Food For Thought – Hollywood’s Robin Hood An Antifa Globalist


Last night my brother and I went to see the pre-screening of Robin Hood, starring Targon Egerton (Robin Hood), Jamie Foxx (Petit Jean) and Ben Mendelsohn (The Sheriff of Nottingham).

To quote The Simpsons Comic Book Guy:

“Worst. Film. Ever!”

It caused me to write this review on my Minds social media account (FYI Minds has marked me “mature content” hence the red “explicit” mark on the comment):

Now before Slackbastard groupies begin to call me crazy, check out this article by Katie Walsh which just got published by the Tribune News Press:

Every generation gets the Robin Hood it deserves, and the 2018 “Robin Hood” is sleek, modern and retrofitted for a radical political landscape. Take in that Shepard Fairey-inspired wanted poster, the woodcut-style closing credits sequence rendered in Constructivist shades of red and black, our masked, hooded hero hurling Molotov cocktails, and you just might wonder: “Is Robin Hood antifa?”

But Robin Hood has always been anti-fascist, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, living with his pals in Sherwood Forest while battling against the tyrannical Sheriff of Nottingham and disrupting abusive systems of power. He’s the very definition of a radical leftist activist. The new iteration maintains the medieval setting while bringing the classic story to a contemporary thematic landscape, using a street art aesthetic and early Soviet cinematic references to position the landed lord of Loxley as a proletarian hero.

As I reiterated this time last week in “Food For Thought – Antifa Is A Tool Of The System”:

Where once the traditional Left agitated to secure worker’s wages and living standards from being diluted down by open border immigration, ANTIFA and their allies routinely agitate for this policy on behalf of rich “globalists” looking to break up cohesive nation-states in order to drive down wages.

This is also why ANTIFA zealously promotes intersectional politics while simultaneously psychopathologising “Whiteness” to divide nationalists and unite the riff-raff that makes up the “globalist” proxy army.

Who would’ve thought current year Robin Hood was actually a globalist foot-soldier being bankrolled by billionaire oligarchs. Never saw it coming…NOT!

Food For Thought.

  • clemilf


  • Harry Stottle

    I won’t watch it because of the black guy in it. It’s offensive cultural appropriation.

    • Ryan

      I recommend readers follow your example Harry mate!

    • Bumpstock

      According to IMDB

      “The Moor character was never actually a part of Robin Hood folklore
      until the 1980s when he was created for the UK show ‘Robin Of Sherwood’.
      A few years later the makers of ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ saw the
      show and mistakenly assumed him to be genuine, which led to Morgan
      Freeman’s character in the 1991 version”

      Looks like this new movie has taken it to a whole new level. The Moor actually takes the place of Little John, yes total cultural appropriation and worse. “The Hood” as he is now called, didn’t really have a clue how to fight or shoot even after being a Crusader until his new black Muslim homie showed him back home. The Crusades are juxtaposed for today’s war on Islamic terror and apparently in the Crusade scenes the Muslims are portrayed as hapless victims being mocked for their “faith” by evil whitey. They even go as far as having Robin and his new back homie stealing from the state to “defund the Crusades”. How Antifa. Never mind all the visual references to Antifa.

      How do I know this without seeing it? Well even leftie magazines like Rolling Stone and the Guardian were not even impressed with their attempted politicisation of the original story and have given it a panning along with pretty much every other reviewer.

      Jesus, Ryan, though I really thought just from the poster and a few You Tube views of the shorts all this was pretty evident and you would not be wasting good money on seeing garbage like this. Its like $20 to see a move, thats about an hours net pay for a working class person.

      • Ryan

        It was more about spending time with my brother moreso than the movie itself. But yeah, $15 for a ticket is shit tier. Although have haemoraged heaps atm from crypto

  • LadyMoonlight

    Just waiting for the day when Robin Hood is black, thinks he is really maid Marion and the church is busy feeding and housing lots of the merry men who have recently become women. Got to happen you know.

  • Bucky Redux

    Shouldn’t Robin be gay, or at least a pre-op tranny or cross dresser ?
    This is the current year, after all. I am disappointed.

    • It would have been more historically accurate, surely.

    • Bumpstock

      I came across this wesbite a while back, a bunch of mainly Jewish academics trying to convince the world how black, gay, feminist, Jewish and transgender the Middle Ages supposedly were, and arguing that depictions of the Middle Ages whether in historical stories or myths and legends like LOTR and GoT have no right to make all of the principal characters white. No, Europe was so black in the Middle Ages that you know, King Thoedin should have been black or a few noble houses of Westeros, stuff like that. Seriously (((these people))) are going into overdrive in eliminating us not only from the present but the past, as Orwell predicted.

      • Bucky Redux

        Just been perusing that website you linked to…..
        It’s a nasty piece of work alright. The writers are sure pushing twisted revisionist versions of history.
        Transgenderism and homosexuality were “normal and accepted”: bastards are trying to normalise aberrant behaviour.
        These “Academics” are dangerous and perverse people. Attached a photo of one that pushes the tranny barrow,”she” is transgender:
        Gabrielle <<>>.

        • Bumpstock

          All state funded academics majoring in Medieval Studies, or at least pushing their imagined, preferred version of it.

  • Ryan

    From /ourguy/ @Hawk on Gab…

    “Who were the tax collector’s in medieval England and who got kicked out? Robin Hood was loyal to anit-semite Richard the Lionheart while he was away on crusade. Or if you go back to 13th C the King was Edward Longshanks.”

  • Noachideous

    For what attempts to pass as atheistic… the Anti-Fa movement smells … kosher … in its output. The destruction of Race and Nation finds its source in matters of religion.

    Universal Noahide Laws at the UN

    One man had a dream once, that his children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. This dream was born out of the ashes of a crumbling belief that one man was worth more than another. This misguided idea, that a free man was still subject to the will of his former masters, was and still is a microcosm of a problem that is facing the world today.

    The prejudice, bigotry, violence and wickedness that infects every nation is the result of a lawlessness born out of our tendency to forget our past. The nations of our planet face daily battles between people whose only real fault is ignorance of the laws given to mankind since the time of Adam. These forgotten laws are known as the Universal Noahide Laws and are ostensibly a paragon of ethical behavior meant to guide mankind to perfection through good deeds and to propagate knowledge and understanding of the Divine.

    It should be the dream of all people that our children should not only live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, religion or social status, but that they should live in a nation that adopts these Universal Laws as the foundation of the existence of that nation.

    In 1945, the United Nations was established to promote international co-operation as well as to create and maintain international order. The original 51 member states began with a vision that all nations, great and small, would benefit from a conglomerate of working together in their efforts to foster social and economic development, provide humanitarian aid, promote human rights and maintain peace between all nations. Today, over 190 countries have joined this international body in hopes that the infrastructure of peace lies within.

    One of the principal organs of the UN is the Economic and Social Council, or ECOSOC. This 54 member council serves as a forum for discussing international economic and social concerns, as well as delivering recommendations regarding policy to be addressed to the entire UN body. ECOSOC deliberates with many non-governmental organizations , or NGO’s, that participate in the day to day activities of the UN. The Institute of Noahide Code-UN is an accredited NGO with consulative status promoting peace through the values set in place by the seven Universal Laws. These laws are the Key to opening up a dialog between people of all nations, regardless of creed, religion or social class. They represent the common bond of all people across the globe, the backbone of peace. These laws are the framework for building a bright future for our children.

    The foundation for establishing these Universal Laws at the UN is already in place due to the tireless efforts of Rav Yakov D. Cohen, executive director of the Institute of Noahide Law. As our generation witnesses the moral decay of the society around us, like what the world recently witnessed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it becomes a moral issue whether or not to become proactive in stopping this burning hate that is festering in regions all over the world. We are beginning to forget the lessons that we learned from the Holocaust, which included the greatest lesson, that even discrimination against one group of people will result in the unraveling of the fabric of our entire society.

    If we forget those lessons, if we forget our past, if we forget the Universal Laws, then our dreams of a utopian world for our children will fade away and be forgotten. These lessons, laws and future go hand in hand. In order to make peace between all nations, then all nations must realize that it is time to stop dreaming and embrace our reality. All of our lives depend on the choices we make from moment to moment. Each new moment provides us opportunities to change who we are. Now is the time to make the Universal Noahide Laws a priority.

    When enough people recognize the importance of the Universal Laws, people and nations can truly begin the healing process all over the world with a common goal of providing our children with their own moments and chances to build a future for their children, our grandchildren. If we lose sight of our responsibility to pass on the knowledge of these laws to the next generation, we forfeit our future.

    • Noachideous

      “This dream was born out of the ashes of a crumbling belief that one man was worth more than another.”

      Welp …. Umm……fkn……Boo Hoo Rav Schmekel Schmokenstein … ya lyin’ fkn weazil…..

      The above snip describes precisely what motivates the worm like supremacist mindset behind the words of the judasism that enervates itz identees…. It is a form of religious ….. Much Chosen syndrome by proxy…..

      That is …. FSU to justify the singular relevance of the identees who peddle a religiously confected snake oil as the … one and only…. universal panacea…

      Noahide Law is for ….. shameless …. fools and lickspittles.

  • Bumpstock

    Another blacked character, Aquaman. Of course, hes the result of a mixed race relationship in te upcoming film

    • Bumpstock

      I wonder if she cuuked him sum iggs……and sum bicon!

      • Bucky Redux

        One order of Aquamun and fush n chups, pluuz.

        • Bumpstock

          That would be Blackfish now not Whiting in the new movie version!

    • Bucky Redux

      Aquaman ? Smells fishy to me.
      And, to be PC, shouldn’t he/she/it be called AquaPerson
      or AquaGenderUnspecified ? Aquathingy ?

  • Noachideous

    @ndy Fleming and pharisaic friends at SlackBastard seems to feelz it has acquired for itself a Divine mandate to advocate for the killing of those THEY deem ….. Nahhtzees.

    It happens often … veiled as ….. metaphor…..

    Nahtzees in they language are more or less those who are mostly racial Europeans…. and who have made public the fact of having zero interest in participating in the noahidiotic religion of the jews…… as it applies to those not born quite so ……. cHoZen…

    Recall SB affiliations with the very kosher…. FightDemBack .. FDB …. 642 by +x 48 12 … 60 or …. EL. The evidence suggests the name FDB was selected for religious reasons related to the religious identity of those in its employ….

    For the fact that SB … or 19×2 amounts to 38 … and this in turn amounts to the initial gematria of the Esoteric Workers Journal , perhaps a weapon chambered in 308 might be suitable as the preferred …. @ntiFa firearm… with which to murder those deemed religiously non-compliant.

    For the fact that ‘Hideous’ CP licence is 405 7 29 …. the civilian designation is placed alongside its military equivalent in the 7.62. 45 and 29 sum to 74…. LUCIFER … HaHa.

    308 7 62 is discovered…. 7 for G is removed from the calculations for the fact that while symbolic …. it is redundant leaving 38 and 62 summing to … 100.

    By +x of 38 62 … for 11 8 then 24 12 ….. 19 36

    Recall that the gematria of SATAN and JUDAS amount similarly to 55. When each number in each word is summed ….. 19 is likewise derived for each and the sum of 55 19 in each instance was 74… pointing to 26… The gematria of GOD is 26 .. LUCIFER 74 and there are 26 decimal or 42 senary elements in the QB.

    Summing 19 36 … for 55 …. then individually for 19 …. then 74.

    For the fact that 26 is the 100 balance of 74 and there are 26 elements in the QB … a firearm chambered in 308 or 7.62 may be designated a Divine …. Cubic Caliber.

    AnitFa Nutz ….. Yo…… For the fact of 38 … you might reference your 308s as a … kippah jacketed Klown Kannon…. firing Supersonic Shlomos that kvetch about the place at a hardly sizzling muzzle velocity of … precisely … 2642 fps.

    • Noachideous

      Hey …… @ndy the Anarchist and JAF 26.. Yo !

      If there does exist some form of consistent naming nomenclature in these things … for instance …. 22 Long Rifle … 22 12+18 … for 2230 … 223 … by +x 7 12 then by +x of 34 66 … 1948, where 34 senary is 22 decimal and there are 22 letters in the Heebejew alphabet…. breathe….

      The question is this…. If both world wars were fought for that which was required be made undead in 1948 with WW2 in the shape of a Temple Menorah …. as seems to be the case….. then

      Could it be possible that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were cHoZen as targetz for the convenient symbolic fact that H+N or 8+14 … amounts to 22 ? … the number of letters in yr …. alphabet ?

      Thought you guise were …. @narchists and jews …. caring … moar ….courageously than any other …. for the universal benefit of all humanity and the making of the world a better place.

      In that is the case … then an ideal projectile mass for yr Klown Kannons might amount to 160 grains … or AF and for the fact that .. by x+ of 160 is derived 67 …. the number of words in the Balfour Declaration.

      For those interested in a possible origin of the wizzrealian flag, it should be easy to get that the star points to the number 6 …
      The two lines might amount to Eleven …. and if this is a senary number then Seven. … Seven Eleven ?

      By +x of 67 … for 42 13 … summed for 55 as in…. SATAN or JUDAS then 55 19 for 74 LUCIFER.

      European Christian Evangelicals …… ReConsider your allegiance… and consider that you may have been betrayed…… again…. and again and again…

      The gematria of KISS is 11 9 19 19 for 11 9 38 then 58 .. By +x for 42 58 for 1948.

      The affectionate kiss of jewry represents the KISS of a JUDAS

      • Noachideous

        Note also that 19 + 48 represents the 67 words in the Balfour Declaration.

        The sum of all numbers in 1948 amounts to 22 …. letters in the heebejew alphabet.

        The entire, dedicated to doxxing ….. heebish establishment know … yet necessarily … choose to remain silent….

        Their words and demeanour at any Remembrance ceremony is fake…. just like their care and compassion for others is ……. fake.