Food for thought – Geert’s visa granted


imageDutch Politician and founder and leader of the conservative Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, has had his Australian visa approved (despite delays) in order to participate with launching the new political party Australian Liberty Alliance. Hallelujah!

Geert has been a strong critic of multiculturalism and a proponent for free speech. Most notably he is known for his vocal criticism of Islam, which has resulted in him requiring permanent personal protection by armed bodyguards since 2004.

Last time Geert visited Australia back in February 2013, his speaking engagements were disrupted by multiple venues backing out of fully paid contracts as well as noticeable advertising road blocks.

Not only that but Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, went so far as to side with the Socialist Alternative dregs and publicly convey that Geert was not welcome in his State.

Given the Australian Liberty Alliance launch will be held in Perth, hopefully Geert will be afforded greater respect than previously bestowed upon him by Premier Barnett.

Food for thought.