Food For Thought: China-Australia Free Trade Jeopardy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday we had South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill and Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews both coming out in support of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (which is at odds with federal Labor).

Federal Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten has certainly made a big old jump to the Left in order to appease these Trotsky loving trendies that congregate around Trades Hall. However, if he doesn’t start stepping back to the right he’s going to jeopardise our country’s commerce opportunities, as China has expressed they’ll walk away from the agreement if Labor doesn’t come on board.

Even former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke has professed his support for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement stating “I am all in favour of it”.

Frankly I empathize with Prime Minister Abbott over this head slapping idiocy from the opposition.

Food for thought