Encouraging courageous women


Last night I got my hair cut by my local barber. He has a little set up in a men’s fashion store in a town close to where I live. A young Dutch girl works in the store. She is 18 years old and of your typical Dutch stock – blonde, curvy, and big breasted. She is a beautiful young lady and quite lovely in nature as well, always smiling and exuding warmth and comfort.

We were talking after I had finished my session in the barber’s chair and I discovered that she has been seeing the same boyfriend for 4 years. In other words, since she was 14. I was surprised at this and she admitted that this is the common reaction when people discover this tidbit of information.

I mentioned that I found this news to be very gratifying and I wished her every success. I also stated in an off-hand way that I hoped that she would get married to her beau soon and have lots of beautiful babies.

She positively beamed when I said this and I immediately knew that this is indeed her intention. No job, no career, no expensive university qualification. A wife and mother and a builder of a stable family unit.

Years ago my reaction to the same information would have been much different. To my shame I would have said something disparaging, softy ridiculing the very idea that a woman so young would only choose a single man and not have any more “experiences”. And when I say experiences I would have meant experiences with me. In a way this is pure gamma behavior.

On the nationalist right we disparage the state of women today, whether they be THOTs and sloots, slores, or careerists lamenting the state of their barren and neglected wombs.

“In other words, even many self-declared “conservative” women now embrace a careerist worldview in which women must join an anti-male alliance — “Sisterhood Über Alles” — to defeat men in a ruthless competition for educational and employment opportunities.”

These women are ubiquitous and worthy of mockery and scorn, not to mention the most dreaded of all nightmares of the sisterhood, being ignored.

But the few women who still embrace their once traditional role and who yearn for a return of the patriarchy must not only be valued, they must be praised and encouraged for their strong stance. And make no mistake, it is a courageous path for young women today to reject the prevailing orthodoxy of having it all and following the true sisterhood path of career, loneliness and cat litter boxes.

Women who embrace the idea of motherhood and unwavering support of their husbands have been mocked by their supposed “Sisterhood Über Alles” for decades. It’s a dual attack by the sisterhood; attack men in general as being untrustworthy idiot buffoons, and thus obliquely attack the women who are foolish enough to support such figures of mockery. Of course, there are also outright attacks on the women who boldly reject the demands of the sisterhood. Such disloyalty cannot be tolerated, particularly due to the fact that female mavericks of this type tend to be overwhelmingly more content with their lives than those who have fallen for the siren sounds of career, money, and power.

Young women like the lovely young lady mentioned at the beginning of this piece are what men value. Not only must they be off limits if already spoken for, but it behooves us to show our appreciation whenever given the opportunity. There is no reason to make a big deal of it, in fact such an outpouring would almost certainly be characterized as a social faux pas. But it is critical that we do make our approval known, for just as we loudly disapprove of women who have made bad personal choices, we must also give clear social acceptance to women who bravely reject the prevailing matriarchy in all its forms.

Over time a little encouragement can go a very long way.

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  • fimbulwinter

    Hats off to that dutch kid and his lovely lass. In progressive (aka fucked) Melbourne that is extremely rare.

    The day will come when even the cushy paper pushing jobs are outsourced as independent women demand higher wages. I look forward to the big reset in which we are forced to the live the traditional way to survive. Burn baby burn!

  • Taipan

    Adam, did you find out if the young lady’s boyfriend is white?

    • fimbulwinter

      If proven not white, my last comment gets deleted.

      • Jai_Normosone

        If she were attached to a male who isn’t white – as is the case with many in the Netherlands – she would have already ended up in prostitution. It would be a safe bet that he is not.
        Racist comment?
        Not so!
        Anyone who knows the Netherlands would understand….
        For many years, Turkey was widely advertised as being the place for women to go on holiday. Think of Turkey as being women as Thailand was for males…. plenty of fresh meat (OK, maybe not so fresh….)
        Turkey used to have (dunno if it still does) mandatory military service, so the dumb shit Arabs that live outside the cities would come in and look for the tall, white girls and do everything they needed to do to make them believe that he was a decent and honourable man. The girl would then think she’s found someone and work to bring him to her country, marry and live happily ever after.
        The reality being that in a vast majority of cases, the girl would marry and the abuse and drug use and being forced into prostitution would happen very soon after.
        The Dutch try to come across as very accepting people but I saw it myself in Den Haag (The Hague) where you’d see a Turk walking along with a stereotypical Dutch girl holding his hand. Nobody would bat an eyelid in front of them but, as soon as they went past – the scowls and the comments came out.
        Fascinating to watch.

        The simple answer to it all is that if the Dutch, supposedly as the most Liberal and accepting of all countries in the world, cannot make “multiculturalism” work, then some spastics in universities and government departments in Australia haven’t got a hope.

        • fimbulwinter

          Well said. They have no hope of making multi kulti work!

  • Andrew Thompson

    I literally know no one who would have a problem with that one way or the other

    • Repeal fake marriage

      You mean pretend to have no problem with that.

  • entropy

    It doesn’t take courage to be a housewife.

    Women with integrity are those who reject the gravy train of entitlement feminism without needing the vicarious perspective of male offspring.

    Women with courage are those who actively speak out against it.

  • If you had an economic system that gave ordinary Australians the option of a permanent stay at home mum, I suspect most would take it.

    We are still culturally Anglo-Celtic, and want certain things, including families. Because we want these things, the mechanisms working against them are many.

    The deliberate destruction of affordable living in this country was of course meant to ensure that white families got smaller and (with the divorce and child support laws) more pressured and fractured. It takes character of a rare kind and a lot of sacrifice and more than a little ingenuity to resist against this.

    Few women will want to admit that the long sought after and recently obtained maternity leave provisions are not about helping them achieve motherhood – they will either do this or they won’t – it’s about ensuring they don’t do it too often and don’t have large families. The expectation is that someone else (the State) will be raising their children while they spend up big on office clothes, make up, transport etc and lose a third of each pay cheque to the bottomless pit that is government spending.

    Our women used to be queens in their own households. They are certainly not that anymore.

    • Maryanne

      Well said, AB.

      The woman problem is a furphy. In Australia there are no legal barriers to prevent women from doing whatever they want. End of story.

      The real problem is mothers. Yes mothers, not fathers.

      If governments decide to assist young people in family formation mode, they should do so impartially. But feminists have poisoned good public policy.

      Feminists loathe traditional mothers who wish to care for their own children, and the fathers who also want this option. Feminists want all women in the paid workforce and that’s why the tax system is so biased against the single income (usually male bread-winner) family. It’s truly wicked and I’m sure causes a lot of hardship and grief.