I don’t give to charities


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There is a street of shops close to my house where I go to do the shopping. Outside the main supermarket on the narrow footpath is the preferred location for charities to set up their stand and solicit donations. Because of the nature of the road you are forced to walk very close to them, and thus the friendly demands for donations are difficult to avoid.

There must be an agreement within the charity world of who gets what day as there is only room for one small table. Every day there is a different charity. Perhaps it is disabled athletes who want to go to the Olympics, or this type of disease, or these underprivileged, or that poor animal that needs saving. It is a relentless barrage of manipulation by guilt and I am sick of it.

On Saturday the good wife and I walked past and I waved away the appeal to our hip pockets. We walked up the street only to find that the shop we were seeking was closed. So we walked back down the road towards the charity zone and the same individual who had accosted us not two minutes previously had a fresh go again. I couldn’t help myself and I gave him a quiet serve as to the inappropriateness of being constantly badgered for money until the good wife pulled me away. We spent the next half an hour continuously dodging that bloody table.

Charity organizations are simply a giant scam. They exist to provide well paying employment for charlatans who wish to hide behind a veneer of magnanimous smugness. Oh sure, the poor schmuck standing on the road is making bugger-all, but the people behind the scenes are making very hefty salaries indeed. World Vision in 2011 had revenue of $2.79 billion and 44,500 employees. How much of each dollar that you donate do you think ends up in the hands of those that supposedly need it most?

Mind you, at least World Vision has some pretense of doing the right thing. Here is a story from just six weeks ago detailing how a prominent Australian charity fell apart after requests for the barest of financial scrutiny revealed disturbing problems to say the least.

There are 56,000 non-profit organizations with tax-exempt status in Australia. No wonder they have a daily roster going on outside my local supermarket.

I became particularly suspicious of so-called charitable organizations after the time I spent living in Uganda. There I saw first hand the devastating economic effects that are a direct result of the aid industry. This was detailed in the book Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo. I mean, who would have thought that donating ship loads of clothing to Africa would destroy the local textile industries? Surely they should have been able to compete with lots of free stuff. That’s how capitalism works, yeah?

Just before I arrived in Uganda some of my fellow guides attempted to improve a boat service that operated at the base of the Murchison Falls in the national park. The existing service was very badly operated so they formulated a business plan to improve it and help the locals, who understandably were very keen on the idea. It was a win-win for all concerned.

They got nowhere. Finally a local bureaucrat took pity on them over some drinks at a bar and explained how things actually operated. It turned out that the park received a yearly hit of foreign aid. That money passed through several offices of Ugandan officials and was steadily watered down before it found its way to the park. Whereby just enough remained to get the park through another year on a shoe-string budget.

The guides’ plan would have shown a healthy profit. But a healthy profit was anathema to foreign aid. If the park showed that it could operate at a profit then the aid would cease, and all those lovely kickbacks would disappear. The tainted money from foreign aid stunted economic opportunity and kept the locals in abject poverty.

In the past when hassled for a donation I used to reply that our family gives to one charity, which was a lie to get them off my back. Now I just tell them up front – I don’t give to charities.

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  • Grant Summers

    I grew up in the ‘70s and remember watching ads on TV asking for money to provide water for an African village. I never forgot the images of sick children with flies up their noses and in their eyes. Forty years and billions of dollars later those poor people still don’t have a copper pipe with a tap at the end of it. I’ve long suspected that our good natures have been exploited in this way. I too am over this nonsense.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    Let’s not forget White Ribbon, whose sole purpose is to ‘raise awareness of domestic violence against women’, so all money goes to paying their Board members and advertising companies (which may be financially connected to the Board members) and includes Andrew O’Keeffe.
    As any White Ribbon collector where the money goes and they’ll say it’s to help female victims of domestic violence.
    I guess knowing that some women get abused helps them somehow. I can’t think how, but at least all the virtue signallers can wear a white ribbon.

    • entropy

      The local cop shop has one poster in its window; a white ribbon ad admonishing ‘stop domestic violence against women’.

      One day I’m going to walk in and ask why they’re not more worried about stopping murder or drug trafficking, or domestic violence against children.

    • Can’t stand it: every day / week of the year is some stupid, lame “awareness day”.
      Pink ribbons, roses, white ribbons, daffodils.
      Pink socks day, honey money day, wattle day, spina bifida week, tradies national health week, national dementia week, hypersomnia week, pet awareness week……..it never ends.

      I want to institute a National “Everybody Just Fuck Off” week. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c3b750da7e54d8e39b19a1dca37fbe79a9af49ddf57736251f288f56a76e84d7.jpg

  • computer hacker

    A while ago I was stopped by a bratty teen working for some “sponsor a child” organization (I forget the name, I think it was a UN one). They asked for my credit card to sponsor a child. I offered instead a coin donation. They refused. “We can’t take coin donations because of all the overhead involved. That’s why we need monthly direct debits. You have a gym membership, Don’t you. See direct debit is safe.” Said the little shithead holding a shiny $1000 iPad. Talk about overheads – credit processing fees and iPads apparently cost less then a can with a hole in the top. Go figure.

    And then there are those Canadian tourists with dreadlocks in the city. They use real dirty tactics to get that valuable card number. The corner you, grab your hand and try to shake it, complement you on your shirt and then tell stories as if they were your best friend. then the guilt tripping starts and you have about 3 seconds to escape before they get the book to take your payment details.

    I heard somewhere a world vision board member had ties to hamas.

    Never handed my hard earned money to them, never will.

    • You’ve described this with chilling accuracy. Downtown Brisbekistan is full of these creeps and they’re in every shopping centre as well.

      I’ve only stopped being sucked in recently. I no longer smile at them and instead glare or growl out “don’t you dare” when they step forward. I love being middle aged.

      They can afford prime time TV ads and executives with six figure salaries, so they’re not going to struggle without my two shekels.

      Hearing that MSF/Save the Children are actively smuggling the rapemonkeys into Europe has left me wondering if I can even walk past those smug khunts without taking a swing.

      • Bikinis not Burkas

        I walked out of a pharmacy at Westfield Mt Druitt last Saturday as the young floozie at the checkout said I was being disrespectfull.

        She asked “how are you” I replied, I would be better of those people weren’t in the country.

        Those people were a Pakistani Sunni male dressed in Paki garb with the white skull cap and his wife wearing a Niqab, they really anger me coming here to take over our country.

        And the fools have the hide to complain about a statue of Captain Cook.

        In 2007, Islam and Judaism’s holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.
        Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries
        during this time… while Jews worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.


    • Charity Muggers = Chuggers.

      Sydney has ugly & nasty aggressive female cockney backpacker Brits who throw snide comments at you when you ignore their loudmouthed pleas for money.
      Great representatives for their charities.

    • entropy

      I just tell them to get fucked.

      They understand. They know that they’re the scum of the earth and they deserve it.

  • Sir Cumference

    This video best explains the world poverty farce.
    Personally I donate to the AWLQ ahead of all others as I value mans best friend.

  • Sorry, it was actually “Deaf Pet Awareness Week.

    In America they have a National Penguin Day and a National Dog Biscuit Day…….no kidding.