Food for thought – If it feels this good it can’t be Wong?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Lots happening today in the news. Woke to find ‘The 3 Progressives’ (Turnbull, Shorten and Di Natale) spruiking a ‘Day of Unity’ where people were encouraged to attend a local Mosque. Data retention laws going into effect. New anti-terror legislation being put forward to give the police authority to place control orders on suspects under the age of 16. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange having his 24 hour police entourage dropped.

But I thought the most promising was Labor kind of supporting the Chinese-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), the key words being “kind of” in this sentence.

Labor Senator for South Australia, Penny Wong, who has been utilizing her “shrill and hysterical” skill set to damn ChAFTA up till now, has announced today that Labor is “supporting” the agreement. However it isn’t straight forward support (but then again nothing ever is with Labor when it comes to common sense).

Primarily Senator Wong stated Labor wanted legislative provisions put in place so Australians receive first preference for jobs that would be generated by ChAFTA (more specifically projects over $150 million in investment). However Trade Minister Andrew Robb said set protections were already in place under existing legislation (which means all these accusations, abusive rhetoric and misrepresentations by Labor have been for nothing).

Meanwhile during question time in the House of Representatives today, Labor MP Tony Burke was eager to show off his desire to become a “political archaeologist” (as characterised by PM Turnbull). Burke let everyone know he’d read the 650 page economic policy package, Fightback!, which was proposed by former Liberal Party leader John Hewson back in 1992 and that he’d thought it was the government’s current economic plan.

Yep busy day in the 24 hour news cycle (should’ve made popcorn).

Food for thought.