Food For Thought – Chickens Coming Home To Roost


Haaretz has come out today posing this two part question:

As I pointed out last week in this article, Israel hasn’t exactly been acting as America’s “greatest ally”, in fact it would be more honest to say that they are ostensibly a hostile foreign enemy of America.

Also, Diaspora Jewish organisations based in America like HIAS, who go out of their way to truck in hostile third world invaders through multiple countries in order to reach the United States, have utilised their media domination to market this sham as “aiding refugees”:

Seriously, how many White Americans have been murdered, raped, robbed and “culturally enriched” by these forever and a day “new arrivals” coming into America thanks to the vigilant Jewish community who’ve facilitated the erosion of the United States Immigration policy for decades?

How many White Americans have suffered and died to advance the interests of Israel while the interests of White America are now so diluted that proclaiming “it’s Okay to be White” is a hate crime?

So before anyone starts trying to chastise me for “muh anti-Semitism”, perhaps stop and rationally reflect on why Haaretz might be wondering whether Jews have a future in America at this point.

Food For Thought.

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  • clemilf

    I am fuchen confused- what has Easter eggs got to do with halloween?

  • Jon Smith

    Choke on your chicken, you bastards.

  • Jai_Normosone

    This topic is growing exponentially for me on a daily basis.

    I’m still a little surprised that it would be Jews that are pushing for an open borders policy in the USA to be rid of the white man – especially when open borders = Islamic “refugees” flooding in, many with the ingrained belief that Jews should be eradicated.

    Maybe the “Jewish ideal” of open borders and ridding the world of the white man was how it was until recently when it was discovered that those who flood in now are not the same as before. The way to look at it, I suppose, is to say that the tide can come in as it is nice and helpful for what you want it to do – but it also brings in all the turds floating on top as well.

    If those who have followed and believe that there is a major conspiracy behind the scenes by those of the Jewish faith to an open border scenario and eradication of the white man, then, surely, they must be doing some serious backpedalling considering the spread of the Cult of the Paedophile.

    Pure supposition, of course – I have no facts to back this up….

    • Ryan

      I too was once a big believer of the notion that Islamic intent is to eradicate the Jews. A lot of my earlier XYZ articles echoed this very talking point when I was a cucky Zionist shill. But the more I’ve read I’ve discovered Jews actually find more common ground with Muslims than they do White Christians historically speaking. This is why much of the judenpresse presents “Islamophobia” and “antisemitism” as unifying prejudices that will mobilise muslims, jews and “White allies” against the evil Whiteness of the occident.

      • clemilf

        Of course, they are simply trying to boost migration from U.S. to Israel- like the collaboration with Adolf’s regime to create an exodus.

        • Ryan

          Exactly, there is a method to (((their))) madness (probably why most of them are genetically predisposed to having higher rates of neurological disorders like Schizophrenia). It’s also an important note that most Jews that are eradicated in expulsions and pogroms are usually the lower tier of the Jewish caste hierarchy, which in itself is a eugenic practise that enables the top tier Jews to profit from the lower tier’s deaths.

        • Oy vey. What are you suggesting, goyim?

    • If willing to look, there’s a plethora of information on how they collaborate now and have happily done so in the past. Look at the Moorish Spain for starters.

    • Jon Smith

      “I’m still a little surprised that it would be Jews that are pushing for
      an open borders policy in the USA to be rid of the white man –
      especially when open borders = Islamic “refugees” flooding in, many with
      the ingrained belief that Jews should be eradicated”

      You are familiar of the Jewish story of The Golum, don’t you? They keep creating them and they keep turning on them.

      • Jai_Normosone

        No. Not familiar with it.
        So many things to read to be informed and so little time 🙁

    • Darrius Jeddburgh

      read the protocols of the elders of zion; it explains all this. Detractors claim it is a forgery, but can never account for its phenomenal accuracy for the last 100+ years.

  • Bumpstock

    Interview With the Vampire.

    Pro-Soros article by Jewish journo in Jewish owned newspaper painting him to be some kind of savior.