Dia Beltran: Housing Affordability Crisis in Australia


Everybody is talking about the coming Bubblegeddon which is going to hit the Australian housing market. It could hit tomorrow, it could hit in a couple of years. No man knows the day.

Dia Beltran takes a look at the Housing Affordability Crisis in Australia, summarises the key statistics and identifies the key culprit: Turbocharged Immigration. Australia’s ponzi economy is currently based on importing hundreds of thousands of new customers each year to keep our construction industry alive, now that our heavy manufacturing industry has been taxed, unionised and regulated out of existence.

Dia makes an important point which is oft repeated at The XYZ:

“What this force fed immigration means is that it is creating an illusion of economic growth.”

Guess we’re just going to have to tell all those high-IQ, hardworking migrants who share our values to go somewhere else.

  • fimbulwinter

    Push to block CGT primary residence exemption for foreigners by Scomo blocked due to “heavy lobbying”. The corporate global controlled state wants more Chinese to keep the ponzi afloat.

    PS. please put on a shirt when making these videos.

    • clemilf

      The wallimation is approaching at warp speed hence the camming chic

  • thegentlemantroll

    I read a piece about the push to raise the unemployment allowance, this was an MSM article with FB comments. A lot of boomer commenters basically saying the government should give out more money and it’s all the LNPs fault. Valid claims, however no one was pointing the finger at the obscene politician/public sector wages, some trimming there will surely be a good source of revenue for raising the dole. That means going after Labor and the unions too of course, which is why no one speaks about it, because DEY ARR FAW DA LITTAL PEEPOOL! This country has such utter contempt for the small businesses and entrepreneurs, retail is dying, economic diversity is vanishing. A total crash is the only thing that will knock these nuffies out of their senses. Remember when the Greeks went bankrupt and the public servant waiting at the ATM queue whinged about how she thought it wasn’t very fair that the government just stopped paying people money. That’s how it’s going to be here.

    • Jamie Blank

      Not going to happen here. We’ve got way to much coal to go broke.

      • thegentlemantroll

        The Venezuelans thought the same thing about their Oil. And the left have an active campaign against coal, the energy plants are being shut down, there’s nothing to guarantee the miners will be spared. Look at Adani and live animal exports

        • Jamie Blank

          Yes. The issues there are potentially problematic.

          Adani is already going ahead. Camp facilities are in place and significant quantities of heavy equipment has been mobilised to site this week. There’s no stopping Adani now. Dirt is being moved. The Galilee Basin is open for business.

          As for live exports:they’ve been fighting this for decades with little long ter. success.

    • James

      Yep. I’d say if the want is for a system where the state has say over everything you do and what you own then it should support all your needs properly too. I mean surely where the state/collective demand obedience there must be a mutual obligation. Otherwise “government” can be nothing more than a giant rent seeking exercise that threatens violence or starvation for disobedience.

    • Jai_Normosone

      The thing about politicians is that they really don’t get paid that much for what they do in comparison to others with similar roles (hear me out before you make coffee come out your nose in rage….)

      If you look at Directors General or the CEOs of government departments, they are often on 2-3 times as much as the person who is their boss — but the person who is their boss is quite-often a retarded dipshit with absolutely no man-management skills and, in the case of the ALP & LNP, is a failed lawyer as well. They are nothing more than a media shill in an expensive suit because they’re thoroughly incapable of being anything even remotely useful to society – but they somehow manage to clock anything between 80-140 hours of work a week (although, attending dinner parties is also ‘work’ to them….).

      Is it any wonder that they grant themselves the extra things here and there and the lifetime pension? There is something seriously wrong when someone who is capable and competent in such a job gets slagged off (ie: Donald Trump) while someone who isn’t fit to carry buckets of shit gets voted back in time after time (ie: anyone from the Greens or ALP)(… or LNP).

      As for the market crash…. it won’t happen unless people vote in Shorten and his roving band of rapists & embezzlers and they take away the negative-gearing that so many people use to minimise their tax. When that happens is when it’ll all turn to shit.