Donald Trump’s North Korea Propaganda Video is Pure Genius


The entire economic strategy of the North Korean regime in recent decades has involved playing a game of brinksmanship with pussy willow US administrations, blackmailing the US into giving it funds and food so it can keep its people alive a little longer, and using the bulk of said funds to arm its next game of brinksmanship.

It is always tempting to label the regime crazy, but this is dead wrong. The strategy of unpredictability is entirely rational because up until very recently, it had worked.

Donald Trump has called the North Korean’s bluff, and in just a year and a half has forced Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table. The God Emperor has a very highly attuned people radar. Having previously exchanged Twitter barbs with Rocket Man, he understands that now is the time to pump Kim’s ego.

And what a pump this is:

This is sheer genius. The lazy will dismiss it as cheesy propaganda but in doing so will miss the entire point: cheesy propaganda is precisely how the communist regime communicates, thus Trump is speaking their language, and changing reality in the process.

The vision he has presented is not at all outlandish. The video basically shows what South Korea looks like, and makes the point that North Korea could be the same if it negotiates in good faith and adopts a system more like the South. North and South Korea are indeed home to the same people, and it is only natural that they should live together.

It has even been suggested in dark corners of the internet that Kim Jong un could step aside given the right persuasion. I can see The Don giving him a personal security guarantee and putting him up in one of his hotels in the States. Kim would go down in history as the guy who forced the US President to look after him for the rest of his life in exchange for agreeing not to wipe the USA off the map, or something. Kim would love it.

Thinking well ahead, although the North would be a huge economic burden to the South for some time under a reunification, similar to the situation in Germany, in time the direct experience of what life is actually like under communism for those from the North may provide some bulwark against encroaching Cultural Marxism and defiance of traditional values, if future generations of Koreans get too fat and lazy due to sustained peace and prosperity.

  • Ariane

    Trump is a genius. Nobel Peace Prize please.
    He has freed NK from the claws of the NWO cabal. Iran is next. Then Israel.

    Did you know that stinking pos Obama tried to phone Mr. KIm before the summit ?
    No doubt to threaten or coerce the North Korean leader.
    However, Mr Kim had changed his phone number, lol.

  • entropy

    The winners: Trump, Kim, North Korea and the world.

    The losers: China, Russia and leftist haters.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Nice one God emporer! Now to sit back and laugh at lefties when he gets the Nobel prize

  • LadyMoonlight

    If Obama can get the Nobel Prize for being black, then Trump should definitely get it for bringing that little Korean turd to the table.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Obama even manage to fuck up being black….

  • Jai_Normosone

    Amazing how people in this country feel compelled to comment on the abilities and mental capacity of Donald Trump while knowing absolutely nothing about him other than the colour and style of his hair. Everything else they “know” about him is nothing more than conjecture and not proven in any way, shape or form.

    These are the same MORONS who feel they are qualified to comment on the state of gun ownership in the USA and that their solutions are so new and unique (or Orwellian) that they couldn’t possibly fail. Let’s not forget that they are also experts on the Clintons and that Bill was “…an excellent president…” because he could play a saxophone (and smoke slimy cigars….), while Hillary had been heard by sworn officers to refer to Down Syndrome children as “retards” and allowed an Ambassador and staff to die horribly while lying about the cause.

    There are so many problems that were caused by the Clintons and Obama that they cannot all be mentioned here – and Donald Trump managed to exceed the number of accomplishments in his first 100 days that Obama did in his first 6 years.

    Obama should have never been anything more than a media tart because he can read the hell out of a speech – but cannot write them.

    • Alan Gray

      But they learned everything they need to know from the ABC – isn’t that our fair, balanced and independent national broadcaster? Obama was only good in speeches when there was a teleprompter close by. The few times he was sans teleprompter, he became a gibbering idiot.

      • Jai_Normosone

        …and don’t the Obama supporters HATE it when you mention that and make the comparison that their resident dumb guy, George W Bush, was even capable of carrying on a speech without a teleprompter-that-fails when Obama couldn’t 🙂