Food For Thought – I Can’t Draw It


Recently I did this small write-up about the Jewish lobby’s systematic targeting of cartoonists like Renato Aroeira and Maurice Sinet, for their sin of critiquing Jews with illustrations.

Guilty of this “anti-Semitic” sin myself, I concluded the article with an invitation for the Jewish lobbies to “come after me with all they’ve got.”

About a fortnight later Julie Nathan, the Research Officer for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), had published her hit piece via Their ABC and The Times of Israel (which was followed up a few days later by a blog post of solidarity from ANTIFA blogger Andy Fleming aka Slackbastard).


As most readers would be aware, your XYZ’s David Hilton and Matty’s Modern Life embraced Julie’s free publicity by taking the opportunity to slay her delusional ramblings in a public fashion with their supremely based articles. This was my two cents worth response to Julie’s piece.

Taking the weekend off to venture down Melbourne for a couple of days, XYZ editor David Hiscox and I conversed over drinks at the pub about applying the enough rope strategy to Food for Thought cartoons with a paraphrased punchline from Jordan Peterson.

Considering the frequency with which unhinged crap comes out of the mouths of ruthless, globalist, cosmopolitan, transnational, parasitic, coastal, urbanite, infanticidal, alphabet pervert circumcisers, I can foresee this being a terrific mematic motif going forwards.

Food For Thought.

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  • Repeal fake marriage

    Ryan, the unshackled is gone!! Is xyz next?

    • Bucky Redux

      From their FB page a few hours back:

      “You may have had trouble accessing The Unshackled the past 24 hours.
      This is because the site has migrated to a new dedicated server as our
      previous one had reached its memory capacity……….”

    • Minging

      We are still there…

    • Ryan

      Good question mate. Alt-media outlets that are making an impact are in the crosshairs of certain hasbara assets loyal to the parasitism of government. XYZ and The Unshackled have been routinely targeted by bad actors trying to instigate infighting while they relay their counter-intelligence via the MSN.

      • Jai_Normosone

        People read XYZ and then go to MSN? That’s like buying a ball-protector cup and then not putting it on before hitting yourself in the nuts with a lump of wood.

        • Ryan

          No, the MSN is primarily the sphere of normies. Their counter-intel is meant to discredit us before they reach us. Bad actors who engage on this site are operating under the aim of amplifying infighting.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Found it again.

  • Bucky Redux

    “ruthless, globalist, cosmopolitan, transnational, parasitic, coastal, urbanite, infanticidal, alphabet pervert circumcisers”

    • Ryan

      Right you are brother Bucky!

      • Minging

        You’ve got a two inch stiffy right now don’t you fake nationalist!

        • Ryan

          What is it with you kikes being fixated on other blokes erections mamzer Minging. Missing your foreskin faggot? lol

  • Minging

    I’d like to see the fake Nationalist Ryan Fletcher lynched… not like he was by Antifa when he cried like a cunt and rolled into to the fetal position… but because of his un-originality (sic) in faux journalism.

    • Ryan

      Love it when you kvetch mamzer Minging. Say hi to Julie Nathan and your mates at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, maggot.

      • Minging

        You can use all the lingo you want, but you’ll still be a fake nationalist. Just like Thomas Sewell who went to a South African Jewish school.

        • Ryan

          Oh no, some anon dreidel spinner (who keeps claiming to be from the UK) is calling me a “fake nationalist”. Guess all that’s left for me to do is not give a fuck. Say hi to Julie Nathan and your mates at the ECAJ for me mamzer Minging.

    • Bucky Redux

      Please fill out the attached form and forward to:
      P.O.Box 1114,
      New South Wales, 2027,

  • Noachideous

    Here’s a fun one to draw. It should cause a ruckus, and help smash the matrix of lies that perpetuate the unfortunate trajectory in which Whitey people find themselves.

    2019 is the year of the Esoteric Workers Journal … the EWJ, for the fact that EWJ amounts to 38 and 2×19 amounts to 38. It is a very special year for a very special, and entitled … people.

    A people whose nation was required to be created in 1948 and a nation paid for by others ….. in blood.

    This ANZAC day , artistes might prepare then distribute artwork where the traditional PoPPies feature the six pointed STAR 58 of david replete with crocodile tear of lament ….. at its geometric centre.

    1948 is what the 888 246 PoPPies of the UK mean. And the proof is incontrovertible.

    888 246 sum 420 …. 888 666 ….. 24 18 … 42 . Jewry claim 42 letters in the name of their detity.

    By +x 42 58 …. 6 13 Mitzvoth 8 40 ……. 1948.

    I’ll put one on ma Gab page. Honour one’s Ancestral War Dead, by Telling the Truth.

    It makes good gangster sense that jewry now seek to get rid of Whitey people by way of deception and immigration for the fact of the inherent risk that YT people might begin to wake up.

    The BnaiBrith and the ECAJ must find the following video …. HIlarious…. for the fact of the quiet mockery.

    Whitey people seem to like to laugh along with them…. Anything else might be “AntiSemitism”.

    • Ryan

      Cheers. Will have a crack at it mate.

  • Noachideous

    800 000 into Australia in one year ?

    While the net on the ground might be less, does it still represent nearly a million new voters who’ll vote with the mind bending assistance of the Mainstream Lugenpresse to keep out any who might legislate to have them repatriated ?

    Do those who’ve departed retain their capacity to shape the racial makeup of Australia via the vote.

    Like all ‘peaceful’ acts performed against the indifferent will of another who’ve been denied any opportunity for informed consent, what is being done and created as outcome in Australia can only be undone by way of physical acts of violence or War…… if they can be undone at all.

    Once here without the informed consent of the Whitey majority in the context of
    the inevitable outcome, the hordes are not going to want to go back.

    Those doing it must know that and THEY 58… like to watch and laugh

    White People …. like to watch along …….. and wait for that inevitable outcome.

    It could all have been circumvented if YT were paying attention to the bigger picture that exists outside their TV screens ….. and not the theatrical feelings of a few individual media personalities for whom the the very existence of Whitey people seems offensive.

  • entropy

    When people say you can’t use certain words as insults, ask them what words they think are acceptable insults.

    If you can’t call someone a ‘nigger faggot’, then why is it acceptable to call people ‘stupid’ (offensive to the learning impaired) or ‘silly’ (offensive to people with emotional disorders)?

    Observe how women think synonyms for vagina (e.g. cunt) are the worst words in the world, yet happily weaponise the dozens of penis synonyms available in the lexicon (dick, prick, knob, etc). Ask yourself why some four letter words are seen to be objectively worse than others.

    Language police are hypocrites who pretend not to understand the purpose of insults in order to claim victimhood status. Call them out on their intersectional bigotry.

  • Considering the frequency with which unhinged crap comes out of the
    mouths of ruthless, globalist, cosmopolitan, transnational, parasitic,
    coastal, urbanite, infanticidal, alphabet pervert circumcisers, I can
    foresee this being a terrific mematic motif going forwards.

    All we need to do is become as ruthless as they are.

    Do they really want that?

  • Minging

    They’ve got you Ryan… why were you so stupid with no VPN’s. Nuke your HDD, too late though. I warned you even though you thought I was enemy.