Exposing Media lies on the St Kilda Beach Rally


On Saturday 5 January Australian Patriots stood up and demanded action on the problems created by multiculturalism, and for the government to listen to the wishes of the people.

It was a peaceful rally where several people articulated grievances, some calm, some passionate but always peaceful.

Unfortunately, there was a counter protest that required a police presence.

So how do you think the media reported the day? If you don’t know already watch this video and find out.

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  • Bumpstock

    Video from Wardenclyffe. Its actually way more balanced than the MSM. Good to see the young people down there willing to have a go. As usual AIDS Sherran and the so called “Real Aussie Patriot” showed up. https://www.facebook.com/Wardenclyffe.Photography/videos/2217339821837665/

    • Mattys Modern Life

      That’s actually decent footage. I wonder how brave the Leftists would have been without the police escort.

      “You don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl, how can you know what’s good for the country?”

      HAHAHAH! Brilliant.

    • Jamie Blank

      At 8:10 there is a great shot of a lefty making the Roman salute. I’m on my phone, so my video editing capacity is rather lame.

      Whats needed at the next rally is oodles of high quality video of lefties doing this. Bait them into waving you away while you’ve got the cameras focused on them. Make them look like the fascists they are. Then the meme games can begin. How would that little blond girl like it having her employer see her behaving like a nazi. It’d be worse if some meme genius could immortalise some of the worst offenders, like sitting green members of parliament.


      • How would that little blond girl like it having her employer see her behaving like a nazi.

        It would be on the public teat. Her manager was probably right next to her.

        • Jamie Blank

          Then the government is infested with nazis!

  • Jamie Blank

    Murdoch can be bought. He’s alreading singing his tune. He’s moved from “extreme far right” to simply “hard right” in the last week. He has a soft spot for Australia, like his father before him.

  • Ryan

    If Tucker Carlson’s recent slamming of capitalist market forces (while mirroring certain NatSoc social/economic policy sentiment) is any indicator to where this nationalist wave is taking us, then I can foresee the autistic denunciations of Nazis being put on par with transgenderism


  • Noachideous


    A religiously compliant poodle in Dr Hombre Ebola of the OHPI 48 affirms Rav Yehuda Ashlag’s Dog Whistle that AngloSaxons by way of media yapping and kvetching are to be demonised as the next ….. Nahtzees.


    For the purpose of shaming AngloSaxons into submissive acceptance of the pejorative, Bubbles Dvir of the ADC 42 ….. quotes the esoterically significant number …… 6 Million

    The symbolism of both organisations attests to its members knowing of the requirement to make undead ……. 1948 …