Does the government actually want you to get married?


Florida_Gulf_Beach_Wedding_Officiant_LesDespite all the excitement about marriage over the last few days, I am discovering why people don’t get married anymore.

There is a massive disincentive to making permanent commitments with anyone other than the State. The State is indeed a jealous lover.

Last year my wife and I got married. As we discovered, after her coming ‘under the care’ of a man (rather than the government), she lost all her Austudy and her healthcare card. Over the year, we were down nearly $20,000 for having tied the knot. We were fine, but had to tighten our financial belt. Many other couples would suffer considerably more difficulty.

Our experience shows a significant disincentive to get married, and perhaps is a key reason why many poorer people do not get married these days.

If I was cynical I might conclude that the government’s goal is subsidize poverty, create dependance and produce social alienation, rather than supporting strong, resilient and independent families.

  • Konstantin

    It is clear what you want to point out, that the state does not take care enough about young couples. But should the state care at all? It is not the purpose of the state to “help” people whenever they need. Because this leads to apathy, people become too much “relaxed” knowing that the state will support them when they are in crisis. The consequences are known to everyone, we see what happened with the communist countries of Eastern Europe. Therefore, each shall be oriented onto what they have, need to give best of whatever they’re doing so the community will be better.

  • Chooie

    It’s better for GDP if people live increasingly independent, individual and isolated lives. It can significantly increase consumption of many things such as housing, appliances, furniture and personal services.

    The people are increasingly being thought of consumers rather than citizens. We are here to serve the economy, rather than have the economy serve us. Destabilizing existing families and discouraging their formation is just one way to make us better servants of the economy.

  • I am finding your comments quite insightful, Konstantin. I agree that the State should have as little as possible to do with people’s lives. Do I sense a little Objectivism in your responses?

    • Konstantin

      Objectivism cannot be argument in every occasion. Simply, people are asking too much from the “state” without a purpose and meaning. I understand the demands for more jobs or shift in international politics. But I do not understand the requirements for greater social benefits within the capitalist state. 

  • Thanks for your comments above.

    Chooie – I agree with you when you say that ‘people are increasingly being though of as consumers rather than citizen… Destabilizing existing families and discouraging their formation is just one way to make us better servants of the economy’.

    It is concerning the way we are increasing becoming dependent of big government and big business. Milton Friedman quite rightly said that they both go together.

  • Chooie

    I think its going to get a lot worse as the value of labour continues to decline. The only thing which may be able to offer respite is the 3d printing movement. If people can manufacture everything they need from home then it enables them to live more independently from the government and big business.

    • I know I’m totally off-topic here but how COOL is 3-D printing. Seriously, that stuff is awesome. 🙂

  • People can create a lot from home already. It is happening in the music scene, people are producing from cheap home studios music with a production quality which used to take tens of thousands of dollars a couple of decades ago.

    And others can start newspapers from their couches using an I-Pad..