Food For Thought – Anti-Zionists To The Left Of Me, Anti-Semites To The Right


Editor: This piece by Ryan Fletcher makes reference to the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre by Baruch Goldstein in Hebron on February 25, 1994, and the cartoon above, by Ryan Fletcher, is of Baruch Goldstein.  This piece and its accompanying cartoon in no way condones violence.  It is instead a rebuttal of a piece published by Julie Nathan in the ABC on February 12, 2019, in which she made an implication, which borders on defamation, that XYZ writers could inspire a massacre in Australia similar to that committed in Pittsburgh on October 27, 2018.

The Wall Street Journal published this piece a few days ago suggesting that the Democrats and UK Labour party (i.e. The Left) are courting anti-Semitic voter sentiment:

“Bipartisan support for Israel has long been a feature of American politics. But as the Democratic Party moves further left, it is increasingly home to vociferous anti-Israel voices. An anti-Semitism crisis in the United Kingdom’s Labour Party shows what happens when a political party doesn’t rebut such views.”

Meanwhile the communists over at The Guardian have also come out suggesting that it’s the “Far-Right” who are the culprits:

“Experts describe a “perfect storm” for antisemitic attacks combining the increasing influence of far-right groups and governments; the rise of conspiracy theories about a supposed global Zionist plot (and the scale on which they circulate on social media); and a general increase in the violence of public discourse.”

Firstly being anti-Israel doesn’t make you a Left-winger any more than being pro-Israel makes you a Right-winger. When you realise the Mossad hand in 9/11 and the catastrophic reverberations this sssault has had on us (i.e. the $6 trillion dollars spent on wars by the United States and the half a million dead since 9/11), it takes a special kind of cognitive dissonance to proclaim solidarity with Israel while simultaneously complaining about anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, whether you be Left or Right, the trolls will be quick to tell us that expressing these facts is Jew-hatred that kowtows to the cancer being imported in via Islamisation:

Remind me again, trolls, who is responsible for this Islamic influx into Western countries, and why they’re not that fond of the Jews?

Food For Thought.

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  • The Unburdened

    Some might think that I am anti-Semitic because of my inability to continue ignoring the ZOG Machine’s genocidal hatred for me and my kind. But it’s not so: in fact, I think there’s a lot to admire and even emulate about Israel. For example, their strict ethnocentric immigration and border security policies. Their higher fertility rate. The way they have their (and our) superpower “ally” wrapped around their little finger, and can extract billions a year in aid from said superpower despite being a developed country themselves. The fact that they have their own nukes. Or their utter lack of guilt about how they’ve conquered and treated the previous inhabitants of their land. Indeed, were I to ever run for office in our fair sea-girted land, my platform would be “let’s do what Israel does”!

  • Bucky Redux

    When Goldstein massacred the innocents at prayer in the mosque, he was let in through a locked door by Israeli soldiers and …someone… also lobbed in 2 grenades, just as an added extra for the worshippers.
    Oh, and when terrified people fled from the mosque a sniper took them out, shooting from a nearby army outpost.
    Of course, this has nothing to do with genocide or Israeli settlers grabbing land from Palestinians, no no no…

  • Ryan
  • entropy

    Jamie Blank took the day off today to see if he can figure out what’s wrong with his ‘lefty troll’ trump card.

  • Noachideous

    Tim’s got a new book out and it is pushed heavily by the hihgly edjumacated set and the MSM media. Look it up.

    On Hate is its name. The Initials OH amounting to 15 8 are probably as much by design as are those of Dr Hombre EbolaZog’s OHPI that amount to 48.

    Recall that +x 48 52 amounts to 12 7 then 32 10 .. for 1942 as much as does the gematria of ISRAEL at 64 amount by +x to 64 36 .. for 10 9 then 24 18 … for 1942. 1942 is the chronological center of WW2, and its shape is the same as the temple menorah seen on the ECAJ website as part of its symbolic designs.

    More on the 158 later. 158 x 65 are the dimensions of the $ 100 AUD bill.

    He is tight with the establishment jewhiss community….may be a fraternal Noahide type, and it is lauded for the fact of his capacity as a Golemic repeater and amplifier of mostly kosher talking points.

    Tim must despise the fact that Whitey People exist at all….. and those to which he answers and take direction have identified him for it ….. then leveraged it into effect by way of government placement and its inherent monopoly megaphonics.

    The word HATE is one that the kosher crowd have weaponised and most kikely for magickal reasons that relate to spell binding.

    HATE … 8 1 20 5 … for 34. By +x 34 66 …. for 7 12 .. 12 36 …. 1948 There are 34 letters in the Heebeish alphabet … when counted in 6 based senary.

    Back to Timmeh’s book

    Recall that the dimensions of the 100 AUD are developed out of this number sequence.
    55 35 23 15 11 7. Note also the 55-7 is 48 OHPI and 55+7 is 62 for 62 k PoPPies as related earlier…. 100-62 is 38 , the initial gematria of the Esoteric Workers Journal…EWJ.

    55 is the gematria of both JUDAS and SATAN .

    For 158×65 select two numbers that sum to 58, for the fact that there are 42 letters in the Kosher deity and by +x 42 58 is discovered 1948 as per the method that most should get by now. Those numbers are 35 23 . By x+ of each for 15 8 and 6 5 .

    OH … For 15 8 out of the number 35. 15 sum 8 is 23 .. for the 65… Thus 158×65.
    As it happens the word ON amounts to 15 14 for 29 or 2^9 for 5 12 or EL.

    MP for Money Power or Prime Minister is likewise 16 13 .. for 29 or EL.

    Timmeh seems to be an psycho-political asset of that which was required to be made undead in 1948 for that fact that the symbolic methodology is the same as the spellbinding methodologies used by organisations like the OHPI.

    By way of evidence, both seem to speak with duplicitous …. Forked Tongue … 62.

    • Noachideous

      Immigration of disparate peoples into the UK and Australia is a grave dug specifically for the Whitey majority. If YT people agree to lie down in it, then expect those who created it to bury you in it.

      WTFU Whitey People. You’ll notice that Monash lauded endlessly in the media as a, or the quintessential Australia.

      The evidence speaks in favor of the contention that Monash, as a member of establishment jewry, knew about make undead in the 1948, and why AngloCeltic Lads …… needed to fight, and die for it.

      We are now required to just …. Go Away…. It is unacceptable.

      • Noachideous

        Other evidence of occultic symbolism in Timmeh’s new book alludes perhaps to ideological allegiance.

        Note that Communist Party or CP by +x 3 16 … for 19 48.

        Date 5.2.2019……. Dimensions 148×110…. Initials of writer TS … 2019.

        Recall +x 48 52 for 1942 and collusion with OHPI 48.

        The other dimension … 110. That number can be a senary number as in 36+6+0 for 42, the number of letters in the name of the kosher deity.

        mm is 1313 for 26. There are 26 elements in the cube, or 42 in senary.

        By +x 42 58 … for 6 13 mitzvoth 8 40….. 1948.

        • Noachideous

          In the image of GOD … 26 .

          Examine the number of digits on both hands. There are 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.

          8 2 … the numbers have meaning, and the weight of the obsequious KNOB 42 gobblin’ Noahide’s? book as it happens amounts to precisely …. 82 grams, 82G … or 82 7.

          By +x 82 is discovered …. 10 16 … for 26 … or 42 in senary.

          82+7 for 89 … summing to 17 decimal or 25 senary…. for 42.

          Examine the word GRAMS ….7 18 1 13 19 for 31 via individual numbers or 58 in complete numbers… pointing to 42 again.

          58+31 …. 89.

          Observe the hiatus at Feb 22 … or 222. By +x 222 .. for 68. By +x 68 for 14 48 … or 5 12 or EL … or 62 ….. pointing to 38 62 … for by +x 11 8 then 24 12 … for 19 36 then by 19+36 for 55 and 1+9+3+6 for 19.

          Recall that these are the numbers of SATAN and JUDAS the LUCIFER.

          Was it by design.

          Seems formulaic and by design, Who, or what employs it ?

          I would suggest that you are employed for your questionable personal integrity…. and your bias towards speech with Forked Tongue…

          Why not address for the entire world, in the UN and the Australian Parliament ….the matter of the meaning of the 888 246 sum 420 for 24 18 … 42 PoPPies of London’s Tower….. and the 62k in Australia.

          Remove your parked sniveller’s snout from the arse crack of the establishment kike. Do that first. Address the meaning of the symbolism ….. noahide … before you presume to lecture down to others…. not of your own.

          Lead by example. Go back to where you came from ….. to live among your still homogeneous own … and lecture down to them … on the virtues of self annihilation…… by way of immigration.

          By way of deception, and in the employ of AusGov …. fully vetted, then selected minority individuals shalt do war ….. against Whitey people …. as proxies for another.

  • paidapps

    As the Jew so the Nazi. As the Nazi so the Jew.
    Generalplan Ost, Generalplan Mitte Ost.
    Genocide, hate propaganda, false flags, terrorism , supremecism for land neither’s to begin with. All with the backing of germanic thrones , their court jews and their puppet imperialists in the middle east to whom they supply weapons to slaughter those without.
    Just like the Nazis towards the Poles and Russians so the Jews towards Palestinians and Arabs and those who oppose them.