Dia Beltran: I confront the most hated man in Australia


Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered in Princes Park, Melbourne, in June this year. Jaymes Todd was subsequently arrested, charged with her murder. Australia’s Political-Media Complex politicised her murder in the following weeks, the most notable moments being a deplorable rant by Lisa Wilkinson on Channel 10’s The Project and a row on the floor of parliament between Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in which the latter, after opposing a bill to allow women the right to defend themselves with non-lethal weapons, accused the former of “slut-shaming” her.

The point of the politicisation was to blame all men and so-called “toxic masculinity” for Dixon’s death, rather than the autism of the alleged murderer, or the simple fact that some people are just psychopaths. It was in this context that Andy Nolch defaced a memorial set up to Eurydice Dixon by drawing a penis on it, for which he was charged and fined a considerable sum.

Dia Beltran, who has appeared on several XYZ Livestreams interviewed Nolch on her own channel last Wednesday night, and she was accompanied by Matty’s Modern Life. Dia made it clear that she believes there was no justification for defacing a memorial to someone who has been raped and murdered. Matty sympathised with Nolch’s motives for the vandalism but argued that he should have found another way to express his dissent. They also delved into scientology, to which Nolch subscribes.

Here we turn it over to The XYZ readers:

Was Andy Nolch completely unjustified in defacing the memorial of a girl who was raped and murdered?

Did Nolch have good intentions but chose the wrong way to express his dissent?

Or, given feminism’s obsession with penis envy and the fact that Dixon’s death had already been politicised, was Nolch justified in drawing a penis on Eurydice Dixon’s memorial in order to oppose this politicisation?

  • Bucky Redux

    Eurydice Dixon was a victim of her own stupidity.

    I have no sympathy for her. Not a whit.

    In fact, I would present to her a Darwin Award, if i was obtuse enough to support Darwinism.

    She exercised her free will as a human being. Fine.

    She did not stop to consider that walking through a secluded park at night might subject her to grave danger, and to the lecherous considerations of lurking predators.

    Predictably a predator pounced and ravished her, before killing her.

    She was stupid: she died. End of story.

    As far as Mr. Nolch is concerned, he was using his freedom of expression.

    He did this penis drawing protest because he thought the 22-year-old comedian’s death had been hijacked by feminists and used to paint all men as evil.

    He is right, it was predictably hijacked by rabid feminazis and used to attack all men.

    We know that ALL men, especially White men, are ALL evil rapists.

    As far as the 19 year old rapist/murderer goes, are the wounded and screaming, outraged hypocritical misandry afflicted feminazis protesting night and day outside his place of incarceration, calling for a justified lynching ?

    No, of course not.

    I rest my case Your Honour.

    • NeilM

      she probably felt she was being ‘brave’ and ‘free’, but had not considered she may have been being followed, a not-unforgivable mindset, since she may have been well-acquainted with the park…the planets aligned badly for her,but that’s the ‘reward’ that lurks behind ‘risk’…

  • Repeal fake marriage

    The left do not apply the rules of ethical or moral standards in their dealings with us normies so why should we care about their confected outrage?

  • Daniel Watts

    Advertising is graffiti with a permit that should never have been granted in the first place. Visual pollution.

    The ad hoc virtue signaling memorials is more about pushing a barrow for a narrative than remembering the victim. That is what stinks.

    For some to later suggest walking around at night alone may not be the wisest brings about the shreeching ire of the virtuous. It’s akin to lambasting Sid the seagull for suggesting ‘slip, slop, slab’ to protect against the sun.

  • fimbulwinter

    Fake outrage. These are the same people that drive a one-punch murder victim’s (bloke’s) brother to suicide because they don’t like lock out laws.

  • Jai_Normosone

    I don’t believe that there is any justification for the defacing of a monument to someone who has died, regardless of whether it was through their own stupidity or not.

    And…. just as I write that, I am reminded that I had plans to put a sign near a monument near my place where this dropkick had died in a car crash. The usual relatives and friends came out in the media saying what a top bloke he was even though he was well known for not giving a shit about anyone else by doing burnouts in his shitbox Commondore near schools and in the middle of the night in residential areas.

    Same goes for the shithead down the Gold Coast several years ago who fell from the balcony on the 21st/23rd floor (whatever) to the pavement below. He was a well-known deadshit as well who liked to pick fights and do horrendous things to young girls. He fell from the balcony after acting like a monkey while standing on the railing (while drunk) and slipped. Good fucking riddance, I say – and I’d gladly say it to his equally-deadshit friends who used social media to threaten anyone who called out this fuckwit for the dickhead that he was.

    Then we have Eurydice Dixon….

    No woman deserves to be attacked or raped regardless of when, where, how, who or why. The problem in this is that people get hung up on my first statement while ignoring the simple fact that people MUST have situational awareness and be responsible for their own safety. An AVO is still a piece of paper and doesn’t stop someone from attacking you. Having “gurl power” run your life doesn’t stop some turd from beating your brains in and deciding that your free pussy is better than paying the professional girl on that night.

    What doesn’t help the case is brainless cocksuckers like that moll on The Project doing her self-indulgent, tearful speech (along the lines of the horse-shit that he equally brainless husband creates) and using that girl as nothing more than fodder for her and her agenda to slag off at males. That slag should have been called out for her behaviour in that she wouldn’t have given two shits about ED when she was alive and the now-dead girl is nothing more than an opportunity for self-promotion.

    ED made a stupid decision to do what she did and she paid the price.
    The clown who defaced the memorial may have been pissed off with the media and the fools who chose to use ED as a tool for their agenda – but defacing her memorial was not the best way to do it.
    The true scum in all of this was the piece of filth who did what he did to that girl – and the media who sought to turn her death into an opportunity.

    • NeilM

      angry, good post

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