The Far Left Terrorists Hiding in Plain Sight


For a very brief period this month I was a contributor to the Spectator Australia. Then suddenly I wasn’t. It turns out the Stasi commissars over at Overland Journal wrote a very badly structured hitpiece on me, and The Spectator pulled my pieces down. Their loss, not mine really, as my last piece was trending in the top spot before it was pulled and was resonating with a readership tired of stale cuckservative talking points.

I don’t blame The Spectator, and although Rowan Dean and Christian Kerr will probably now be forced to publicly disavow me as LITERALLY HITLERTM it’s not their fault. One day our ideas will be taught to primary school children, but for the moment they remain thoughtcrimes that can cause an organisation a lot of trouble. Especially in the totalitarian state which postmodern Australia has become.

Jeff Sparrow domestic terrorist
CC Attribution. Modified from Internaz and majka czapski

Seeing how this played out has revealed the inner machinations of the far left in Australia, and the nexus between academe, fringe blogs, the establishment media and the terrorist organisation Antifa. There is a class of people who move seamlessly between all these, using fake identities and the support of shadowy interests as cover.

Despite the hegemonic control they wield over the upper echelons of Australian society, the totalitarian fright bats are always scared. It’s just part of their neurotic psychological makeup. For decades now they’ve had the run of the country, defining what speech and what conduct are acceptable and what are not. They always play the victim and the underdog, but it’s a bogus act that fools no-one any more. They cry out while they strike us. The degenerate cultural Marxist left has been running Australia for fifty years, infiltrating every institution of the left and the right and subverting our nation from within. Even our supposedly conservative Prime Minister has come out laughing about it and rubbing it in our faces.

This take-down of every level of Australian society has had consequences. It has consigned any who don’t fit their neo-Marxist dogma to the economic, social, cultural and literal scrap-heap.

There’s been an invisible gulag archipelago in this nation, filled with men fired for ‘sexual harassment’ (the last real instance of which occurred in around 1974) or ‘hate speech’, such as making a joke with work mates. These gulags have been filled with the boys who never finished school because of teachers’ toxic femininity, babies who were never born because mum killed them, and everyday people made into corpses by Muslim terrorists who are then defended and protected by their leftist allies.

The left won’t stop coming after you, your kids and your property. They get away with it because we let them. It’s time to fight back. We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The task before us is daunting, I know. The left control all the high points of the nation: our institutions, education system, media organisations, legal establishment and political class. They’ve got the guns, but we’ve got the numbers. Everyday Australians are on our side, or they will be as soon as they come across our ideas.

Our secret weapon is the incompetence and intellectual laziness of the establishment left. In his very low-energy hitpiece, degenerate Marxist (he doesn’t even bother with the ‘neo-‘) Jeff Sparrow creates a fevered mind-map which associates a piece I did about Israeli oil interests in Syria with a video that Gavin McInnes of Rebel Media did about Jews ruining the world and links both to the editors of The Spectator, Mark Latham and ultimately Rupert Murdoch. It reads a bit like ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, without the literary flair. Sparrow even looks like an extra from the movie.

Also, doesn’t he realise that Murdoch’s mother was Jewish and that McInnes and Latham work for a Jewish-owned media outlet? If we’re all a bunch of rabid ‘anti-Semites’, we’re not very good at it.

The truth doesn’t matter to degenerate fanatics like Sparrow, though. This Bolshevik poseur has a long CV when it comes to pushing for an uprising of the proletariat, while enjoying his half-shot soy lattes in inner-Melbourne laneway cafes. It’s the type of lifestyle you can only enjoy if you also were educated at an expensive independent private school like Sparrow.

He first came to prominence after being arrested at a National Union of Students demonstration in 1992. How was he advancing the interests of the huddled masses and wretched refuse of this cruel world, you ask?

By having a tantrum about student grants being replaced by student loans. Nothing shows the mentality of morbid entitlement and narcissistic self-righteousness we see across the inner-urban, postmodern left than the ‘Austudy Five’.

Sparrow’s career has progressed pretty much as you would expect after such faux-radical, privileged beginnings. He was a member of the Trotskyist group and the International Socialist Organisation until he was kicked out during one of its standard Marxist purges. Undaunted in his toxic desire to destroy the nation, he then co-founded Socialist Alternative (SA). For those of you who don’t know, SA is at the violent vanguard of the anarchist left. Despite their low muscle mass and gender dysphoria, they crave nothing more than to punch you in the face, dear reader. They lust for the blood of Nazis, and whether you know it or not, in the minds of unstable paranoids like Jeff, you’re Hitler himself.

This isn’t just a metaphor. Jeff Sparrow has expressed clear sympathies for Antifa, and given what we’ve seen of masked Antifa thugs turning out to be academics, it’s clear that if Jeff Sparrow isn’t an active member of Antifa, he’s comrades with those who are.

Australians have to wise up to the deep roots of Marxist political violence in our universities and establishment media. For every Clem Ford calling for anti-male violence or Roz Ward teaching oral sex to little kids, there are fifty tenured radicals who write puff pieces in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian defending them. It’s a nexus of anti-Australian agitprop which co-ordinates to push the neo-Marxist agenda. Jeff Sparrow has performed exactly this function for Roz Ward himself. Check it out, from The Guardian on June 2, 2016.

Yes, Ward is a socialist. So was John Curtin and George Orwell and Helen Keller and Albert Einstein and Oscar Wilde. Would Kennett and Birmingham and the others engaged in this neo-McCarthyite push have excluded all of them? Or if it’s only particular types of socialists that are verboten, perhaps La Trobe can spell out exactly which doctrinal heresies it would like to ban.

How about national socialists, Jeff? Didn’t think so. Now, I’m not a national socialist at all, but if you’re going to bleat about free speech for socialists, you should at least be consistent. But of course you won’t, because you’re a liar, a propagandist and a shill for very dark interests. You don’t care about ‘free speech’ or the truth. You care only about your morbid ideological crusade to destroy Western civilisation here on the Australian continent.

Jeff’s connections to the violent left don’t stop at merely apologising for it, though. Neo-Marxist fanaticism runs in the Sparrow family, it turns out. While Jeff has gone on to do a fake PhD in Creative Writing (appropriate) and become a writer for fake news outlets such as New Matilda, ABC The Drum and Fairfax and the uber-lesbian literary journal Meanjin, his brother Professor Rob Sparrow is a tenured radical at the Monash Arts School.

Rob’s academic output is exactly the type of derivative, noxious bilge you see across the social sciences today. His papers include such significant and empirical topics as ‘Robots, rape, and representation’, ‘Queerin’ the PGD clinic: human enhancement and the future of bodily diversity’ and ‘Robots and respect: assessing the case against Autonomous Weapons Systems’. That first one is about whether it’s ethical or not to rape a robot. Seriously. Your tax dollars hard at work.

And Rob, only pretentious dicks still use the Oxford comma. Get over yourself.

Rob’s is the pierced and sallow face behind violent anarchist propagandist Andy Fleming, an online persona who writes hatespeech for the slackbastard blog. He writes regularly encouraging the university-age footsoldiers of Antifa to commit violence against anyone who disagrees with their neo-Marxist orthodoxy.

The close links between the slackbastard blog and Jeff Sparrow are not difficult to find. Slackbastard posted to Facebook the article attacking me, The Spectator and Mark Latham almost immediately upon it being published. Pretty sloppy fellas, even for Antifa.

It seems the Sparrow family are senior commissars in the Antifa hierarchy. They’re some of the queen bees, not the workers who dress up like fake ninjas and get punched by nationalists. These are the types of manlets who encourage others to go out and punch a Nazi rather than risk their six-figure salaries and establishment positions by doing it themselves. They’re cowards who role-play as revolutionaries.

These sad figures lead a double-life under the cover of the leftist bias which pervades our media. Thinking they are super-heroes, they are instead villains who urge others onto violence. Thinking they’re Bruce Wayne they are instead the Joker, filled with a morbid hatred for all this good and virtuous in our society.

I have bad news for them. I’m Batman! Actually all of us are who refuse to bow to their collectivist tyranny based on false narratives and projected guilt. It gives you super powers. Try it.

batman comic con photo
This is what a Fairfax editor looks like. Photo by R Schofield

It is a sad reflection of just how thorough the Marxist takeover of Australia has been that we have at least two members of the Soros-funded domestic terrorist organisation Antifa who manage to retain positions at Monash University, Victoria University, Fairfax and the ABC. These people are given six-figure salaries from our tax dollars while they agitate for the destruction of the nation and physical violence against anyone who disagrees with them. They are only able to do so because our political class, domestic intelligence and police agencies have been hopelessly compromised.

You preach hate against nationalists and you’ll get a PhD, a cushy job, media gigs and research grants. You spout love for your nation and hate toward those who are destroying it, and no establishment outlet will publish you. It’s a strange place we’ve arrived at as a nation. Something has to change.

Things will only change if we stop being afraid of speaking the truth. Ours is a mass movement of truth against lies, freedom against tyranny, accountability against corruption and love of nation against hatred of what is good and wholesome. Our enemies are powerful, but they are also decadent and deranged. The future belongs to us, not them.

For a very long time the left has looked invincible. It’s not. We’ve got the kryptonite to defeat them, and it turns out all it ever took was to look reality in the face, speak the truth plainly and have the balls to not back down. Their time is over. Ours has just begun. The fire rises.

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  • John Brown

    Love the article, keep it up. Motivate the silent majority out from its siesta.

  • Goo gler

    I think you are absolutely right, harsh though it may be. It does not
    matter who is in power if these fascist-antifa people are running all
    the govt funded institutions and our universities. We have to take back
    our education, justice and broadcasting systems. Well done – great piece of honest writing!

  • Ralphy

    Commiserations Moses with the Spectator decision. Very poor form my view but at least you’re in great company with Sky’s similar treatment of Mark Latham over his simple honesty.

    I’m a big fan of Rowan Dean and the professional “Outsider” family. I admire greatly those who stick their heads up over the “culture-war” battlements, full well knowing they may risk their employment if not simply a serious headkicking from the “machine MSM”.

    I’m not a big fan of “isms” and the constant labelling and endless examination of strands of political theory. Alright for many but I’m more interested in values and the Aussie “fair go”. I am an unashamed Nationalist to my bootlaces.

    I passionately believe that to win the “culture wars” we need to smash the ABC and don’t know why this is so hard? We hold its lifeline, the pursestrings?

    Its programmes are repeatedly watched in schools daily and go largely unchallenged from any diverse or contrary opinion. It is pure indoctrination and propaganda.

    I will vote for any Party (halving immigration too) that promises to halve its budget and insists on balance in all of its forums. It needs to be dragged kicking and screaming back to the centre if we are to discharge our duty to adequately educate our next generations.

    It’s a public broadcaster with untrammeled power in contemptuously disregarding its charter in representing only half of its audience. It is a viper clutched to our breast.

    So halve its budget and de-fang it for crissake! Its not hard and the right wont lose a single vote.

    • entropy

      Couldn’t agree more, Ralphy. Not only does the ABC fail at journalism by disregarding its duty to report objectively, it fails as a public service when all it pushes out is the same green-left, pro-‘diversity’ rhetoric that is already championed by the commercial channels and SBS.

      XYZ calling the ABC to account was one of the main reasons I started posting here, and I’d love to see more of it.

      On a related note, I actually prefer the old XYZ logo, which I though was an excellent skewering of the ABC’s.

      • Ralphy

        It seems like such a no brainer to me Entropy but for some reason it’s enormously hard? I don’ t understand it at all. Sure there would be a hue and cry but do it at the start of a term and argue its hugely unfair advantage/threat to the commercial outlets (costing jobs)and spend the money saved on a cause ‘celebre’ to assuage the protest. It’s the fattest and most contemptuous of cats in urgent need of a diet and hefty comeuppance.

        • entropy

          In urgent need of a long walk on a busy road, I’d argue.

  • Dom Inic

    Moses is accused of being a jew hater! ha ha aha I get it. If they did their homework they would know that their Marxist forebears were every bit the jew haters as their bastard cousins the Nazi’s

  • Marilyn Shepherd

    What a load of drivel, but seriously is Christian Kerr hiding his lights over on Spectator these days?

    • entropy

      When you disagree with something but aren’t intelligent enough to explain why.


    • David Hiscox

      Wow, Marilyn Shephed. There’s a name I haven’t seen since my days at onlineopinion. This is going to be fun.

  • Ron Chilstone

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great piece of satire making fun of right wing commentators and their over inflated egos!

  • Robbie Rocketpants

    Sparrows actions remind me of something written in Stephen Hicks book Explaining Postmodernism (and pasted below). Sparrow seems to be blindly following with very little original thought the postmodernist playbook.

    “…He will feel the urge to hurt, in any way he can, his hated enemy. But of course he cannot risk direct physical confrontation—he is a weakling. His only weapons are words. And so, Nietzsche argued, the weakling becomes extremely clever with words…”

    …The strategy is not new. If you hate someone and want to hurt him, then hit him where it counts. Do you want to hurt a man who loves his children and hates child molesters? Drop hints and spread rumors that he is fond of child pornography. Do you want to hurt a woman who takes pride in her independence? Spread the word that she married the man she did because he is wealthy. The truth or falsity of the rumors does not matter, and whether those you tell believe you does not really matter. What matters is that you score a direct, damaging hit to someone’s psyche. You know that those accusations and rumors will cause tremors, even if they come to nothing. You get the wonderfully dark glow inside of knowing that you did it. And the rumors might just come to something after all.”

    • Karen Dwyer

      A very interesting quote and summation: accurately descriptive of motivation and tactics.

      All the more reason to be aware that “fear of man will prove to be a snare”.

      And the second half of that proverb is apposite: “but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe”.

      Emotional and mental stability rests partially on not being pulled either “up” or “down” by the vagaries of public opinion.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Moses A., yet again I am going to have to castigate you strongly.

    You have considerable gifts and yet you write “And Rob, only pretentious dicks still use the Oxford comma. Get over yourself.”. Hmph! You could have dropped the former sentence and still kept the latter.

    More importantly, though: each phrase, each link, and each paragraph is relevant, purposeful, and convincing. 😉

    Well done, you!

    • You’re doing a good job as my conscience, Mrs Dwyer.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Good-o. Because you know I’ll defend to the hilt my right to use commas …. 🙂

        • ElvenPegasister

          Moses, you can be glad I don’t put in Oxford commas when I edit. I too will defend to the hilt my right to use them in my own work.

          • Karen Dwyer

            Speaking of your own work, I’m quite looking forward to seeing more of it …

  • Karen Dwyer

    On a daily basis, one finds oneself boxed in by militant and determined oiks of the Sparrow ilk. Childless they may be, but they spitefully have their mitts on the upbringing of other people’s children.

    Fellow Victorians who migrated (fled!) here from Communist countries are astute: they are aware that what developed over a period of 30 years in those Communist countries has been implemented here in 3-5 years.

    Clearly, money has been changing hands; corruption is rife; there’s an atmosphere of gloating and recklessness that comes from those who believe they are all powerful.

    But here is the thing: our thoughts are free. And the greater the “crackdown”, the more that the power imbalance is evident. Totalitarians actually lack true power, because they always operate from a basis of fear. And fear is a loser’s trait.

  • Deplorable Steve

    But how do we do this Moses? By slow infiltration or by more rapid and possibly violent means? I am for the latter, as Christ himself dealt with an immoral situation using force, when He cast out the money lenders. I am a mild mannered middle aged bloke whose physical best has long departed but I would support or join an institution that has the will to damage antifa by any means possible.

    • We’ve got to take back the campuses imo mate. They were taken by force in the late 60’s.

      I disavow all forms of violence of course…

  • Minging

    Bang nail hit on the head! Particularly with Slackbastard one of the world’s worst kept secrets yet he retains his job of indoctrinating the next breed on our dime!

    However you’ve missed the third cog of the leafy Brighton-privilege-born-Champagne-Socialist triumvirate. Jill Sparrow… equally as privileged, equally as deluded!

    I have little doubt of them being the product of the original Stalin ‘useful idiots’… the delusion passed down the generations and infecting everything they’ve touched on the way.

    Time to fight back, the real people are starting to awake to the malignancy that indoctrinated cultural Marxism brings!

  • Karen Dwyer

    And, in its entirety, because it is all relevant:

    The French Revolution, Genocide, and the Secular Left
    by Bill Muehlenberg
    The 228th Bastille Day has just been celebrated in France – at least by some. Not everyone is crazy about the storming of the Bastille and the terror and bloodshed that followed. The French Revolution has rightly been seen by many as a precursor to so much political violence and mob rule of the left today.

    In her 2011 book on leftist radicalism, Demonic, Ann Coulter reminds us that “To understand liberals, we must understand the French Revolution.” She continues, “Liberals don’t like to talk about the French Revolution because it is them.”

    In my review of her book I said this:

    french revolution 3Anything associated with the old order was targeted by the mobs, but anything having to do with the church was especially focused on. Priests, nuns and lay people were massacred in large numbers, while churches were destroyed and one sacrilege after another was carried out.
    Some of the gruesome descriptions of what the mobs did to ordinary men, women and children are almost too hard to stomach. Rape, torture, mutilation, and hideous forms of killing were the norm. If one had to illustrate the actions of the demonic, surely this was it. It seemed there were not enough guillotines to keep up with all the carnage and slaughter.
    And all the while the crowds were cheering this on. The Jacobin program of “de-Christianization” was especially ferocious and repellent. Indeed, “the word ‘vandalisme’ had to be invented to describe” their actions as they desecrated churches, looted Christian properties, and destroyed sacred art. The revolutionaries sought to “completely destroy Christianity and replace it with a religion of the state”.
    Anything associated with Christianity was open to attack. Citizens were even forced to drop their Christian names. A new Revolutionary Calendar was established, with the months renamed, and even clocks were redesigned in decimal time.

    If you wondered why the radical secular left in the West today is getting increasing irrational, violent and frenzied, all you have to do is go back and examine what began on July 14, 1789. The radicalism of that period has been repeated ever since by secular left activists.

    Paul Bois has just penned a piece on this and is worth quoting from at length:

    People typically think of the “Reign of Terror” ushered in by Robespierre and his Jacobin club as an era of grotesque political executions where kangaroo courts would sentence crown loyalists and traitors to death by way of the iconic guillotine as the crowds of Paris celebrated. It was all of this, yes, but it was all of this and much more.
    In September 1792, an event known as the September Massacres claimed the lives of 1200 to 1400 people in less than four days when revolutionary mobs stormed the Paris jails and murdered men, women, and children by hacking them to pieces or bashing their skulls in. Of those killed, 233 were Catholic priests that refused the oath demanded of them in the “Civil Constitution of the Clergy,” which placed the Church under state control.
    Spurned on by rebellions in the countryside, the revolutionaries by 1793 would jettison the principles laid out in the “Declaration of the Rights of Man” with the institution of a secret police that would monitor citizen activity and arrest anyone they deemed unfriendly to the revolution. Informants were stationed everywhere, and people could be carted off to the guillotine for so much as addressing people in the old-fashioned “Monsieur” and “Madame” instead of the state sanctioned “citoyen” (citizen). Even back in 1793, leftists were butchering common terms.
    Robespierre and the Jacobins regarded the Catholic Church and Christianity in general as little more than a cloying reminder of France’s monarchical and superstitious past. To fully sever from it, they launched an era of dechristianization that included the state’s confiscation of Church property, the destruction of Christian icons, and instituting of bizarre civic cults, including the Cult of Reason and the Cult of the Supreme Being. All priests and clergymen that did not swear the oath mandated in the “Civil Constitution” were liable to execution on site.
    None felt this dechristianization quite so harshly as the peasants in the coastal region of the Vendée, who became subject to what some historians have classified as the first modern genocide, with the current death toll 170,000.

    Back in 2008 John Zmirak wrote about Bastille Day, noting that it was in fact a “baptism of blood”. A revised version of his peace appeared two years ago and he also looked at Vendée:

    But the first such modern genocide in the West took place in France, beginning in 1793. It was undertaken by modern, progressive apostles of Enlightenment and aimed at pious peasants in the Vendée region of France. By its end up to 300,000 civilians had been killed by the armies of the Republic.
    This story is little discussed in France. Indeed, a devout historian who teaches at a French university once told me, “We are not to mention the Vendée. Anyone who brings up what was done there has no prospect of an academic career. So we keep silent.”

    He continues:

    It was ordinary farmers of the Vendée and Brittany regions who rose up in 1793 against the middle-class radicals in Paris who controlled the country. The ideologues of the Revolution had already
    -Executed the king and queen, and left their young son to die of disease in prison.
    Seized the Cathedral of Notre Dame, stripped it of Christian symbols, and enshrined a prostitute as the “Goddess of Reason” on the altar;
    -Declared a revolutionary “war of liberation” against most of the other countries in Europe;
    -Suspended all Protestant services, in deference to the state’s cult of Reason;
    -Seized all church property from Catholics, expelling thousands of monks, priests and nuns to fend for themselves, then sold the property to their cronies to raise money for their wars;
    -Ordered all clergy to swear allegiance to the government instead of the church; and
    -Launched the first universal conscription in history, drafting ordinary people — most of them devout peasants bewildered by the slogans that held sway in Paris—to fight for the Revolution.
    When the Parisians came to take away their sons for the army, the Vendeans finally fought back and launched a counter-revolution in the name of “God and King.” It quickly spread across the northwest of France, tying down the government’s professional armies — fighting untrained bands of devout guerillas, many of them armed only with muskets suited to hunting.

    He quotes writer Sophie Masson on this:

    The atrocities multiplied, the exterminations systematic and initiated from the very top, and carried out with glee at the bottom. At least 300,000 people were massacred during that time, and those of the intruders who refused to do the job were either shot or discredited utterly. But still the people resisted. Still there were those who hid in the forests and ambushed, who fought as bravely as lions but were butchered like pigs when they were caught. No quarter was given; all the leaders were shot, beheaded, or hanged. Many were not even allowed to rest in peace; the body of the last leader was cut up and distributed to scientists; his head was pickled in a jar, the brain examined to see where the seed of rebellion lay in the mind of a savage. . . .

    When we think of more recent massacres, bloodbaths and genocides committee by other secular left regimes such as godless communism, we can’t help but see a straight line from what happened over two centuries ago. It is the same lust for power, the same commitment to violence, and the same hatred of ordinary men (all in the name of mankind) being played out all over again.

    Bastille Day is not something to celebrate. The French Revolution, like the Russian Revolution and other ideological upheavals, was a bloody disaster resulting in the death of countless individuals. Whether under Robespierre or Lenin or Stalin or Mao or Castro, these atheist revolutionaries sought to bring their own version of heaven to earth.

    But hell on earth was instead the actual result. As G.K. Chesterton put it in Orthodoxy: “The secularists have not wrecked divine things; but the secularists have wrecked secular things, if that is any comfort to them. The Titans did not scale heaven; but they laid waste the world.”

    [1391 words]

  • Octavian

    Was your Spectator article distributed in print?

  • Lucas Rosas

    Moses you started posting happy merchant pics.

    How exactly did you expect this to turn out?

  • lukeweyland

    Apparently all who are anti fascists are terrorists. Guess I must be a “terrorist” then

  • Long time John.

    Just when i had thought i had run out of reasons why to vote Bernardi another one pops up.