Dick Ears Dan Blames Men


It happened again, another psycho loser has been arrested in relation to the death of another young woman walking home alone at night in Melbourne; this is a terrible tragedy. All life is sacred and we should not ever wish ill on the innocent.

Yet, rather than empathy for the family, I now feel a righteous anger. Not because this probably wouldn’t have happened had she been carrying a firearm, not even because the mainstream media refuse to mention the suspect’s race.

Must be a straight White man.

The anger I feel is due to opportunistic politicians now using this tragedy, of one man killing one woman, to brow beat us into “respecting wamyn.”

Take Former PM Malcolm Turncoat who couldn’t wait to virtue-signal his Leftist credentials. He must want a cushy job at some NGO to waste his last useless years:

“Women must be safe everywhere,’’ then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull told parliament.

“Not all disrespect of women ends up in violence against women but that’s where all violence against women begins.”

You hear that guys? It’s all your fault because you don’t respect wamyn enough, if you’d just shown more respect for wamyn nobody would ever kill them!

Premier Dick Ears echoed this sentiment:

“Until we recognise that, while not all disrespectful behaviour towards women leads to violence, all violence towards women starts with disrespect,’’ he said. “But nothing will change until we change too. Until we stop blaming ‘bad men’ while ignoring the sexist attitudes in our society that created them.”

So glad we have Dick Ears to tell us all how to behave, it’s not like he’s ignored a very real crime wave for years now:

Stay tuned for another pathetic and manipulative rant from Lisa Wilkson telling us males that rape and murder are bad and we should tell our sons this. It’s because we don’t “respect wamyn” that some psycho does what psychos do, it’s not like we men made rape and murder two of the most harshly punished crimes there are.

I guess us men just never got the memo, therefore I’m going to help us all out so this never happens again:

You hear that lads? Murder is bad! Don’t murder!

Am I helping now? Do I get “respect wamyn” points?

I noted earlier that nobody mentioned the race of the suspect. This is interesting because he looks a hell of a lot like a half-cast Aboriginal to me (correct me if I’m wrong).

So why haven’t our dear lead respecters of the wamyn said anything about the epidemic of domestic violence in Aboriginal communities?

Here’s some information from the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV):

Family violence impacts on Aboriginal people at vastly disproportionate rates and has devastating effects on Victorian Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal women are 34 times more likely to be hospitalised from family violence [1] and almost 11 times more likely to be killed as a result of violent assault.[2] Aboriginal women have been identified as the most legally disadvantaged group in Australia.[3]

Well blow me down with a light and fluffy feather, you mean low-IQ communities infected with welfarism and the substance abuse it creates aren’t good places to raise a family? Who would have thunk it.

So why haven’t any of our chief virtue-signallers mentioned this fact? Why haven’t they given us back our right to self-defence with a weapon? Even if it’s not a firearm, non-deadly weapons are often more than adequate in situations like this but a gun is most effective.

They haven’t highlighted real problems, nor have they highlighted real solutions and there is a good reason for that. They are part of the Globalist elite and their job is to demonise and belittle men, especially White men. We need to be browbeaten into submission so we don’t stand up for ourselves and realise our rulers want nothing more than to keep us slaves.

So respect wamyn guys, it’s all your fault, now pay your taxes and shut up about losing your nations.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The crude statistics of violations in a ultra-progressive feminist country, praised by the multicultural left.

  • MatrixTransform

    Daniel Andrews should check between his legs.

    • Doc79

      Vacuous and meaningless BS words. A cardboard cutout of an NPC would be way more genuine and empathetic.

  • David

    Everyone should start calling him for what he is:
    a sexist

    The NPC screeching will be heard around the world

    • Jamie Blank

      He’s a victim. A victim of leftist propaganda that taught him to hate on white people.

      This entire situation was caused by leftist hate.

    • thegentlemantroll

      What a good little man-pet he is. I wonder if his wife sometimes lets him walk around without a collar as a reward for good behaviour.

      As for Lisa Wilkinson, her reward for wokeness should be a free trip to Pakistan.

  • fimbulwinter

    Murders will become more and more common as the decay of society continues.

    • And yet a few strategic murders and society’s decay could be reversed.

      There must come a point where people realise the draconian security laws being pushed on us have nothing to do with countering muslim terrorism but everything to do with protecting the political class and the jews who control them.

  • The Expanding Man

    Results are trickling in from a new fad – the ability to get your own, cheap paternity tests (kind of like 23 and Me). 20% of paternity testing is revealing that the domestic father is not actually the biological father.

    Yes, we certainly do need a dialogue about respect between the genders. I’m up for that.

    • 20%?

      Frankly that’s a “take the kids for a camping trip but sneak back and talk to the missus at 2am with a shovel and large bag” domestic discussion.

      It’s one terrible thing for a wife to stray, but to deceive her husband over the parentage of a child under his roof is a capital offence, imho.

      • clemilf

        I would see the child support repaid and 100% property settlement in favour of the cucked father.

  • Taipan
  • Repeal fake marriage

    What about the daily violence of murder in the womb? I would imagine that wamyns must take a whole lot of responsibility for…

    Silly me. It’s all the fault of white men who need to realise that black people who have never built, let alone been able to maintain a civilised society, are actually the protectors of white built society.

  • Bumpstock

    As I predicted, guess who Clementine Ford has blamed for the murder.

    Yes, you guessed it – “White Supremacy”

    How many women have to die before people decide to take seriously the very real, ever present, issue of men’s violence against them? Dog whistling politicians love to fling mud at migrant communities, stoking propaganda against them and nurturing the racism and violence that all too many white people consider to be a good day out, but they refuse to properly address the reality of misogyny and its widespread harm. Women of colour like Aiia are targeted by this violence at significantly higher rates, yet we have legislators and right-wing pundits embracing the tenets of white supremacy under the guise of “preserving ourvalues”.


    • Bucky Redux

      Ford is literally poison. Vile creature in every aspect.

      • Bumpstock

        Suhuman Marxist filth. Everything that is wrong with women in The West. Same with Vanessa Van Badham and Catherine Deveny. Repulsive fat, ugly Marxist pigs all.

      • Brad Thomas


        I posted this on my Twitter the other day, and it still makes me chortle.

        You can’t spell ‘Clementine’ without men.

        Thanks XYZ, from me, long-time lurker, first-time poster.