Food for thought – What would Bruce do?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

It’s been less then 4 years since one of Australia’s plain talking prophets left this world, and it appears the “progressive” tide is seeking to send his legacy out to sea.

I’m referring of coarse to former Victorian RSL president, Bruce Carlyle Ruxton, AM, OBE.

Bruce was the kind of bloke that called a spade a spade (or more specifically he’d call a multiculturalist an unpatriotic treasonous shirt-lifter).

Often this proud ex-servicemen would be targeted for gutter bull-baiting tactics from the red flag waving variety, however Bruce never shied away from telling them to ship out (and he did so right up till his death at 85).

Though Bruce might’ve seen to be angry on occasion (and rightly so given the hurt and heartache incurred by those brave diggers he represented) Bruce also had a wicked sense of humour. Aussie youth should be listening to the Ruxton Rap at least several times a week in my opinion.

Food for thought