Diversity Macht Frei


This piece is the result of a debate I had with a very clever, very articulate bastard recently about what the most pressing issue facing Australia today is. You know who you are. It’s pretty ‘out-there’ too. If you’re more in the mood for something light-hearted, why not check out some cat videos instead?

For the past 50 years, there has been a war going on in the lands of the West. This war is against white people. Many in the alt-right frame this using the term white genocide; others as a form of white suicide. Which term you use will depend on whether you consider this extermination of white people as something we’re doing to ourselves or something that’s being done to us. I’m in the white genocide camp. Someone, or something, is killing us off.

This white genocide is being done under the name of ‘diversity’. This is quite ludicrous, as keeping each nation ethnically distinct is the best way to ensure true diversity around the world. This should tell you that this is not happening automatically.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a random collection of evidence: ‘diversity’ is now an industry in Australia; ‘diversity’ has its own federal commission; foreigners chastise us regularly about not enough ‘diversity’; schools have become ‘diversity’ indoctrination centres; our taxes pay for propaganda to make the propaganda itself more ‘diverse’; corporations favour non-whites in their hiring practices; more tax-funded ‘diversity’ propaganda; more ‘diversity’ parasites; the Australian War Memorial runs exhibitions about how ‘diverse’ the diggers were for kids; despite this, half of Aussies have been made to believe that there is not enough ‘diversity’ in Aussie workplaces; there are benchmarks for levels of ‘diversity’ on TV; banks prefer non-whites when hiring; non-whites are now demanding subservience from whites in the arts; government media helps whites celebrate ‘diversity’ in their suburb; even Holden prefers non-whites now; less surprisingly, so does Starbucks.

Replace ‘diversity’ with ‘white genocide’ in the paragraph above and you’ll understand what animates the alt-right. Think Wahhabism is a death cult? ‘Diversity’ is much, much worse.

Perhaps all of that evidence is just a coincidence. If you think so, check out the demographic trend. It’s not our friend.

If that doesn’t convince you that white people are being disappeared, then I can’t help you. You’re better off with the cat videos.

So how did we arrive at this mad situation? Who is driving this agenda? How can it be that after a century of epic military successes the Anglophone natives of Western countries like Australia are dying out?

How we answer these questions is crucial for what we consider the solution to be, and in my view those answers frame most of the heated debates we see between members of the alt-white, alt-right and alt-lite.

I have my own take on what is causing this disaster, and it wouldn’t surprise many of you to know that I see it in explicitly Christian terms. You don’t have to agree though in order to follow my argument, and if unproveable metaphysical assertions are not your thing feel free to skip the next three paragraphs.

I see this problem in ideological, and behind that spiritual, terms. In my view, the physical replacement of white people is the last stage of a project which has been ongoing for a very long time. That project is the destruction of Christian civilisation, being driven not by ‘flesh and blood, but [by] the rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms’ (Ephesians 6:12).

Church mountain photoWhether you like it or not, your civilisation is Christian. We have been the body of Christ on this planet since the fall of the Roman Empire. It has been the secret of our blessings, the source of our greatness and the foundation of our moral leadership of humanity. And it is why, again whether you like it or not, the devil wants us exterminated. And he is using certain groups, individuals and belief systems to achieve it.

Satan wants us dead because, throughout history, it has been white people who have been the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We made the world enlightened and preserved it against decay, and we’re the best hope to prevent him ruling it for eternity. It’s our destiny.

OK, enough metaphysics. Let’s look at how this has manifested in physical reality so we don’t scare away all the normies.

The core ideology which is being used achieve our extermination is best described as cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism has been covered extensively at XYZ in the past, so there’s no need to go over its tenets and various forms here. What’s more important for us who would destroy it is to see where it came from. How was this monster born?

To answer this question requires that I outline for you my dialectical theory of history. It sounds fancy and philosophical, but it’s not really that complicated. It’s a theory which states that ideological movements have driven modern history, and that these evolve in a back-and-forth pattern over time.

Karl marx photo
Tear down this statue. Photo by fhwrdh

Dialectics comes from the work of the German Idealist philosopher Georg Hegel, and was used by Karl Marx in the development of his theory of dialectical materialism. Dialectics was developed by Hegel to explain how people think, yet Marx applied it to history to explain how change occurs over time. By doing so, the smelly, fat, lazy, alcoholic creep created the most powerful philosophical weapon in the history of mankind.

Dialectics states that every thought, or thesis, in a person’s mind creates its opposite or contradictory thought, antithesis, automatically. Through this contest a third thought, or synthesis, is created. It’s a process of evolution, which Hegel believed underpinned all consciousness. He actually stole the idea from his student Fichte, who got it from medieval Jewish mysticism.

Marx applied this dialectic model to the pattern of class warfare over time to create his theory of history, called dialectical materialism. For example, the medieval guilds led to the rise of the bourgeoisie, who by creating modern capitalism led to the formation of the urban proletariat. Through the struggle between these antagonistic classes, the future dictatorship of the proletariat and worker’s paradise would be achieved. This has not been a fringe idea in history; it was the official philosophy (read ‘state religion’) of the Soviet Union.

We all know how that worked out. As a model of change over time, however, dialectics is brilliant. Being a German Idealist theory in the continental tradition, it was not developed empirically using data. It’s purely speculative, rooted in Kabbalistic metaphysics. Regardless of its origins, it works, and has created the model of problem > reaction > solution which many today see as the model the financial oligarchy uses to implement their globalist agenda.

Ever notice how the war on terror has led to the expansion of the surveillance state? Or how the world wars led to the development of the League of Nations and the UN? Always more globalism, more central control, alienation and dehumanisation. Maybe I’m just cynical and it’s all just an accident.

I see this pattern of dialectical development as the best explanation for how ideologies have mutated throughout modern history. I follow the stunningly brilliant Professor Jordan B. Peterson in his description of ideologies as basically unstable religions; they tap into the innate religious impulse of men and redirect it toward perverse and ultimately disastrous ends. If religions are civilisational software, ideologies are cultural malware.

With all of this background then, let’s return to the core issue at hand: white genocide and the cultural Marxism driving it. Let’s see how this ideology developed dialectically.

This toxic anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian ideology developed in the central European milieu between 1917 and the 1960s. The key event which gave cultural Marxism its global reach was the emergence, and then destruction, of the National Socialist regime in Germany. Indeed, I see cultural Marxism as the dialectical response to the Aryan master race mythology of the Nazi theorists.

National Socialist mythology saw history as the steady miscegenation of the godlike northern European Aryan master race with the mudblood lesser breeds of southern Europe and the Middle East. It sought the restoration of that master race as the telos, or end point, of history. The greatest threat to this purification of the Aryan race, according to National Socialist racial theory, was the parasitic nemesis of the master race: the Jews.

In National Socialist theory, Jews are the villains of history and Aryans the noble people who have been the greatest victims of their irrational hatred.

Now, let’s carry out an experiment. In the sentence above, change ‘National Socialist’ to ‘cultural Marxist’, ‘Jews’ to ‘whites’ and ‘Aryans’ to ‘Jews’ and what’ve you got? Pretty much a New York Times editorial. Funny that, isn’t it?

This is because, in my view, cultural Marxism is the dialectical evolution of National Socialism. It’s inverted Nazism. Instead of seeking to exterminate Jews and exalt Aryans to rulership of humanity, cultural Marxism operates in the other direction. Instead of being pro-Aryan, it’s anti-white. And just as deadly.

Hence the holocaust is given a religious reverence today, mostly in Germany and the US. Why is that? The massacre of 7-10 million Ukrainians in 1932-33 by largely Jewish Soviet commissars doesn’t get this level of reverence. We didn’t kill any Jews, and the 20th century was full of massacres. Why is this one held in such religious awe? And why is it that whenever whites in English-speaking countries assert our ethnic identity, the spectre of the holocaust is always raised up against us, especially given that our forefathers died in the war to destroy the NatSoc regime in Germany anyway? We, along with the Russians, destroyed Nazism!

This is where things get the most heretical. There’s still time for those cat videos, you know.

Why does US foreign policy serve the interests of Israel rather than the formerly British nations who won that war and the Cold War that came after it? Why do Jewish intellectuals have so much influence over the academic, political and media establishments of Western nations, always in the direction supporting white demographic displacement and the foreign policy of Israel? Why are Jews the only race who have a specific term to describe those who dislike them: ‘anti-Semitic’? Why does postmodern evangelical Christianity place the nation of Israel in such an exalted position, when the flag of that nation is a blasphemous occult symbol first used by a Jewish banking family and the sacred text of their religion (the Babylonian Talmud) describes Mary as a whore and Jesus as burning in a vat of excrement in hell?

And why does even asking these questions make so many people nervous? Why would even asking them land me in jail in some European countries?

I should make it clear at this point: I don’t hate Jews. I’m not ‘anti-Semitic’. I’m just fanatically determined to get to the bottom of what is destroying our nation. Too often before, our people have thought they were solving the problem when they only fled in the direction of another destructive deception. We have been shadowboxing in the dark, until many of us just gave up.

This is why I believe that the only solution to the problem of white genocide is to escape this dialectic of history. There’s an obvious dialectical response to cultural Marxism which will grow stronger in the coming years. I suspect it will manifest as white identitarianism – the movement to create white ethnostates in the lands of the former Western nations.

If Western people flee into the waiting arms of yet another utopian, socialist ideology based on the Marxist dialectic of collective identity then we will surely perish. We will share the fate of the Germans in 1945. We won’t be ruled by Russian neo-Marxists though; down here in the Antipodes, I expect our overlords will speak Mandarin.

This is why I reject a national identity based on the construct of being ‘white’. Whiteness is a shorthand that we use, but it doesn’t exist in reality. It’s an abstraction. There is no ‘white’ language or culture, and it’s a category which was developed for us by (((intellectuals))) who hate us. It’s a recent invention that our English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestors would have laughed at.

It’s also why I consider white genocide the second-most pressing issue facing nations like Australia. It’s a symptom of a disease, not the disease itself. It’s the flu that’s killing us because we’ve got AIDS. And the brain AIDS we’ve got is that we’re trapped in this dialectic of modern history. We’ve got to escape it if we’re going to restore our civilisation.

Sure, we’ll need to deport large numbers of foreigners. Yes, we must end immigration and restore the Anglo-Celtic identity of the Australian race as the true ethnic identity of the nation. This should be reflected in citizenship. It must also be accompanied by renunciation of all internationalist treaties, ending the oppressive taxes on ethnic Australians and reinstating traditional gender roles. We must also deal, humanely if at all possible, with those living among us whose loyalties lie with foreign powers.

In other words, we should become more like Japan or Korea. Or Israel. Let’s call it the Anglo-Australian Restoration. It’s warming my heart already.

It is also crucial that the socialist welfare state be destroyed. I know that seems impossible, but the imminent collapse of the international bond markets and sovereign debt might accomplish that for us anyway.

White Aussies are not being shipped off to concentration camps. We are being genocided though, and the means is a toxic ideological trap which has been deployed against us to replace our traditional Christian faith. It’s making us put the gun to our own heads; a toxic cult of despair which has broken us morally, culturally and demographically. For those of us who are now seeing this situation, it’s also making us very angry. Angry enough to use the gun on others.

We’ve been programmed that diversity will make us free, and that without ‘diversity’ we will become Nazi monsters. It’s a lie. Let’s make sure we don’t make it true, though. Let’s be the master race this time.

Moses is the author of ‘Civilizationism: Why the West is Collapsing & How We Can Save It’. His writing also appears on The Daily Caller and Zero Hedge. He blogs at http://mosesapostaticus.com/.