Food For Thought – No Difference Between The Big Two


With Google news searches on “anti-Semitism” suggesting that anti-Semites are everywhere at the moment, President Donald Trump has decided to brand the Democrats the “anti-Jewish party” (smooth logic there Donald). AFP reports:

US President Donald Trump blasted Democrats as “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish” Friday after they passed a congressional measure opposing hate speech in general instead of specifically condemning alleged anti-Semitic comments by a Muslim congresswoman.

His remarks follow days of tense debates in Congress addressing sensitive questions about national allegiance, discriminatory tropes aimed at Jews, and accusations of show votes that failed to call out a member for controversial comments.

“I thought yesterday’s vote by the House was disgraceful,” Trump said at the White House.
The resolution was originally intended to deliver a direct rebuke of anti-Semitism following comments by a Muslim Democratic congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, that were deemed anti-Semitic and offensive by many colleagues.

But after blowback from progressives, it was revised to broadly condemn discrimination against Muslims and other minorities as well.

Trump seized on the shift, injecting a new angle of attack as he readies a 2020 re-election bid and fellow Republicans seek to claw back ground they lost in the House in last year’s mid-terms.

“The Democrats have become an anti-Israel party, they’ve become an anti-Jewish party,” he said.

Meanwhile the talking heads at CNN are rolling out Democrats to counter signal Trump’s branding:

Never let it be said that the 2.2% of America (according to Pew Research Center statistics) who constitute a vast over-representation in media, politics and finance don’t have the American system wrapped around their little finger.

Hence why both Republicans and Democrats will mobilize American citizens as a proxy army for Israel at the drop of a hat, while certain outfits intentionally flood America with hostile non-White invaders.

To quote XYZ contributor Matty’s Modern Life:

“When Jews admit to the deliberate replacement of Whites in our own countries, and that this is pure evil, then start fighting with us to stop it happening, I may start to care.

Until then I’ll see cries of “muh anti-semitism” for exactly what they are: Anti-White bigotry.”

Food For Thought.

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  • Ryan
    • Ron Mortimer

      Because the tribe will destroy anyone who resists. Along with a population psychologically conditioned to condemn any perceived criticism of jews or israel as antisemetism( a word craftily coined by a jew to avoid the word jew).

    • Corneliu Codrelcoldnflu

      As do the LNP/ALP and related proxy party illusions of choice. Best Frenemies 4 Isfael

    • Bumpstock reloaded
  • Bucky Redux

    There has been much MSM kvetching in the past few months about “rising anti-semitism”……I wonder who is behind this dreadful horrible occurrence ???
    Right Wing Whitey Nazis, I bet.

    Wonder what Trump is up to, he’s probably several chess moves ahead of the dimwit dems.
    Now, just so you people out there don’t forget the 600 million gorillions burnt in Adolfs Berghof fireplace, I suggest you read through this list of Shoah movies, whilst listening to sad violin music.
    Have a box of tissues on standby.

  • Corneliu Codrelcoldnflu
  • Panadechi Santiago

    The truth, even if it is hard, is the truth, the capital-global systems carry the agenda Goy, Trump all his life has been a businessman ..

  • Noachideous

    Go to the above page and observe the flag of israel suspended length wise.

    There on display is a 6 pointed star … for the number 6, and two vertical lines that may represent the number 11 in decimal, or 7 in senary. The intent of the designer may not necessarily represent the common interpretation of the Brook of the Nile to the Eurphartes of greater yidsreal.

    Kabbalists seem to like to count in both senary and decimal for the fact that 45 senary is 29 decimal and +x 45 decimal amounts to 29 decimal.

    You’ll have to ask your local rabbi for more detailed reasons as to why. I’ve not asked them and have zero contact with the jewhiss community outside empirical study from an observers point of view.

    So there are the numbers 6 then 7 and 11 in the flag. The flag points firstly to the 67 letters of the Balfour Declaration, 67 also derived from the sum of 19 and 48, the required make undead date, and the reasons for WW1 and 2.

    Then is derived 66 by way of 6×11. It is by +x of 34 66 that is discovered 1948. The number 34 is the senary of 22 decimal. There are 22 letters in the heebejew alphabet and the sum of each number in 1948 amounts to 22.

    Summing 6 and 11 for 17 … or the letter Q. 17 decimal is 25 senary, summed for 42. By +x 42 58 ….. for 1948

    israel is exists not as the racial European’s Best Friend 26 or 42 for 68 but as Europe’s resident CHUCKY ……

    Childs Play ….. CP .. 3 16 By +x 1948. 6 letters in Childs and 4 in Play… for 64, the gematria of ISRAEL ….. 9 19 18 1 5 12 … 64.

    And was likely behind WW2 for the fact that +x 64 36 points to 1942, the chronological center of WW2.

    Examine the occult aspects of Childs Play … and the room number where the Best Friend runs amok. That room number was 68, or 86 if recalled correctly, and by +x of 68 is revealed 14 48 … for 5 12 or EL or 62 .. k PoPPies.

    Chucky israel …… The Whitey Man’s …. Bestest ….. Best Friend.

    Moar … on Chucky …. later ….