Democrat Mothers Day Epic Fail – The Greatest Political Ad Ever!


Editor: Do you down cocktails before noon and take photos of your son’s laundry? Then this advertisement by a leftist organisation in the US is for you.

The great irony of this political advertisement is that the left are responsible for the feminisation of education, the workplace and politics, and the demonisation of masculinity and white masculinity in particular. This has in turn driven many young men into the arms of conservatism and the alt-right as they reclaim their sense of masculinity, their racial identity, and ultimately their sense of self. The left’s solution to this is more feminisation, and more demonisation of white men.

As Matty’s Modern Life points out, the left can’t meme. We can only hope they produce more material of this quality. Pour yourself a scotch and enjoy.

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  • ] W. Hunter [

    Matty, the Democrats ad was wonderful !
    I thought the crowning moment when the guy was holding up the “ baby killer ” sign was awesome.

    It defined the core principles of DemoRats like Hillary.
    How many babies has she killed, dissected and eaten in her spirit cooking Satanic rituals ?
    How much infant blood has she imbibed ? ( ask Soros ? )

    Probably, we will never know.
    Too bad she has Kuru now, from all that cannibalism.

    Another fine DemoRat, Bill Clinton. How many little children has he raped over the years during his visits to Pedo Island ?
    I wonder how his syphillis is going these days.

    God, I so love the Democrat party !
    Upstanding Global(ist) citizens, aren’t they.

    • My favourite bit was his quote: “Go back to where you came from” – Me


      • ] W. Hunter [

        I watched it again this morning, it cheered me up with a good laugh.

        As you say, why the heck is liberal mommy framing these photos of her tiki torch carrying, neo nazi raciz Trump loving son ??
        I love the ending, where mommy slugs back a martini.

        • Yep, if she wanted a better son she shouldn’t have been such a shitty parent. Kek.

  • A deplorable NNYer

    Tom Steyer paid for this ad. He clearly has more money than brains!