Food for thought – Cayman Caribbean Cash-in

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Labor NSW senator, Sam Dastyari, has today used parliamentary privilege to charge PM Turnbull with not playing “by the same rules as the rest of us”. Apparently the PM’s offshore investments in the Cayman Islands aren’t PC enough for precious little Labor to cope with.

Last thing I remember reading about the Caymans was an article published in the September 2007 edition of Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which is a magazine produced by the LaRouche movement. Apparently these Caribbean offshore financial centres are strategically used by the British to finance organized crime apparatus to subvert America with “Dope Inc.” (or so the LaRouchies say anyway).

Had I known Sam Dastyari was going to spruik a charge against PM Turnbull on this topic I would’ve e-mailed Sam the article and suggested he accuse Turnbull of being a conspirator in the operation as the PM publicly admitted smoking cannabis back in his youth (and yes I’m being sarcastic).

Frankly when this story broke on me TV screen this Simpsons bit was all I could think about.

Food for thought.