Discussing Nigel Farage’s heated interview with Avi Yemini – Best of Matty Rose Live


When Nigel Farage spoke in Melbourne on the weekend he was interviewed by Avi Yemini after the show. The interview took an unexpected turn when Avi and Farage disagreed over whether “moderate Muslims” are compatible with Western civilisation, or whether the biggest problem we face in the West is Islam itself, and correspondingly, all muslims. Nigel Farage took the former position, Avi Yemini the latter:

This led to an interesting discussion on Monday night’s livestream. Matty’s Modern Life took issue with Farage making an equivalence between the Koran and the Old Testament, and suggested that Farage isn’t as redpilled on the issue of Islam as Avi. David Hiscox saw it another way, suggesting that Farage saw the issue of demographic displacement in the West as bigger than just Islam.

We hope you enjoy the discussion:

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  • Jonathan

    I’m glad I did not pay money to hear Farage say this I expected better. Yemini, however, wants to recruit us Goys for Israels’ upcoming End Times war with Iran and Syria (and Russia). He wants us to hate ALL Muslims which I disagree with.

  • He should be the Rt Hon Baron Farage of Kent (or at the very least Sir Nigel Farage KCMG MEP).

    He’s woke on the JQ, to a degree.

    I’m not sure who this Yemini fellow is (downunder Laura Loomer, perhaps) but I would expect half a dozen agendas of course, none of them good for anyone except Yemini.

    • Shosshannah

      You are a bad man. I can feel it. Maybe, a Nazi.

      • Now tell me which side of my back is hurting.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        You are not doing your cause any favours.

  • Shosshannah

    My people are the chosen people.

  • Noachideous

    From here, Farage was not about to be manipulated by pilpul and miscalculated insincerity.

    That Europe is being set up for War with Muslim nations is another macabre creation of international jewry. Onanisations dedicated to filthefication…… like the BnaiBrith, ADL, ADC and ECAJ etc ad infinitum…. and of course. … the Online Hankee Phapping Institute…. OHPI 48.

    Any attempt by Europeans to assert their ethnicity and secure self determination is thwarted by jewry with infinity bleatings about the racicisms. Islam is in the Eurosphere at the behest of jewry, who seek to profit emotionally and actually in having YT and Islam kill each other in a contrived war.

    israel was required to be made undead in 1948. The evidence is clear by as demonstrated by the Kabbalah itself.

    Rav Yehuda Ashlag revealed another part the plan to have AngloSaxons declared the next …….. “Nasties” …….and in doing so, in the minds of other races not whitey who hear the wordz of the forke tongued Serpent that is jewry, justify total war against YT people.

    Just as happened to Germany.

    Go to the web page of YidCore. Observe the pile of goyische Pigs.

    That is where and how Tommy Atkins and Australian ANZACs will be remembered when YT is completely disenfranchised by deception.

    And for his indifference to deception…… deservedly so……

  • thegentlemantroll

    I like both these guys and hope there’s no bad blood between them