Why Facebook, the ABC and the Politically Correct are so hard to believe


Last week’s events with regard to Facebook censorship and editorial bias ‪#‎ConservativeOpionsMatter‬, the ABC’s continuing love affair with the self immolation of its charter ‪#‎MallahStandsWithStorrar‬, and the expanding dissonance between politically correct viewpoints and practical, objective reality, reveal a pattern the socialist progressive authoritarians may well reflect upon.

Those who control the state media apparatus and define what can be said out loud and that which cannot be said, continue to disclose their distorted representation of reality which starkly differs from the experience and opinions of the populace.

It is why the media are so shocked to see Trump keep winning votes, despite the media’s assurance he does not represent what the people (should) want.

It is also why the ABC loses credibility and no longer feels accountable to its charter. We have seen repeated investigations of claims of bias, and repeatedly, such charges are deemed to be unwarranted.

The process and institution are as credible as the North Korean leader claiming a 100 metre sprint world record time of 8.5 seconds. We would scarcely believe it and hardly pay attention when his cronies affirm its veracity after a rigorous investigation deeming it to be legitimate.

We are not completely idiotic.

As for Facebook and its editorial bias; how it handles this story is a brilliant exercise in progressive authoritarian delusional behavior.

Obama would be proud, as would a Stalin or Hitler.

As we in Australia slide into the murky depths of a Federal election, the progressive will of the ABC and Facebook and the rampaging peaceful violence of leftards and islamists alike will tell you how credible the plans are of Labor and Green, how strong their chances are, and will tell you what really matters – and how to vote about it.

All their advice and promotion of what is trending and their narrative in general will be as credible and real as, well, ‪#‎IWillRideWithYou‬

Off course, despite their claim to the contrary, these people are on the wrong side of history. Just go look at the history books.