Energy policy in the dock, as ‘boasting rights at the stupid table’ views revealed in correspondence



In a stunning coup for Darwin’s own BarbariaPolitica, this reporter has managed to secure a copy of a draft response from the Turnbull Government to an ordinary citizen angry at the lack of leadership on energy prices. It is not clear exactly who drafted the correspondence but it is likely to have originated either within the Prime Minister’s Office, or the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Of particular note is internal penscript asking if the letter can be dumbed down to ‘avoid responsibility’ and wonders if it could be ‘handballed to a backbencher?’

The letter also seems to have the government conceding nuclear power would be the cleanest and cheapest option for future power needs, but dismisses this in favour of ‘subsidised wind and solar.’ Other highlights include a confirmation traditional power sources continue to provide the lion’s share of national energy needs (98%), and that contrary to public expectation of fiscal restraint – the public service continues to fly business class.

(Editor’s note: A spokesman for the government has been in contact with our office to confirm they will make a public announcement on this ‘important issue’ in the near future. A copy of the correspondence is reproduced below for Barbaria and XYZ readers.)

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  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Give me nuclear, give us the means to defeat Islam before it takes over the 75% of the world that it doesn’t control!
    Hang on, that was a STUPID statement I just made, they do control all of the world, ask Malcolm to rid Australia of the necrophilic fat white dwarf lovers and he will say NO as would Bill who needs their Muruna votes to keep the Labor Party in Government

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Simple solution. Scrap the Paris agreement and all renewable crap.

  • Razorback

    Just put them all (the useless bureaucrats) against the wall and shoot them…They are not the renewables that they think they are.