Food for thought – ANTIFA the epitome of idiocy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Recently I was reading a puff-piece in The Sydney Morning Herald entitled Beneath the black mask: inside Australia’s anti-fascist Antifa groups.

In the article the “anonymous” tea drinking University attending ANTIFA member, who apparently came from wealth but is now a revolutionary for the working class after reading Karl Marx (ROFL), comments to Peter Munro:

“If someone beats up a racist it doesn’t worry me. These people are heinous, so I don’t really have any sympathy for them.”

Having been a casualty of these ANTIFA delinquents (whom embrace the mantras of “f!ck the police” and “kill whitey”) I tend to laugh at their compulsive use of the buzzword “racist”.

While it’s unsurprising that PC establishment media outlets like SMH disseminate rhetoric on behalf of these masked criminal Leftists (whose international affiliations are with terrorist groups like the PKK and FARC) it is worrying there isn’t more outrage being expressed in the West against them.

Just this week in France ANTIFA members attacked a police car (with two officers inside) with iron bars and set the vehicle alight.

With the law being stacked against our judiciary and police (thanks to the violent agitation of regressive Leftists), when will voters come to the realization that their children’s future is quickly heading towards a throwback dystopia?

Food for thought.