Five reasons to privatise the ABC – Responding to Chris Kenny


Matty’s Modern Life responds to an article by conservative Chris Kenny who argued not to privatise the ABC.

Matty makes the following key points:

  • Kenny overestimates the popularity of the ABC among conservatives
  • The fact that the ABC may not be commercially viable is actually an argument to get rid of the ABC altogether
  • The ABC does not bind the country together – in fact it is divisive
  • A policy to sell the ABC would energise the conservative base, and it is a fight that conservatives should welcome
  • The ABC by its very nature will always favour the left because it is a public institution

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  • Ralphy

    I taste blood in the water Matty, at long last the circling commences! It’s been a very long time in coming but….they…..are…..worried!

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Definitely, the tide is turning.

  • The Expanding Man
  • thegentlemantroll

    I guess he’s conservative as far as wanting to “conserve” the ABC goes. What a cuckolded twat. All our right-wing journalists have turned into retards.

    • Warty2

      He’s not right wing.

  • Warty2

    Chris Kenny is a bit of a cuck: he picks his ‘conservative’ issues, but falls down significantly regarding the ABC (I mean what conservative would defend the centre of the swamp) and goes ballistic, virtue-signalling about David Leyonhjelm’s totally understandable joke about female shags on rocks. He even used a particularly funny euphemism on The Outsiders for the ‘F… Off’ he said to SHY, when she came up to confront him for the Shag on the rock bit. Instead of repeating the F… Off he claimed he told her to ‘go and make love somewhere else’. Witty stuff.
    But none of this was in the slightest bit funny as far as the sanctimonious Kenny was concerned, instead he took issue with Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean for not shutting Leyonhjelm down earlier. As if anyone would.