Food For Thought – Communism’s Chlorpromazine Control


While visiting the family over the Christmas / New Year break I noticed expensive glossy posters advertising the 2019 Marxism Conference had been strategically placed around the town. Namely the new court house (which is now the largest landmark overshadowing Shepparton), the shopping mall (from which stores seem to be exiting) and out front of the local schools (as Leftists love taking advantage of the young and impressionable):

I’ve made note of this trend previously but it never fails to annoy me when Zoloft snorting city-slackers slither into regional/rural Victoria with their Talmudic Trades Hall treachery and plaster it over the township. It’s bad enough that these commies carpet-bomb the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Melbourne with this crap.

But given some of the headlines I’ve seen of late I can foresee the government signing off on a myriad of Involuntary Treatment Orders (IVO) and Community Treatment Orders (CTO) to combat “White supremacist bigotry” with Thorazine:

Meanwhile the MKULTRA manipulation that has manufactured these Manchurian Metro Marxists will likely be contemplating how best to destroy the country utterly by exorcising it of Whites:

Food For Thought.

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  • fimbulwinter

    Mkultra really does explain the NPC phenomena, that dazed look lefties give when you tell them facts. Notice the second of so delay as they reset and load up the official catchphrase to respond with.

    We could have seen this coming by looking at all the Chinese tourists. Dumb submissive selfie taking retards mindlessly consuming plastic crap, obedient and loyal to the people’s communist party.

  • Bumpstock

    These posters – been waging a war against them for years now in my suburb and in my summer holiday destination which now has a uni and attracted the usual scum. If they are wheat pasted on and not easily removed, a small paint roller kit can be obtained from Bunnings (not as messy/runny and suspicious as spraying with a can) for $10 or less, and small portable pots of sample paint of 500mL each for same, get water based black. Its all that’s needed and easier to clean up.

    If you dont/cant do this rip them down as best as you can and off completely if they are stapled or taped on.

    Bill postering is illegal in most LAG’s so report them directly to council if you don’t live in a commie dominated council like Yarra. Email the Councillors directly, especially if your affected ward is not held by a Green or Socialist or other filth. If they are, find out who the conservative Councillors are and write to them and demand immediate removal.

  • Bucky Redux

    Probably some tranny commies from La Trobe uni spreading their contagion to country centres.
    I prescribe a dose of Zykon B if they are caught.

  • Bumpstock

    Y’all, organise working bees in your affected areas to get them off.

    • Bucky Redux

      Ha, I’ll take the posters down but I wont be getting the Marxists off.
      They give each other reach arounds anyway…….

      • Jai_Normosone

        I say to come up with a design that goes over the top of the poster to show them for the kind of people they really are.
        Maybe a bit of fisting or stock-luuuurve or….

  • Bumpstock

    “Invasion Day” posters coming soon. Be on the look out. Search and destroy. Do a final sweep on the night of the 25th. None appeared in my burb till them but I got ’em all!

  • Bumpstock

    Look out for these. Destroy or sticker over with Aussie flags.