Everything is Disney


It’s safe to say Disney Star Wars sucks. To Disney, fluff doesn’t matter, a good story doesn’t matter, good acting doesn’t matter.

But today I’m not here to rant like a neck beard on Leia breathing in the hard vacuum of the cold cold void; Today I will talk about theft of intellectual property.

Disney isn’t big on original ideas, but is a money hungry beast when it comes to copyright. Managing to copyright works that should have entered public domain by now as per the Bern Convention.

In typical hypocritical Hollywood style, Disney has allegedly stolen the copyright of a French artist for their advertisements for the upcoming Han Solo film. (A film this writer will be pirating if I ever bother to watch it, because they don’t deserve any of my money for the destruction brought about to he Star Wars universe.)

Hachim Bahous had made these works in 2015 for Sony music/Legacy recordings. The sad thing is I doubt a lawsuit will be taken up against Disney due to the amount of funds Disney has. They can take the matter to court for years and years until the plaintiff is bankrupted.

Copyright issues these days are becoming more and more subjective as cases arise, however, these seem pretty darn similar.

  • EkwinsuOcha

    IF you bother to watch it?! Why would you bother at all? That would be like eating a burger when you know it’s been laced with poison by the chef.

  • Grant Summers

    I won’t pay to see it either. Nostalgia can only take you so far and the last Star Wars was a movie too far.
    I might still see it, but not before Pirate Bay gets a visit.

  • Whatever are you suggesting, goy?