Food for thought – China’s Meth War a strategic operation

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Editor’s note: Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this one.  The Chinese, after all, have a long civilisational memory:

Sources have suggested that more than half of Australia’s methamphetamine supply is being allegedly imported by Chinese multinational crime syndicates. These accounts tend to compliment reports that indicate China is fueling a drug war against the United States, which highlights:

“the Chinese regime has become the leading source of synthetic drugs and precursors for drugs like methamphetamine”

For a while now I’ve speculated this has been a strategic operation by the communist Chinese government, to deliberately destabilise Anglosphere nations in order to conquer them socially, economically and politically.

Considering the Chinese curriculum ardently schools its citizenry in the Opium Wars of the 1800s, it’s of little surprise that it’s waging a similar operation against the West now. With the methamphetamine trade destroying lives domestically, the profits are likely being funnelled back to the communist regime in order to buy up the land from underneath us.

This is one of the motivations contributing to Trump’s candidacy for the White House, as he has been strongly vocal of the narcoterrorist supply lines coming across the Mexico border (whose precursor material appears to be coming out of China).

Perhaps if we look to Trump’s Art of the Deal doctrine for guidance we won’t be so desperate to continue dealing in a way that enables the commies to get a whiff of our blood and go in for the kill?

Food for thought