The Executive Council of Australian Jewry: Far left lies and Antifa ties


Since 2016, our society has been going nuts about Nazis and Jews. As a Bible-bashing God-botherer, I’m not surprised. The Bible says that, just prior to the end, the issue of Jerusalem will make the world go crazy.

And it’s sure feeling very end-timesy these days.

As I’ve argued before, our culture has been given a neurosis about Nazis. You only have to look at the comments section on any news website, including this one, to see that.

Garden gnomes off our streets!
Zombie Nazi March, 2016.

It’s really weird. Why is anyone not of the far left in Australia today being called a Nazi by the campus thugs? And why are so many young Aussies identifying themselves as Nazis? That makes no sense at all. Those guys are all dead in a village in Argentina by now. We may as well start calling each other samurais, or Vikings.

Oh, wait.

Norse festival on Shetland Islands

Vikings actually makes more sense now I think about it. Calling people Nazis makes no sense at all.

This is happening, of course, because ever since the New Left Western Marxists took over our campuses in the late 60’s our kids have been taught that the Nazis were the clearest example of the true nature of white men. Whites will always become Nazis unless we suppress our heritage, disband our families and hand our lands over to the swarthy hordes. We must exterminate ourselves to prove we are not literally Hitler.

Nazism, and the Holocaust, are the key ideological motif behind cultural Marxism, globalism, multiculturalism, third wave feminism and the great cuckening of the West. On campuses today, Nazism is taught as the clearest example of pandemic Western bigotry. Problematic whiteness. Toxic masculinity.

Through this program of intergenerational brainwashing, our neo-Marxist caste of campus radicals have convinced the majority of young whites that our direct ancestors were evil proto-Nazis, stealing land from indigenous peoples and enslaving the world.

Colonialism and the Holocaust

German colonialism

That narrative is a lie, and a very dangerous one. I’d prefer not to write about Nazism, except that it is the poison source of political discourse in the West today. I’d absolutely prefer not to write exposing the ethnic supremacism rife within the Jewish community in the West, except for the toxic influence of cultural Marxism on our campuses and Zionism on our foreign policy.

This really matters. Not talking about it only helps to drive frustrated young men into the arms of some real Nazis. And that seems to me to be exactly what some Zionists want. It was the National Socialist regime and (real and imagined) events in the Holocaust which led to the formation of Israel in the first place. Why change a tactic when it worked so well the first time?

If you want to understand why white young men are being driven toward National Socialist ideology, you must be willing to honestly face the anti-white bigotry of some in the Jewish community and the role of Zionist influence in our societies.

You must also be willing to honestly consider why the pagan then Christian West and its Jewish inhabitants have been at each other’s throats since at least 70AD.

The Jewish and Nazi propagandists agree about that, actually. Jews have been hated by Europeans since the time of Nero. Jewish bankers in the Middle Ages were despised for their practices of usury. Jews have been expelled more than 100 times from more than 100 countries, usually by a royal edict after ethnic tensions reached a fever pitch. Edward I expelled them from England in 1290, and they remained banished until Cromwell let them back in 1657.

Edward I
Edward I aka Longshanks. Hammer of the Scots. Nazi.

Jewish bankers have long been accused of using their financial power to bring about debt enslavement and central banking in Europe and, later, the world. Current widespread beliefs about the Rothschilds and their clients in the financial oligarchy are simply the latest in that tradition. There have long been suspicions of ritual sacrifice in some elements of Kabbalistic and Talmudic Judaism, which then passed into secret societies such as the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. Martin Luther, the father of Protestantism and founder of Lutheranism, wrote a book in 1543 called ‘On The Jews and Their Lies’. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was read by millions in the early twentieth century, before parts were exposed as being a forgery. From Russia to the United States, in the lead-up to the Second World War, there was considerable vitriol directed against Jewish bankers and Jewish influence. Men such as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh in the USA devoted considerable amounts of their time, energy and fortunes railing against international Jewry.

It wasn’t just Hitler. Aversion to Jewish influence was near universal prior to the Nazis. And it hasn’t gone away since. Even isolated Guatemalan villages in recent years have expelled Jews.

Guatemalan village expels Jews

The hatred has flowed just as much the other way, too. The Frankfurt School was just one example of the anti-goy bigotry alive and well among elements of the Jewish community. Whether you think the cause of this mutual enmity is economic, biological or spiritual (as I do), you can’t honestly deny that it exists.

And if we keep denying it, we’ll keep making more Nazis.

What really makes a Nazi is the realisation that much of one’s life has been a lie. For the young German men who joined the National Socialist German Worker’s Party in the 20’s and 30’s, it was the belief that international Jewish bankers had betrayed Germany in World War I and that the nation had been ‘stabbed in the back’ by traitors in November, 1918.

What is making young Western males today turn to updated forms of National Socialist ideology is the belief that everything they learned in school about the evils of white men was a lie created by international Jewry to subvert and destroy Western nations and forever shatter the goyim.

I don’t go for such simplistic narratives myself, but there is a growing legion of young whites who do. And the far left, who are wrong about everything else, are right about at least one thing.

Ignore this growing legion of Hitler worshippers at your (and our) peril. If you don’t believe me, look what it did to Germany. Their boys once were destined to rule the stars.

Now they sit down to pee.

German men sit down to pee

This is the type of horror we could face if we get this issue wrong.

Unfortunately for us, anti-Western lobby groups like the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) are helping to prove the narratives of postmodern National Socialism correct.

The ECAJ are the Australian parallel to American lobby groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL – a pro-defamation organisation) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC – funded by rich New York Jews).

These groups regularly post hate lists and propaganda targeting anyone to the right of Trotsky as an evil proto-Nazi. They’ll even go after other Jews who aren’t committed to their globalist, neo-Marxist and anti-white agenda.

They portray the alt-lite, alt-right, alt-white and alt-reich as a spectrum of beliefs which must be opposed with equal violence. Anyone who doesn’t hate white people is literally Goebbels to them.

The ECAJ does the same thing here. Their 2017 report, in which I featured, is basically a list of Everything Jewish Supremacists Don’t Like. It’s treated with the same gravitas as a CSIRO report by the government and MSM.

In her recent ABC article ‘The Rise of Australia’s Activist Far Right: How Far Will It Go?’ Julie Nathan, the Research Director of the ECAJ, shows just how hyperbole and intellectual dishonesty feed the toxic dynamic between left and right extremism in this country.

In Julie’s world, there is no such thing as ‘Australian’ culture. As usual, whites have no real ‘culture’. I bet Julie even uses quotation marks around the word ‘white’. It’s a standard form of ethnic gaslighting common from the far left fringe.

By far-left fringe, I mean a peak lobby group which receives funding from the Australian government, accolades from politicians and fawning international media coverage.

Julie lumps in civic patriots, nationalists and racialists as the ‘far right’. I guess then Julie would have to acknowledge that Australia’s far right is a few blokes on the internet, while Israel’s far right is the government?

Yeah nah probably not.

Julie then goes through the usual targets of the far left’s hysterical vitriol: Blair Cottrell, the Party for Freedom, the Rise Up Australia Party and Reclaim Australia. Nationalist Alternative and Antipodean Resistance also get a look-in. All of them are tarred with the same brush.

There is no evidence for Julie to draw on of ‘far right’ violence in Australia. There’s been some postering, some online posts and some LARPy campers. That’s it. In Julie’s world, though, Kristallnacht is just around the corner.

There is one group in Australia which routinely engages in political violence, though: Antifa. These homeless AIDS distributors regularly engage in threatening harassment campaigns to get people fired and kicked out of their studies, dox people online and encourage violence against them, destroy property and put iron bars through people’s heads at protest marches. How does Julie describe them?

Of note is the hard-left response to the far right. Antifa (short for “anti-fascist”) is a collective term for streetwise anarchists and socialists who engage in “direct action.” Many of them look for inspiration to iconic anti-fascist historical events, such as the Battle of Cable Street (1936) in London and the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

In a reversal of roles, it is now Antifa activists who promote violence through such memes as “Punch a Nazi,” and who encourage physical violence against anyone they deem to be a fascist or Nazi, whether they are or not. The Antifa socialists see themselves as mounting the barricades in glorious defence of Islam and Muslims, mosque and burqa, and against the far-right bogans and bigots. Both groups typically spoil for a physical fight with each other.

Are you fucking kidding me? Romantics gloriously defending diversity? How does Julie sleep at night?

I guess this is exactly the type of intellectual dishonesty you’d expect from an ethnic supremacist. We tend to expect truthful speech and conduct because we think the rest of the world is universalist like us. They’re not. We’re the odd ones, and truth doesn’t matter when you’re #fightingthefash, hey Julie?

Julie’s whole life is devoted to demonising white people. For Jewish supremacists like Julie, proud whites are all Nazis and Jews are every group in the world suffering from our oppressive, patriarchal tyranny.

Australian article

This equation of Jews with all the minorities suffering from toxic white male culture has got to stop. Gays are not Jews. Aborigines are not Jews. Refugees are not Jews. The Palestinian kids getting white phosphorous down their oesophagus are not Jews. The brown, huddled masses of the unable-to-develop world are not Jews. Jews are not a special category of humanity. This is a type of thinking characteristic of ethnic supremacists, and most closely resembles the mentality of the Nazis Julie hates so much.

Enough with the victim mentality. Enough with the blaming of others. It’s time to take some responsibility.

If a lot of people really don’t like you Julie, maybe the problem isn’t them?

Oy vey


  • OTRDefender

    People need to wake asap!

  • Abovethelaw

    Nice read indeed!

  • Cate.

    Couldn’t fault a word. Or a fact.

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    “Now they sit down to pee.”

    Just like Muhammad!

  • Moishe-the-Beagle

    Nazi-blaming is a tactical mistake because you will then be asked to differentiate yourself from Nazis. Then you are doing their dance.

    It is enough to blame the Jews for their own behaviour, which really you have only to draw attention to, as you have done here.

  • Shabbos Shekels
  • Addelad

    You claim not to be into simplistic interpretation, yet much of the above could be directly out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (“Some of which has been proven to be fraudulent indeed – the whole bloody document is a disgraceful deceit).
    Yes Jews have been hated throughout post Roman European history – but I’d suggest there might be a hell of a lot more cogent reasons than those posited in this article. How about simple hatred of “the other” especially that “other” is insular, highly successful and visibly different. Also, despite their own claims, Jews are not a race – look at them, they are Indo-European – this is why the Left hates them so much; they are white people lauding it over nice brown people in “Palestine.”
    In the interests of not annoying/boring anybody further, I shall desist – but not before saying that your intellect and insight is wasted on this topic. There are far bigger issues than the alleged influence of the Jews to be analysed and discussed as our society and its values crumble around us.

    • Anomie Antidote

      ‘Alleged’? The fact that people are still in denial of Jewish influence, in spite of its sheer scale, is proof that it’s an issue worthy of analysing and discussing. Do you assert that the giants of finance, news, entertainment and politics don’t wield an influence on our culture? That projects like cultural Marxism and media monopolisation which they themselves brag about, haven’t been successful according to the strategy that – again – they themselves have bragged about? Do you think it just doesn’t matter if all the most dangerous nonsense that most people have come to believe can be traced to an ethnoreligious subset (not the absurd idea of a universally united Jewry, but yet a distinctly and identifiably Jewish interest group)?

      I can believe that you keep yourself in a state of cognitive dissonance that lets all that make sense in your mind. But you can’t compel anyone else to stop noticing, caring about, or seeking to explain, things that are bleedingly and punishingly obvious.

      • Shimon Ben Gurion

        You are against the Jewish people, an anti semite.

        • Daniel Watts

          If anyone so dares criticize Jewish ethics or behaviours- here it comes- anti-Semitic.

          Point the finger, blame the other. Stock standard.

          Have a good look at some of the actions of your fellow travellers and think just maybe, the financially enslaved may just have a point. Walk a mile.

          It’s not like all white folk are associated with the collective of the KKK. You’d be hard pressed to find any white people defending that mindset. While Jewish criticism is held up as a hateful attack without any within that community claiming differentiation from their fellow bad doing Jew. Weird.

    • AC

      Can you tell us, have you read The Protocols?

    • Shimon Ben Gurion

      Why do you always write, on behalf of the Jewish people ?
      Have you appointed yourself as an authority ?
      Explain your motives in doing such a thing.

  • AC

    No other ethnic group produces — as far as I’m aware — annual reports accounting and detailing how many people “hate” them. I sympathise with regular run of the mill Jews. If not constantly gas-lit by their Rabbis and ethnic interest group leaders they would have assimilated long ago. But the constant fear-mongering of alleged antisemitism and “the next Hitler” keeps them bound and separate from everyone else and under the thumb of their “leaders”.

    Thanks for the article, appreciate your courage writing this for an Australian epub!

  • Shimon Ben Gurion

    This is yet another media article that promotes the Nazi idea, the bad ethos, keeping it in the mind of the public.
    Why do you keep talking about the Nazi ?
    It cannot be for good reason.

  • Noachideous

    For those interested in the goyische interpretations of the QBaller……itz worth noting that ECAJ amounts in initial gematria to 5 3 1 10 or 19. That number is extremely important in number based interpretations of the Divine, and probably to the ECAJ for the fact that the 613 Mitzvoth amount to 19. Hence the symbol of the name.

    The 6 13 are most likely derived of the numbers 42 and 58 for the fact that by +x of 42 58 is derived …. 1948. All ECAJ members can reasonably be assessed as knowing of the make undead date in 1948 and that WW1 and 2 were contrived for that purpose.

    If your AngloCeltic name was represented at the Australian War Memorial, and you disappeared in a maelstrom of meaty bites and Red Mist during WW2 …… would you want them there ? To gloat at the success of their duplicity ?

    It is a right and properly measured response that all members of the ECAJ be permanently banned from entering the AWM for any reason …. even if these Klowns recently installed a holocaust memorial for the purpose of justifying an entry.

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