First London falls, then England


A quick glance at the headlines this morning almost made me spill my coffee. This imagined disaster of course did not unfold as I guard my coffee like a guard, well, my coffee. But the news that did bring me close to the precipice was an article in The Australian outlining the two main candidates to topple the hapless Theresa May.

Put your hand up if Boris Johnson was one of your immediate picks. Yes? Well done, you win a prize of watching me drink my coffee. So who is your second pick to go forth and save England? Waiting, waiting. Not sure?

Why, it’s a Pakistani Muslim called Sajid Javid. And it seems that he’s the front runner.

It looks like the Tories are determined not to deliver Brexit in any meaningful form, but to simply out-progressive the progressives.

He said: “The much bigger picture is social mobility. That’s what I want the party to be seen as: promoting how politicians — or the right politicians — can make a real difference to you as an individual in your life.

“I want Britain to be that kind of opportunity society where the government is your friend, working with you, enabling. Rather than holding you back, intentionally or not.”

I’m from the government and not only am I here to help, I’m your mate too.

He said that in his previous role as communities secretary, he had planned to build more houses but was vetoed by Downing Street.

“I think that is still an area where we can be much more radical and open up more opportunities,” he said.

Trying to out-social the socialists.

Mr Javid said that although Leave voters wanted to control immigration, they did not necessarily “want less of it”, adding:

“Personally, I think that is far more important than someone saying, ‘Our immigration policy is about bringing numbers down, and nothing else.’”

He said that “very easy access to foreign workers” had been a “cheaper” option for businesses than “looking at automation”, while immigration had kept wages down because “if you can continue to get as much low-skilled labour as you want, where’s the pressure for you to attract more people from the domestic workforce?”

We’ve got a lot of Pakis here but we still need lots more, otherwise how are we going to take you over?

So a non-British Muslim is set to lead the Tory party, and he will lead it into oblivion as no able bodied and red blooded English male will vote for him. Corbyn will be a shoe-in and he will erect communism on the shores of once merry England. The best thing that the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish could do in that situation is to leave the United Kingdom with much due haste.

The old order seems to be crumbling, both on the continent with the yellow vest protests and now in England. And as history shows, once it starts coming apart it happens very fast indeed.

The comments as always were more interesting than the article itself. Quite a few people were objecting to a Pakistani Muslim becoming the prime minister of Great Britain. But there were some who still cling to their old virtue signaling ways, such as someone called Mark:

“And how is his ethnicity or religion relevant?”

You might not be interested in the biological realities of tribalism but rest assured that tribalism is interested in you.

Prepare to stock up on coffee.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • Jai_Normosone

    You’ve got to be shitting me… ?
    The thought that the conservatives could be so seriously & ridiculously stupid that they put someone like a non-British Muslim in the role of PM absolutely beggars belief.
    Hopefully the failed experiment of that turd that is mayor of Londonistan will have soured enough to not select him.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Politics is a numbers game and when the electorate is full of Muslims well you know the outcome, then they increase their numbers and the country is next, like they have done in 57 countries so far.
      If our Government doesn’t stop the Islamisation of Australia we will be on the chopping block!

      Vote 1 ALA the only anti Islam Party, the others just keep bringing them in!

      • Jai_Normosone

        I know that the Conservatives (Bernadi) is also well aware of the problems caused by importing the trash of the world.

        • Bikinis not Burkas

          He is aware but will do nothing if elected!

          • Jai_Normosone

            Come on… we have to have hope that there is someone who isn’t there just to feather their own ne*….

            Fuck it 🙁

          • Bikinis not Burkas

            Yes there is:- watch this!


          • Jai_Normosone

            I love it!
            I was thinking about what would happen if some of the Paedophile Worshippers showed up with unregistered guns or started stabbing them or running them down with a car and how quickly senior VicPol morons* … I mean, senior VicPol Officers would go “Well, since that is your culture, that is OK. On your way then….” while vehemently pursing the Taliban Tarts for hate speech and upsetting the Peaceful Rapists.

  • David Hiscox

    Foreign Minister tipped to be Wasi Akrim, Defence Minister is Ikeepmyteef Inajarbesidethebed.

    • John Sheppard

      Ramhis Raja is also tipped to be Treasurer…

    • Doc79

      Minister of the Interior- Deep Inda Khakkar.

  • Jamie Blank

    Well that’s a relief. The pedo apologising paki didn’t get in.

  • Do it! Let’s get the UK civil war going so they can finally turf out the invaders and charge the ruling elite with high treason against the British people of which there can only be one punishment.

    If Boris isn’t made leader and doesn’t take the Uk out of the EU immediately then Britain is finished, there will be catastrophic consequences and likely the order that follows will go by some other name (but who knows).

    • Minging

      The globalists and progressives in Tories have given May her stay of execution this morn. She cannot be ousted until the next elections now. Britains only hope is exceptional politicking… which won’t happen. As for the fanciful ‘civil war’… the minority of oldies and working class would be butchered by the sheer numbers of fighting age Muslims and their ‘progressive’ enablers. 20 years ago I stated this would happen and subsequently chose Australia over all else. I know see the same tell-tale signs of us being less than 10 years behind… with only being an island and a weakening Liberal party clinging to power being the reason the process has not hastened more so. Enter Labor next year and you can halve that time again.

    • Chris Slaterr

      (((the Ruling Elite)))

    • boris is a fucking jew puppet. they ALL are.
      there is no political solution.
      there is only war now.

  • Chris Slaterr

    It completely boggles my mind how the native European British could actually believe that putting non whites in power will actually benefit them? These people are genetically hard wired to put the interests of their in-group ahead of others, whites are the only group that don’t do this.

  • fimbulwinter

    Like all Western governments the Tory’s have been bought. Soros globalist puppets with the same NWO agenda. The appointment of a paki prime minister is for no other reason but to demoralize the native Brits.

  • Minging

    The home secretary is always the favourite in a stoush. This just happens to be the same home secretary whose first job in office it was to sign off on shunting Tommy Robinson off to prison unlawfully. England is now finished… the Tories are no longer conservative but majority globalists and progressives with a raving Socialist leading Labour to a certain victory. Australia is following fast on its heals as foolish nationalist choose minor parties with no chance of amounting to nowt, rather than changing the Libs from within and keeping the Socialist wolves at bay whilst they do so!

  • Taipan
    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Sahih Bukhari (88:219) – “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman
      their ruler.”

  • fimbulwinter

    Glass half full: repealing gay marriage; stoning to death of fags, feminists and trannies; expulsion of the juice; banning female politicians

    Glass half empty: more terrorism, demographic replacement continues, remain in the EU, special perks for Muslims, Sharia law.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    UK RIP. The ideal white woman ..

  • thegentlemantroll

    What a nutjob

  • thegentlemantroll

    And just for a bit of Piggott-bashing on the side, his past line takes from Mark Steyn who said it years earlier. I wonder if that’ll be his next conservative target

    • clemilf

      or sPiggott ? Careful, not to hurt the XXXL Ego

  • Noachideous

    Dr Hombre Ebola of the OHPI demonstrates how jewry embolden,teach and inform others as a mechanism to leverage jewry’s genocidal disdain for racial Europeans….. who as it happens ……paid for make undead 1948….. in blood.

    For those who’ve not contemplated the meaning of the 888 246 PoPPies …

    This is what it means….. jewry claim 42 letters in the name of its deity.

    888 246 sum 420 for 888 666 …. 24 18 … 42 …… +x 42 58 … 6 13 … 8 40 … 1948.

    There are 613 mitzvoth in the jewhiss scribblings.

    Those of you out there who collaborate with jewry in its White Genocide Project … must surely represent the shame your own Ancestors…… for a few … or precisely 30 …… shekels.

    Most of them did not know…. YOU … now … do ….. No excuses to remain silent any more .. over fear, indifference or complacency.

    White Feather 29…. for the PM ? …. anyone … for his ongoing ….. complicit ….silence on the matter.

  • Minging

    Bwahahahaha Ryan Felcher is XYZ’s own Nicola Gobbo… total black Jew pretending the otherwise! XYZ you should be ashamed to give Curley any vehicle! A good old fashioned ‘tar and feathering’ should be in order for him and his enablers at your clap trap rag. Hi Curley Felcher… can smell the cotton from here!

  • Pilliga Scrubber

    Think then on revenge and cease to weep — Henry iv— ie revenge is a dish taken cold —ie go fucken get them an do the cunts when they are in their beds.

  • Pilliga Scrubber

    Think then on revenge and cease to weep Henry 1V –REVENGE IS A DISH TAKEN COLD–Try to take Australia will be at YOUR FUCKING PERIL . just saying

  • morons don’t realise, but Europe is way more fucked and in dire straights right now than at any time during both world wars.