Food For Thought – “Antisemitism” Is Code For Gentile Destruction

International organised Jewry are their own worst enemies. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Never underestimate the monumental hutzpah of international organised Jewry to tell you it’s rainy when they are pissing in your face.

From European Jewish Press

In an unprecedented joint letter, a coalition of 124 non-profit organizations from around the world have urged Facebook to adopt the widely recognized International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism to fight hate speech on the social media platform.

The letter, which was sent to Facebook’s board and senior management on Friday, follows mounting public pressure urging Facebook to effectively act against hate speech and dangerous disinformation.

The joint NGOs’ call discloses that in recent remarks given by a senior Facebook representative, the company “does not have a policy aimed at combating online antisemitism”, sparking the coalition to urge Facebook to “join the ranks of the historians, advocates, activists, lawmakers, and leaders who compiled the IHRA working definition” and “take responsibility and move toward removing the scourge of antisemitism from today’s most important online public square.”

Anyone with a three digit IQ knows Facebook has been systemically purging anyone with an articulate convincing critique of Jewish power for years now. Not only that but thanks to President Talmud Trump, who early last year declared he wants to “Bring back” the death penalty for anti-Semites (a policy deployed by the former Soviet Union), signed an Executive Order which explicitly cites the IHRA ‘Working Definition of Antisemitism’.

Ostensibly it is illegal in America to criticize Jews, and White people existing is antisemitism. The reason why isn’t hard to understand when you realise that IHRA are having to cover-up a bigger fraud than Bernie Madoff as their co-ethnic conspirators commit acts of terrorism with establishment impunity.

If they think animosity toward Jews is going to dissipate anytime soon whilst arrogantly strong-arming the gentiles from on high then perhaps they should take some time to read David Cole’s content.

Food for thought.

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