figured this out and come to terms with it.

    • W. Hunter

      The afterlife/world must be better than this one, can only hope.

  • Micaiah

    This sounds suspiciously like something I remember saying to you in the past. Saint Saens clearly plagiarized me.

    • Jael

      No, you said slavery was the state of absolute equality, and that’s why communism was so fond of it. If I remember correctly.

      • Micaiah

        Maybe, I don’t remember. I just have a half written article similar to this one somewhere on my hard drive, which is kind of annoying. You did it better than I would have though.