The Fake Debate About Fake Marriage


Originally published 16 September, 2017.

The fake marriage debate is not about the rights of homosexuals. It’s about the destruction of Western civilisation by a class of people programmed to hate it. Moreover, it’s happened before.

fake marriage marxism photo
‘Let’s just burn it down to make it better!’ – Every Marxist ever.

When the Chinese Cultural Revolution began at Peking University in 1966, it seemed just a localised event. Once the iconoclastic frenzy got official support from Mao, however, the wave of destruction spread to educational institutions across the country. From there it touched every facet of Chinese society.

By the time the revolutionary spasm of destruction had worn itself out five years later, two million were dead, the heritage of the country had been all but destroyed, and the social order of the nation had been entirely upended. Chinese culture has never recovered.

china cultural revolution photo
The ideology must be obeyed.

The same type of cultural revolution has now begun in the nations of the West. We are seeing statues defaced, place names being changed, marriage itself corrupted and little children sexualised by radical teachers determined to destroy what remains of Christian civilisation in this nation.

And just as with China’s Cultural Revolution, ground zero for ours is our educational institutions.

If you think this won’t lead to corpses one way or another, you’re kidding yourself. That’s where Marxist revolutions always end up before the carnage is over.

The tactics that the postmodern left are using in their campaign for fake marriage reveal clearly what their true agenda is. While using rhetoric about love and the vicitimisation of homosexuals, they shut down dissenting views and hysterically silence even moderate voices.

Like all Marxists, the advocates for fake marriage plead victim while committing political violence. They cry out while they strike you.

The media’s recent acknowledgement of Antifa violence when discussing this current cultural revolutionary outbreak in the West is a sign the establishment is panicking, in my view. Like all regimes in history who fear overthrow, our rulers have resorted to fomenting a religious upheaval to distract the mob. I suspect the flames they fanned have scared even them.

This is because Antifa are just the attack dogs, albeit mangy and decrepit, of an ideological movement which has taken control of education, the arts, media, government bureaucracies and the political class in Australia. Antifa think they are revolutionaries. They are fools. They are deranged thugs defending the status quo against a populist uprising the neo-Marxist elite are growing increasingly frightened of.

At the top of this fifth column inside Western societies are oligarchs like George Soros, using their ill-gotten financial gains to foment and destabilise societies around the world. Soros himself is a Marxist, and seeks a new world order in which white, Christian cultures are relegated to the fringes and the mass of humanity is reduced to a beige underclass of fungible economic units serving a godlike elite.

Marxist rhetoric about protecting the poor and vulnerable has always been a smokescreen for a cult of power which benefits a tiny, oligarchic elite. In this sense, Soros uses crony capitalism and neoliberal globalism in the way Trotsky and Lenin used communist rhetoric about a global workers’ paradise. They are but means to power.

The communist vs. capitalism dialectic of the Cold War is a false one. Crony capitalism goes hand-in-silk-glove with the Marxist, globalist agenda.

Puppet politicians like Bill Shorten care about gays about as much as Richard Di Natale cares about trees. Their concern is feigned. They care only about power, and the destruction of traditional, Western civilisation in order to achieve it.

Among those of us throwing our weight behind the No campaign for this plebiscite, there is little hatred for gays. Our concerns lie mainly with the perversion of children and the enabling of trans-whatever mental illness in society.

Traditionalists like me just wish they’d stayed in the closet, for their sake and for the sake of society. No-one was ripping them out of their sequin-studded wardrobes and throwing them off roofs. Not yet, anyway. The argument that they were the victims of systemic oppression is laughable. They’d never had it so good.

But the fake marriage agenda is not coming from the queers. They’re being used. This cultural revolution is coming from a ruling elite who understand how to deploy the Marxist agenda to gain power.

This elite is using a millennial generation utterly indoctrinated with cultural Marxist ideology to create a revolutionary vanguard who believe they are birthing a paradise of diversity and equality.

They aren’t, of course. These people are nuts. And just like those rabid radicals in China in the late ’60s, they will stop at nothing to bring about their utopian vision.

Stop thinking they won’t kill you or that this is just a debate between opposing and equally valid worldviews. Such naivety from the conservative right over the last fifty years has led us to this current revolutionary outbreak. The right has been underestimating the Marxist left for over a century now, only realising what Marxists are capable of once the goons arrive in the dead of night to drag them away.

When the kulaks were driven off their land and the middle class sent to prison camps in Bolshevik Russia, people thought there must have been a mistake. How could those harmless intellectuals who preached about fairness and justice do something so utterly wicked? How could they be so cruel? All they’d wanted was greater equality, right?

Our Marxists today are no different from the Bolsheviks. If you’re the type of evil white cisgender Deplorable who reads XYZ, they want you dead. Unlike pre-Soviet Russia, however, the Marxists here today are already in control. They’ve had the kids to themselves in the privacy of the classroom for fifty years, and now the children of hate are ready to bring about the anti-Western Götterdämmerung so desired by fanatics like Soros.

This revolution has been long in the making and has only just begun. Unlike in Russia, though, it isn’t coming from the lower classes. This is a top-down revolution aimed at the middle class. At people like you.

  • Tamaveirene

    IMO this article is well written and well researched and should be mandatory reading for every politician of any hue! Thanks for a discerning and factual expose of what is! And alas for Australia that Malcolm Turnbull is still in charge and making a right mess of everything!

  • Antifa-ggot

    Moses, stop scaring me. Please tell me that unicorns are real and they hold hands (hooves) singing songs about loving thy neigh-bour.

  • Doug

    I’ve written extensively in similar vein for years, Marcus, but this is a well-written & succinct piece on the matter that assembles most of the components of the subversion in one place.

    I’d like to see your thoughts extended soon into the Soros-inspired, fomented & funded mass Islamic diaspora & enforced “uptake” of refugees, the role of the senior Left in the US, the involvement of mostly secret members of the US Fed-Res in this, & recent false-flag events (real or imagined), including the current broo-haa over Kim Jong Un, to my mind the latest Trump distraction strategy.

    KJU is a nutter, of that there is no doubt, but I’ve just been in Korea, including visiting the DMZ at both ends & talking to people in the military, & the only people who have his real measure are the South Koreans, who are used to his actions & rhetoric, and see it as mostly sabre-rattling to keep him in his godlike status at home, but I believe the Deep State is winding him up & trying to force a Trump misstep.

    Anyway, good job!

  • Great article, Moses. Thank you.

    The homosexual marriage push is PC camouflage for the Cultural Marxist spearhead, the assault that ultimately hopes to completely kill the concept of traditional marriage and the family unit.
    Homosexuals and the unconscious blue pilled plebs supporting homosexual marriage are just useful idiots, just as the Red Guard were useful idiots for Mao, during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
    The Lefties and PC Hydra will stop at nothing to eradicate God, tradition, morals, marriage, manhood, womanhood, fatherhood, motherhood,husbandhood and religion from our minds and hearts.

    Eliminate the sacredness of the marriage covenant from the minds of the masses. Make them believe marriage is outdated.
    Inspire scorn against the traditional family unit, devalue manhood and fatherhood.
    Normalise rampant promiscuity, fornication and adultery.
    Make having illegitimate children become common practice.
    Convince society that an unborn child in the womb is not a human being.
    Encourage feminism and enable women to have abortion on demand without regard to God or their conscience.
    Make true love seem like trivial worthless amusement.
    Brainwash people to confuse sex with love.
    Create an environment that encourages unwed single parenthood and broken families.
    Inspire men to disrespect, dishonour and abuse women.
    Incite homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual immorality, transgenderism and perversion of all types.
    Most importantly, provoke a fierce, relentless gender war.

    Many of these things have, sadly, already come to pass.

    Bill Muehlenberg has written an excellent article about the war on the family unit:

    • Karen Dwyer

      Thanks for the link. I’m fond of Bill’s articles myself, and he always credits articles, so I get a lovely swathe to choose from (note my comment above for an excerpt from Paul Kruger).

      • Thank you. Good article. A quote from the article is below. Transpose Australians for Americans, and it still rings true.
        When, oh when, will people wake up ? Why can’ t people see what is happening ?

        “For the far left, same-sex marriage is the Trojan Horse to secure the takedown of marriage it has long wanted, and countless everyday Americans are oblivious to the older, deeper forces at work. And even more delicious for the left, same-sex marriage is serving as a powerful tool in attacking what the extreme left has always hated most: religion.”

    • Karen Dwyer

      Two months later and this is still an exceptional comment.

      • Thankyou, I was in high powered pulpit mode that day.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Yes. Well said.

    And: “For communists, two centuries ago and still today, that requisite anti-religious secularism has been there all along. Much of the wider American culture, outside of the far left, has also become secular and dismissive of traditional religious teaching on matters like family and marriage. That disregard if not outright rejection of Christian ethics has brought all of these forces full circle in a joint willingness to permanently alter the historic Western/Christian understanding of male-female matrimony.

    Take this, for instance, as an illustration: Let’s imagine four people who support redefining marriage via same-sex marriage: The hardcore cultural Marxist professor at “Secular U,” the apolitical soccer mom on Facebook, the gay Episcopal pastor, and the sitcom addict.

    They may all come to the “marriage equality” position from entirely different motivations, and otherwise hold little in common ideologically, but they all share one crucial component: Each of them rejects the idea that there is a single, absolute, eternal standard for male-female marriage ordained by nature and nature’s God, and each believes that he can render unto himself the right to abolish any such standard and create his own definitions.

    As for communists, they couldn’t care less whatever tags or hashtags or slogans or colors the majority culture uses to redefine marriage and family. To them, the larger objective remains the same: to reject and abolish a traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage and family. They are getting what they’ve long wanted, and they could not have done it without the support of mainstream Americans.

    The radical left could never have achieved this ultimate takedown of marriage without the larger public’s acquiescence and assistance. The wider same-sex-marriage-supporting public has been the indispensable handmaiden to the radical left’s ability to at long last alter marriage and family. It has been quite a coup.”

    From author Paul Kengor, in an article on his book “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.”

    From this page:

  • Thomas Sure

    Good article. I’d like to add Babylon Before Hitler. It will help you make even more sense of what is happening.

    • Shoshanna Silcove

      YOU moron, Naziism was a murderous EVIL movement.

      • Caitlin1488

        troll alert

  • Ryan Fletcher

    Bloody ripper write-up Moses!

  • Tesh

    I read the whole thing to see how long the rabbit hole goes.. I must say It is extreme goes to levels of paranoia , conspiracy theory , amalgamations and most of all utter bullshit dumped in a blender from the far right who as usual appropriates Christianity while having no Christian values to begin with.. we do live in dangerous times but Marxism etc is dead the danger is anti-science anti-education and anti-truth and anti-equality .. Most western govts are right wing christian(fake Christians ) trump Turnbull teresa may .. Who are extremely afraid that their grip of power which is fascist and white supremacy is slipping away due to a few factors science , multicultural exchanges, education .. So they have a war on science , anything multicultural and also war on education war on reality by dissimilating false information anything that panders to the primal fears .. Whereas there is a point about neoliberalism and crony capitalism .. It is not the product of Marxism it is like saying the left right foot is the same when it is not .. Anyway to cut the story short marriage equality will only be compiling the unwarranted paranoia of those in power that the patriarchal white supremacy will not be as prominent.. Or their grip on power slipping away .. That to the horror we might have a black person or gay person as prime minister or president one day .. equality is scary for the rich boys in power who want to maintain the status quo .. Of white male supremacy in the western world CEOs earning millions sitting on a board drinking whisky smoking cigars .. The fear of being somehow replaced or not having the prominence they used to have .. a fear totally unwarranted because white males will never be obsolete .. Why just because that’s the way nature wants it to be somehow no one hates the white male or white people altogether but the reverse is true because of this primal unwarranted paranoia.. Equality is a direction towards peace not war.. But the right wing needs war to dominate and perpetuate the white suremacist ideology.. The children will be fine learning to love not to hate and not discriminate that is why marriage equality is so scary for the institutions in place who need war albeit psychological warfare like this piece, hate and insecurity to stay in power or stay relevant when they are not as much anymore .. . Equality is the core and bedrock of western civilisation .. Equality makes us stronger and prosperous as a group not weaker.. Facism is the real danger .. Along with neoliberalism and crony capitalism… But marriage equality has nothing to do with it.. Absolutely not Chinese revolution in the 1960s just a made up to stir fear in the weak minded.. Uneducated and older generations who feel less revelevant day by day as they get older and the reality of their impending passing is coming closer and closer.. Therefore think denying others they wil keep thr privilege and prominence .. Keep others down to seem bigger mentality ..

  • Tesh

    The Chinese revolution is not coming hold your horses take a chill pill or two everything will be ok even when marriage equality the sky will not fall.. If you want to be afraid of something be afraid of climate science denying fake Christian happy trigger man baby in charge of 1600 nuclear bombs who think launching missiles is fun and games .. That is something to be afraid of .. Even if 100 missiles were to be launched it would block the sun for 50yrs

    • entropy

      We already have marriage equality in Australia, and the sky hasn’t fallen because marriage means a man and a woman.

      If you can come up with one valid reason why we should change the definition of marriage without lying through your teeth or making false appeals to concepts that don’t apply, like ‘equality’, let us know. Otherwise, take your alt-left hate and gay entitlement faggotry and tell somebody who cares.

    • Karen Dwyer

      I’m much more concerned about your inability to punctuate. Additionally, your grammar is poor; this inhibits effective communication.

      I surmise that this is probably the logical consequence of undertaking successive Socialist re-education classes.

      A little more critical thinking, and a little less Critical Theory, will assist you in your attempts to communicate.

  • cristina hague

    I understand this thoroughly… My father who was taught communism in gymnasia was brainwashed into this ideology…. as a young student… He was sent to Dachau… as a political prisoner…( not a communist anymore… migrating to the west changed all that for him, he embraced capitalism .).. we also had our farm taken off our family.. agrarian catholics…. I can see what is coming…. Really like your work…..

  • Möwe

    Dead right. It’s all about destroying the old institutions.

    The only good communist is a bad communist.

  • Neville Klintberg

    Excellent article Moses, precise and to the point and sadly very true.

  • OTRDefender
    • Caitlin1488

      The Nose is the driver of these agendas.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    It’s certainly worrying, we need to really start fighting back in a big way.

    I swear on my life if my son is ever taught any trans-gender nonsense I will pull him out of school and he won’t be returning.

    Let the law get involved, let’s make a big thing about it because there is no way in hell my child is going to be taught “gay-schools”.

    • Wide Awake

      The answer is simple, private school and make sure you are on the school board.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Good luck with that … Collaborators can be worse than initiaters, and already in some Christian schools in Victoria there are instances of false teaching that is not even “required” by the State.

      As an example, as part of “Health”, 10 year old students in one Christian school in Victoria are taught that they have the right to say yes or no to sex. Ten years old. Sex with/for a ten year old is not consensual. They have the right to say no.

  • Gallifrey Jones

    Nailed it! I keep telling people that what we are seeing today from the left is a level of crazy that is pre- Bolshevik.

  • Dan Flynn

    Hopefully the author will now stop talking about this ‘silent majority’ who is supposedly against progressive ideas.

    • Wide Awake

      regressive ideas

      • Dan Flynn

        Call them what you want, but the author can no longer pretend that his ideas are held by the majority, which was my basic point.

        • Wide Awake

          We actually don’t know what the majority think, we only know what the majority of people that voted think.

          • Dan Flynn

            You’re right. We cannot read the minds of 22 million people.

      • Karen Dwyer

        I’ve blocked him, but I’ve absolutely no doubt that you are correct :-)))))))

        • me too, blocked ages ago…

          • Caitlin1488

            I did too.

    • Earl Conner

      I’m no statistician, but a 60/40 split of 80% of the voting population (in a less than robust opinion survey), doesn’t support either argument.

      • SamSammy

        It means less then half (about 48%) of the population support it, less than a third (32%) oppose it, and the remaining fifth couldn’t give a damn either way. My inclination is to interpret this result as an indication that our society doesn’t care enough to preserve itself from a pushy minority of increasingly belligerent busybodies.

        • Karen Dwyer

          And/or capitulated to “give it to them and they’ll be happy and go away”.

          Much like the habit in India of paying sari-clad eunuchs “go away money” so that they don’t turn up and make a nasty scene at your family’s wedding.

          It’s quite the money spinner….

      • Dan Flynn

        7,817,247 people voted yes.
        4,873,987 voted no
        Quite a difference I would think, Earl

  • Just saw the rainbow postal survey results.

    The Yessies have carried the vote for Homo “marriage”.
    Already the MSM is ramming the “victory” down the NO voters throats.

    So, the “Yes” gloating begins.
    I thought the majority of Australians were smarter than this, and could read the sub texts.
    Obviously not.
    Lots of dumb sheeples out there, can’t see the wood for the trees.

    Farewell…to the Australia that was.

    • SamSammy

      Even now after the result has come out, I am still asking myself: what do gay people actually gain from this? How will it fundamentally improve protection of their human rights, what does it do in practical terms to increase their quality of life? As far as I can tell, the gays have been used to advance a social engineering agenda without incurring any benefit except to the relative handful of gays who are activism and/or political careerists. The MSM and the cultural Marxists have been emboldened by this result, and they have learned lessons from the process on how to browbeat and brainwash the public into dancing to their tune. A very disturbing prospect indeed, especially when we ask ourselves “what will they crusade for next?”

      • Dan Flynn

        ‘I am still asking myself: what do gay people actually gain from this?’
        They are now allowed to get married.
        edit: well soon enough anyway.

        • SamSammy

          So what? What does that even mean, given that they already had civil unions, were already free to call their ceremonies “weddings” if they so wished, and were already at liberty to colloquially describe themselves as “married” if they wished? All I see here is a big step sideways for the gay rights movement. So why did they feel the need to culturally appropriate an age old institution? Just to spite the Christians? Or do they just want to dictate semantic terms to everyone else? Or is it a bit of both?

          • Caitlin1488

            A bit of both. The aim is to destroy the structure of traditional family life. SSM is a subversive step in that direction.

            Destroy the family unit= destroy our society.
            Vilify and prosecute Christians is part of the agenda.

          • SamSammy

            But is this the motivation of the gay community at large? Or have they just been duped by Marxist puppet masters? I just wonder how the average gay could even be bothered to be worried about such a sideshow of an issue.

          • Caitlin1488

            Gays are the Marxist “useful idiots” ….. all Gays think about is “love is love”…. Gays are mentally ill to begin with.

          • Dan Flynn

            Sammy, it might come as a surprise to you but gay people are actually pretty normal. They want to find love, get married, settle down and have kids. Much like everyone else.
            So if you’re gay and the state tells you that you aren’t allowed to get married it’s a pretty big deal.
            It has nothing to do with sticking it to Christians or dictating terms to anyone else. It has everything to do with feeling included in society and being able to invite all their friends to a real wedding and not having the ‘consolation prize’ of a civil union.
            People freakin’ love weddings! They love the cake, the dresses, the rings, the whole lot, just like everyone else.
            Don’t take it personally, allowing gay marriage is not about pissing off heterosexuals, it’s about having the right to marry the person you love. It’s actually really simple. The public debate makes it more complicated.

          • SamSammy

            They could already do all those things, and they didn’t need to appropriate a revered Christian cultural institution in order to do so.

            How is a civil union a “consolation prize”? Semantics notwithstanding, what does it lack from a functional/legal point of view compared to marriage? Again, no one was trying to stop gays from having weddings and calling them such. But whereas before we each had a choice as to whether to call it a wedding, now we will all be forced by law to call them that – even those of us for whom marriage has always been a sacred cultural practice of Holy Matrimony between a man and a woman.

            As for this “right to marry the person you love” rationale, well I’m sure all the incest, polygamy and pedo advocates out there will be thrilled to hear that!

          • Dan Flynn

            Sammy, you expressed confusion about what gay people have to gain from the proposed changes to marriage laws. All I’m doing is trying to help you understand.

            ‘As for this “right to marry the person you love” rationale, well I’m sure all the incest, polygamy and pedo advocates out there will be thrilled to hear that!

            Would you contend that consensual sex between adults is in the same ballpark as an adult raping a child? The link between gay marriage and pedophilia is bizarre and I don’t know why intelligent people would subscribe to it.

          • SamSammy

            You haven’t said anything that would improve anyone’s understanding! To wit: how will the enforcement of arbitrary semantic rules by The State help to advance gay rights?

            Re pedos: not too long ago gay sex was not considered “in the same ballpark” as consensual straight sex. By what standard or rule do you propose that the same will not/cannot happen with pedophilia, especially given 1) the disturbing correlation between homosexuality and child sex abuse, and 2) the insidious gradualism through which popular opinion can be desensitised to such things, as so clearly demonstrated by the result of this vote?

          • Dan Flynn

            Sammy, I’m sorry my attempts to illuminate you have failed.

            ‘By what standard or rule do you propose that the same will not/cannot happen with pedophilia’
            Oh gosh Sammy, maybe because pedophilia is illegal and involves the rape of children. Generally speaking it’s not a popular activity.
            Trust me, you will not see a plucky band of students and hipsters advocating for the legalization of pedophilia rising up anytime soon.
            Sorry to be patronizing but you really walked into that one.

          • SamSammy

            “Pedophilia is illegal” LOL! So was homosexuality once upon a time, genius! It was also considered a mental illness, until it one day when it simply wasn’t. So again, what makes you think something similar won’t happen with pedophilia, especially if perverts work to gradually relax age of consent rules, normalise sexualised depictions of children, and draw out the distinction between statutory rape and violent rape? After all, “love is love” amiright? Don’t underestimate the gullibility/perversion of those students and hipsters either, especially if the growing Islamic community (who have been suspiciously quiet on this whole gay marriage issue, btw) joins forces with them.

          • Dan Flynn

            OK Sammy let’s back up a bit:
            Yes, homosexuality used to be illegal but homosexuality does not inherently involve rape does it? We’re talking about consensual sex between adults that society deemed abhorrent.
            Over time this changed and now it’s legal to be gay and soon they’ll be able to get married.
            In order to discuss legalizing pedophilia we must now use the word RAPE. Because that is what pedophilia is, it’s the rape of a child.
            Do you see how societal attitudes towards homosexuality and pedophilia are different? One subject includes rape and the other does not.
            Human beings are prone to changing their views on homosexuality but they are not prone to gradually becoming or supporting child rapists.
            Ps: The Islamic community have been silent because many of them are against gay marriage. My personal experience backs this up.

          • SamSammy

            As a leftist, you of all people would know that the use, framing and definitions of words like “rape” can be skilfully manipulated by those with sufficient cunning and motivation. Like I said, the most likely courses of action will be to loosen rules on age of consent and to start reframing statutory rape in particular as an arbitrary legal/social construct. Once upon a time it was widely believed that no person in their right mind could consent to gay sex, so don’t think for a moment that the Marxist social engineers won’t be emboldened and encouraged by their stunning success in transforming perceptions about homosexuality to do likewise with pedophilia.

            Re the Muslims: what you say is a misleading half-truth. Yes they oppose gay marriage, but they also want to 1) bide their time and cultivate temporary allies while they are still politically weak, and 2) create legal, cultural and political momentum to legalise incest, child and polygamous marriage, ALL of which are openly endorsed by Islamic teaching. Of course, once they are powerful enough they will role back gay marriage quicksmart and throw their erstwhile gay allies under the bus (or off the top of the building, as the case may be).

          • Dan Flynn

            Ok Sammy you win, gay marriage is just the ‘thin end of the wedge’ and we will soon be overrun by pedophiles and Muslims.
            Better get out now while you can.

          • SamSammy

            Get out and go where?? Between you control freaks on the Left and your control freak Muslim allies (for now), there’s no place to escape to!

          • Victor Amoroso

            As an American who went through this shit several years ago, with less democratic say so as it was forced on us, you are completely wrong Dan Flynn. Queer marriage is the first step towards incest, pedos, bestiality. We now have to accept mental illness (trannies) as normal, and mutilate our children. This would not have happened without queer marriage. There are already those who are advocating for all of the old perversions. Consider yourself lucky that you are a few years behind.

          • Caitlin1488

            I already blocked that dude, Dan. It is a Troll.

          • SamSammy

            Leftie, troll…its hard to tell the difference!

          • Maryanne

            The wedding isn’t marriage. The wedding is one day; marriage is – or used to be – for life.

          • Dan Flynn

            You’re right Maryanne, heterosexuals did a pretty good job of devaluing marriage on their own, what’s the divorce rate these days?

        • Maryanne

          They won’t actually because this decision has trashed marriage.

      • Wide Awake

        In the MSM some advocates are already gloating about the destruction of Christian values, so there is your answer.

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