Do your put first your own personal interests or those of your nation?


Theresa May went down to a historic defeat on her Brexit bill [Monday] night, the worst suffered by an prime minister in living history. Today she is doing the right thing and stepping down to let a more competent leader for this juncture in British history take the reins and guide Great Britain to its best possible outcome.

Only kidding! Of course she’s not stepping down; since when do female leaders act in the best interests of their nation and not themselves?

“It was the biggest Tory rebellion for decades – worse than anything faced by David Cameron, John Major or Margaret Thatcher. The revolt includes more than a third of her entire 317-strong party and was led by ringleaders Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

The EU now wants a new referendum which follows its business as usual line of getting a nation to keep voting until they achieve the correct result.

Vox Day has a few words to say on the subject as well:

“The truth is that many Brits want a no-deal Brexit, because it will save them billions of dollars. It was the second-most popular option in a recent poll. No one gives a damn about clarity. The important thing is to get out of the EU and reclaim British sovereignty. Everything else can be sorted from there.”

I have a British passport and I live in Europe but as I said in this week’s podcast I still support Brexit 100% even though it is personally going to inconvenience me; hell, it might even result in me having to move country again.

Britain absolutely has to leave so as to have any chance of dissolving the horrible political gelatinous cube that is the EU. Once other member nations see Britain leave with no deal and the immediate benefits to that nation, as opposed to the crying wolf the world is going to end predictions from the EU itself, then some nations, (I’m looking at you Italy, Poland, and Hungary), are going to want to get on the bandwagon as fast as they possibly can.

If that happens then it’s all over.

My personal circumstances are naught in the face of these glorious events. A mighty win for nationalism over globalism. And no, as many people erroneously believe, globalism is not the Right, it is the Left. Let me make it clear:

Globalism, (The prog left which includes major corporations which are already converged beyond all salvation) versus Nationalism, (patriots who want to keep their national identities which means a vast exercise of go back where you came from).

I may have to be one of those go back where you came from people, although I do fit in culturally and biologically very well with the Dutch.

Based on her past performances, Theresa May will not step down. Perhaps she will have to be hauled down. Perhaps carted off to the Tower of London in chains. There are many national traditions that should be brought back into practice, and that would be a great start.

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  • fimbulwinter

    Instead of anothee referendum I propose drone strikes on the EU / UN headquarters.

  • I think the democratic remedy you were looking for involved a stake, lots of kindling, rope and lighter fluid.

    • Bucky Redux

      Guido Fawkes had the right idea.

  • Watch the rulers desperately try for another delay so they can “negotiate” a new deal or get the British people so fed up they accept a second referendum.

    This strategy will likely fail, the longer Britain stays in the more likely Brits are going to say “just get out already!”

    How far are globalists willing to take this?

  • Yol Mak

    One puppet is replaced by another. All politics are staged. Both sides are controlled by the same global bankster mafia.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Bollocks. Conservative ideology is normal. It stretches back to the dawn of time. It is the radical progressive push that is not normal. That is the one side being pushed to destroy normal traditional society.

      • fimbulwinter

        Despite being a tory, Teresa May is as “conservative” as gay bill shorten. Traditional/nationalism is a better way to describe real conservativism.

      • Yol Mak

        @ Repeal fake marriage…

        LOL, you got no clue whatsoever. NOT the fictional “left” in your mind is your enemy, but the billionaires-mafia, and THEY are neither left nor right.

  • Malcolm Smith

    Here is the logic of a second referendum:
    1. Under pressure, The Powers That Be (TPTB) agree to a referendum which they did not want, which they campaigned against, and which they were confident would lose.
    2. Shock! Horror! The people didn’t vote the way they were supposed to,
    3. TPTB then agreed to sort it out. But they did it half-heartedly, beat around the bush, and eventually came up with a solution worse than anything the people voted for.
    4. They then go back to the people and say: “We told you so! Now, do you want to try again and get it right this time?”
    And what happens if the people vote the wrong way the second time?

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The power elite is only interested in their own well-being, they are disconnected from the people.