Feminists will forgive terrorists, but not Pastor Mark Driscoll


Controversy was sparked last week when Hillsong church announced that it was inviting the controversial American pastor Mark Driscoll to Australia to participate in their annual conference. 

Pastor Mark Driscoll (Photograph from Mar’s Hill Church)

No sooner had the announcement been made than the progressive media went into overdrive, digging up the dirt on Driscoll, and dirt they found by the shovel load.

Many years ago, Driscoll had made some stupid and ridiculous comments, stating that “women were created to house a man’s penis”. And likewise, many years ago had apologised for making these outlandish and offensive remarks.

But no apology is ever enough for the unforgiving left.

The media swiftly relegated Driscoll into the same category of serial woman basher and American boxer Floyd Mayweather and the rather pathetic self proclaimed ‘professional’ pick-up artist, Julien Blanc.

Jenna Price, co-founder of the bizarrely named feminist organisation, ‘Destroy the Joint’, an organisation which apparently calls for “gender equality” demanded that Hillsong exclude Driscoll from the conference, and further contended:

We would have to ask the Australian Government why it will allow a person who promotes this sort of inequality to come to Australia.”

In addition to this political blustering, a 3000 signature petition has been raised, protesting Driscoll’s planned visit to Australia.

It is bizarre that such a heavy handed approach is being taken to stop this foot-in-mouth preacher from entering Australia, when at the same time, leftists have been calling for ‘compassion’ and the acceptance of returned ISIS fighters.

Furthermore, feminist organisations such as ‘Destroy the Joint’ are conspicuously silent on the ongoing atrocities committed against women in the Middle East including the horrific human trafficking, sexual slavery and genital mutilation.

As Claire Lehmann also points out:

Just last month the University of Western Sydney’s Muslim Students’ Association hosted an event, attended by Hizb ut-Tahrir representatives, in which women were asked to sit apart from men, at the back of a lecture hall. Yet a Google search for Destroy the Joint and ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir’ returns no results. Why the cherry picking?”

One can only conclude with this level of inconsistency and sheer hypocrisy, many on the left including the aptly named ‘Destroy the Joint’ are not interested in the health and well being of our society, but really are intent on destroying the joint.

  • Chooie

    When asked why we need feminism in this day and age many feminists will point out the terrible conditions women face in the middle east and developing world. Its a great smokescreen which enables them to get back to their man-spreading and ban bossy campaigns which are much more important to them.

  • Konstantin

    For a long time pastor Mark Driscoll is known for his silly statements that are very offensive and are a relic of some bygone times. But no matter what, my personal assertion is that modern society should know no bans! If the pastor Mark Driscoll has violated a law, which I’m pretty sure he did, then he should be punished. But if the only argument is his opinion, I am afraid that is not enough.

  • Thanks for your comments Chooie and Konstantin.

    Unfortunately I don’t often hear feminists speaking out against the the atrocities that are being committee on a daily basis in the Middle East, or things like female genital mutilation which is happen in Oz.

    Driscoll may be an offensive buffoon, but really is that enough to try and stop him from entering the country? Why not take the debate to him?

    I can’t take organisations like ‘Destroy the Joint’ seriously when they’re preoccupied with the stupid things some white man says when violence is being committed under their noses.

    And seriously, with a name like ‘Destroy the Join’, they don’t serve to be taken seriously.

  • Konstantin

    There is another problem which we are all aware. And that is the origin and purpose of such NGO’s. Take the example of the Canadian Organization for the Rights of Women in Afghanistan – CW4Wafghan. They were for a few years advocated an open military intervention to Afghanistan, to improve the position of women in this country??? There is no logic in it to me, but to someone else, who is behind it all, there probably is.