Food For Thought – The Bolshevik Business Of Big Tech And Bad Banks


Whether it be handing out joints from a stage to a crowd of stoners on April 20th or IRL protesting of government enforced multiculturalism, I’ve not shied away from acts of civil disobedience in my past politicking.

However, civil disobedience toward Big Tech “hate speech” policies by “thought-criminals” who express opposition to the subsidisation of third world invaders, communist welfare payments and White genocide, has led to their being increasingly made a “nonperson” by the Silicon Valley/Federal Reserve Oligarchs.

These Oligarchs, who’s online infrastructure was paid for by the same tax-payers targeted by this “unpersoning” process, rely on criminal communist rioters (aka “trusted flaggers”) who’ve been provided impunity to violently attack “thought-criminals” both IRL and online.

Any push back against these criminal communist rioters is swiftly dubbed “hate-crime” and is met with public doxing, dead-agenting, employment termination, denial of service from social media and financial institutions, as well as vexatious litigation (aka “lawfare”) resulting in bankruptcy and decade long imprisonment.

But as President John F. Kennedy, who sought to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest (Executive Order No. 11110), once famously stated:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Hence why the fake news pariahs like ProPublica and Frontline are whipping up hysterical headlines like these of late:

To quote Christopher Cantwell:

“If you want a Libertarian type of society, if you want a society that runs like a Libertarian social order you have to defeat the Left. You cannot have Communism and Libertarianism in the same space. You just can’t do it. And so Democracy is anathema to Libertarianism. Democracy is little more than a soft synonym for Communism and so you have to be an anti-Communist to be a Libertarian, and you know who fights communism better than anybody?”

Food For Thought.

  • Almostoffthegrid

    Libertarian society. Cringe and bluepilled.

  • MichaelJohnson

    Can we get a new XYZ poll? ABC has gone full Communist so Guthrie is a non-issue.

  • A small government cannot exist in democracy, it’s just a fact; once the majority start voting for the resources of the minority it’s finished.Throw in the female vote and it’s game over.

    The privilege of the vote needs to be earned through service to the nation.

    I’ll never support soycialism (Cantwell is a fool if he thinks it’s a good idea) but will always support measures that keep the State as small as possible, that means only those who have proven themselves worthy and capable of applying systematic, and moral force, should ever decide how it’s applied.

    • entropy

      Government authority and spending needs to be capped in the Constitution for democracy to remain libertarian.

    • Ryan

      Cantwell often reiterates on his show that “he would sooner convert to Islam than call himself a socialist”. I tend to agree him.

      • Mattys Modern Life

        I’d believe that if he hadn’t called himself a national socialist this morning.

        To be fair could well be that he’s using a different definition of “nazi” such as “someone who doesn’t like Jews” but if he’s not a socialist it’s probably not a good idea to claim to support an ideology of socialists.

        • Ryan

          Sorry, but anyone who tries to argue that Christopher Cantwell is a socialist severely lacks understanding about who Cantwell is, where he’s come from and who he is in the White Nationalist movement.

          You should listen to today’s episode of Radical Agenda Matty.

          Jews are a necessary if not sufficient force for destroying a nation, just as Whites are are a necessary if not sufficient force for building a nation.

      • thegentlemantroll

        As twisted as Islam is at least it acknowledges the realities of human sexuality.

      • Jai_Normosone

        I dunno… that’s a tough call.
        Maybe if I was a single bloke who didn’t care what kind of creature – or age of human – or sex – into which I stuck my cock, then Islam is the answer.
        It certainly wouldn’t be an option if I were female….

        If I had to choose between the two, I think the answer would be moving to the sticks and living alone in the wilderness (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea anyway…)

  • entropy

    Libertarianism is just the opposite of authoritarianism on the axis of political freedom. Authoritarian regimes can be benevolent but they’re harder to displace and all of the world’s worst governments are authoritarian.

    The left’s moral posturing is authoritarian. The media’s political bias is authoritarian. If you think your brand of authoritarianism is the solution to the tyranny of leftist authoritarianism, you’re kidding yourself.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • Agreed, the answer to communism is NOT socialism.

      • Ryan

        Well I voted party-line Democratic Labour Party (DLP) this election. Their platform supports Distributism as the economic ideology for Victoria, which supports things like social credit (as promoted and supported by ALOR) and anti-usury laws.

        Distributism is hostile to both socialism and capitalism and frankly the DLP social policies are better than anything else I’m seeing on the ballot at the moment

    • Ryan

      Are we still psychopathologising the “authortarian personality” like a bunch of Marxists?

      • entropy

        No, I said authoritarians can be benevolent. They just rarely are and are harder to overthrow when they aren’t.

        • Ryan

          Sorry misunderstood what you were saying entropy. My bad.

  • entropy

    Actually, it would still be limited democracy, like the original democracy in ancient Greece.

    Governments always find a way to raise more taxes so the trick is to limit their budget and spending.

    • Ryan

      Government is the gun in the room. If you’re not making a grab for it you’ll be out of the game pretty quickly.

      • entropy

        I agree, but it’s authoritarians who don’t want you to have guns because they’re a threat to their authority. Libertarians will let you do what you like up until the point where you threaten their liberty.

        • Ryan

          Hear hear entropy. I should clarify that Cantwell is explaining the judenpresse trope of the “Libertarian to Alt Right pipeline” in Hoppean terms.

          • entropy

            Yeah, I didn’t really understand any of that.

  • fimbulwinter

    Libertarianism is great economically but due to it’s very nature must tollerate homosexuals because they “aren’t hurting anyone else”. You need a mechanism of enforcing this sort of stuff. It could work if there are strongly established social norms and a cohesive public.

    I’d argue for a totally voluntary economically anarcho-capitalist system but with the caveat that the national interest is the priority. Natural order should always prevail and a patriarch should lead who has limited authority, but has the power to rubuke. One who is well respected and understands that if he slips up the public can kick him out.

    • fimbulwinter

      Ultimately I don’t care what you want to call the ism. As long as the following rules are met
      1. We can have guns
      2. Low tax
      3. No foreigners
      4. Women fear God, respect their men and want lots of kids.
      5. No usury
      6. No poofs or degeneracy
      7. No crime.
      8. Beautiful art and architecture and the drive to achieve
      9. Fierce meritocracy

      We should look to the West at it’s peak, prior to Jewish infiltration, ie the 1600s to 1800s for inspiration.

      • Ryan

        Hear, hear filbulwinter!

    • Jai_Normosone

      That’s the thing though…. Even though the wishlist is how you see your country (hey, I’d live there if you wanted to become the Benevolent Dictator 🙂 ) there are still differences in people and what they want to achieve from their lives.

      #4 is an issue for me as it should be that *all* fear god and people respect each other. Kids… well… you can have them… I’d rather have a dog.

      #6 would certainly be good to have but don’t forget that degeneracy isn’t always at the poor end of the spectrum associated with people who lack power.

      #7 Crime would still exist to a degree but #1 would ensure that we remain free as citizens and not as criminals in the eyes of the police.

      #8 I guess that means no shite pictures of a can of tomato soup selling for squillions from some dipshit who has far too much money.

      #10 A benevolent society still needs welfare as there is always going to be people who need a hand up because fate isn’t always nice. Those who choose to take advantage of it and sit back (or take drugs) will starve in the gutter like they deserve.

      • fimbulwinter

        As for a benevolent dictator, think instead of a well respected community leader – a local priest, war veteran, footy coach, etc. There will be no renumeration or reward for such a position. This will guarantee only those passionate are admitted and not those likely to pursue a self interest.

        #4 – Agreed with you there – my point was womanly motherly women are preferred over ugly feminist fatties

        #6 – Degeneracy should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

        #7 – crime is obviously inevitable – but significantly minimized if the community is homogeneous. That is common social norms, similar ethnicity and a common purpose – the nation. Also mob justice for serious crimes.
        #8 – Correct. Modern “art” is degenerate. Victorian architecture and baroque music are a good reference point to reset our society to.
        #10 – Agreed. Welfare reserved for those who truly deserve it. Usurping lazy parasites and druggos can starve.

        Also, No plutocracy or oligarchy.

        • Jai_Normosone

          No arguments here. Your list turned into a supplement for the 10 Commandments 🙂 (even though they really don’t need explaining but it seems that they need to be seriously dumbed down for some people…)

          I think the benevolent dictator / community leader would essentially be the same thing. No pay – no wealth to be gained from it – but they are fed and housed and have a history of hard slog that adds to their wisdom. Having done a day of work would exclude 99% of the bludgers that we now see elected to office (except for SHY who may have paid her way through her university course with the help of cash earned from being a receptacle for drunken-sperm.)

          • fimbulwinter

            Spot on mate. Obvious things like the 10 commandments need to be explicitly stated as some (most) are too dumb.

            Under our ideal system SHY would be on the streets or exiled.

            Another thing I’d suggest is strict vetting and a big wall to keep all the undesirables out.

          • Jai_Normosone

            I still like the idea of a big wall – but instead of the FREE having to put it around them – how about it gets constructed around *them* with anything moving outside those walls resulting in a massive payback?
            Or, if the lamp really does produce a genie, make the wall around them 100 ft high and then fill it with water.

          • fimbulwinter

            Just Line it with bacon.

          • Jai_Normosone

            Mmmmmm…. Bacon…… YUM!