Democracy, the Welfare State and Social Justice Star Wars


This video is remarkable, as it was recorded the morning before The XYZ’s David Hiscox saw the new Social Justice Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Not only does Hiscox correctly predict that the SJW political correctness would be turned up to 11, he explains how the Star Wars saga has always been about promoting Communism.

Ready to have your childhood dreams shattered? Press play.

  • The original Star Wars was made as a space opera for teenagers, nothing deeper than that.

    I think Lucas realised what a money spinner he had created and subsequently just churned out the original sequels with attendant merchandising of all sorts of movie tie-ins & toys etc.
    It was a golden goose for him and the studio.

    Now we have the debased SJW prequels/sequels and all the leftist excreta that comes with it.
    Some interesting observations in this article:

  • Karen Dwyer

    And a French Marxist has more in common with a German Marxist than with a French non-Marxist.

    Equally, a French President has more in common with a German Chancellor than with a French worker.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Stefan Molyneux’s review is truly amazing, a must watch.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Yes, he was very insightful when he referred to the snow leopard being incorporated into the storyline so that the franchise could sell soft toys.

      He was correct about what an artist reveals, involuntarily, despite having voluntary intentions (and control).

      However, being non-European, he misses a major facet of European culture. And it is this: “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”.

      THAT is what created beauty, and courage, and moral uprightness.

      Men and women who did not continually dig empty wells… They turned to Living Waters, and what they afterwards created was beautiful in its simplicity and transcendent in its complexity.

      I’m looking forward to David Hiscox reviewing (from long ago) Blake’s Seven. Not the whole lot; just the Terry Nation episodes. Then he could branch out into the Doctor Who episodes written by Terry Nation. And then he could segue into whether the trivial fact that the Doctor’s home planet was Ganymede presaged the subsequent travesty that was Dr SJW.

      Additionally, he could put together his exposé of the Tate Modern… He got a bit distracted by events in Barcelona, so I was prepared to cut him some slack…..

      North Americans crying victim status when Christians worldwide manage to not commit suicide despite the ongoing physical brutality (tongues ripped out in Egypt; kept in permanent darkness in solitary confinement in China; sodomy in Pakistani [and Turkish, and Iranian, and North Korean…] jails) is depleting men’s intrinsic value, not increasing it.

      David Hiscox has the historical understanding and the ability to describe transcendent beauty and almost inimitable courage. Just get him a decent microphone 😉

  • Mattys Modern Life

    And I am aware of the silly faux pas, made me laugh, OOPS!


  • Karen Dwyer

    I was at the airport recently, vaguely amusing myself trying out tester products while Mr Dwyer was off at the non-gender-neutral toilets.

    Various lovely colours tested; then the flawless Japanese lady showed me a “primer”. I laughed out loud: “is that like Spakfilla?” “No, no – just the fine lines around your eyes. You smile and laugh.”

    I don’t have frown lines. I don’t have cat’s a*** lines around my mouth from smoking or discontent. I do have laugh lines. And my morning after look sometimes includes ruches under the eyes when one of the children has been up in the night. I wear my life on my face.

    Miss Brennan does not have any laugh lines…

  • Karen Dwyer
  • Karen Dwyer

    Ok, my last comment on this article (possibly):
    PLEASE could we have regular re-posts of that footage of “gender traitors” and “Nazi -gasp – (air kiss) salute”?

    Cracks me up laughing. Every time. Without fail.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Aaarggh! I forgot: the “one cent of government money = no vote” was intriguing.

    Is that your own idea or a borrowed one?

    I wonder whether people would then be really keen to advocate for “faith operated” charities to assist so that they could continue to vote.

    Would the Socialist and Greens parties exist without university jobs, grants, research projects etc to fund their propaganda platform, publishing, and travel?

    Would state sponsored News services empty of staff?

    Would Daniel Andrews pay for his own social media and apps (those savings alone would pay for a dwelling in David Hiscox’s suburb? Would he ever have been voted for in the first place?

    As I said: intriguing…

    • Mattys Modern Life

      The “one cent = no vote” idea is original to Matty’s Modern Life, at least I’ve never heard it articulated before.

      There have been versions of it before, such as no voting without owning property, but I think this is a better solution.

      And yes, people would be far more likely to get assistance from independent charities in order to keep voting, which is a very good thing.

      As for you last questions, the answer to all of them is: NO.