Drawing a sword for the Cultural Libertarian crusade


Your XYZ takes great pride in being referred to as a “vile reactionary hate column” by our regressive slut-walking, fat-accepting, gun-grabbing, privilege checking, “Kill Whitey”, Islamophilic Leftist opponents (who are expert at spitting, screaming and stabbing anyone invading their safe-spaces with micro-aggressions).

As their degeneracy bathes in bloody Bolshevik terrorism (where white flight from riots and rapes is occurring), your “deplorables” continues to champion the cause for a return to strong borders and law and order.

I personally have enjoyed caricaturing the culture wars between these Cultural Marxists and our growing ranks of Cultural Libertarian and Alt-Right crusaders who own the “dark reaches of the internet”.

While their madness may seem beyond humour, we at the XYZ like to remind readers that where there are real issues and real news, there will always be real satire not far away.

It’s your XYZ!